02.01.2015 Author: Konrad Stachnio

It is no longer Al-Qaeda, now Russia is the ‘main threat’ for the US.

99333222The victims of the current political events in Baltic States will not be politicians or oligarchs, but the so-called ordinary people who, as usual, will pay the highest price for their political ignorance. They were always paying for it, usually by their own death, the death of the loved ones, political and economic repression, etc.

Like everything in this world, the so-called ‘peace of mind’ has its own price, and it is usually paid by those people who just want to have the ‘peace of mind’.

Ukrainians have already paid and will pay a price for their ‘ignorance’. But it will not stop on them only. The Baltic States are increasingly drawn into the scenario of war. Where the public opinion, day after day, is being prepared for a scenario chosen in advance by the US.

And as my last interlocutor geopolitical analyst Mr Konrad Rękas said:

As we know, the second war has started in Poland, it seems that someone in Washington probably had an idea that it would be good to start the third war from Poland as well.

Propaganda that is used to carry out this purpose is similar to propaganda of Joachim Goebbels in Public Relations, a man who said that our propaganda should not comment on the facts already occurred, but create their own facts. So the opposition will be busy pulling down only those facts which are made up in advance. Take for instance never confirmed information about the Russian troops in Eastern Ukraine.

The truth does not count, important is only who control the narrative – its amount and intensity. This operation repeated day after day of even the most idiotic narrative makes you start to get used to it. It is slowly become something acceptable, normal and finally something for what you’re gonna fight as a useful idiot, as Kiev pawns bombing civilians in eastern Ukraine in the name of a few most rich guys on the planet like Poroshenko, $1.3 Billion according to Forbes.

Events in Ukraine show that, at this point, more than the military war, it is an information warfare. People are becoming more and more divided on those who support New Russia and those who support Kiev. This conflict, from the Wild Fields of Ukraine spreads to the Baltic countries and divides people more and more. This issue is well reflected by a war correspondent David Hudziec from Novorossiya Today – staying in Donetsk. He gave me an interview and told me about the situation in the New Russia:

This is a policy aimed at the fact that if we (New Russia) cannot be presented as freaks – then you have to mute us completely. If we will have access to the media, we will have the opportunity to talk with them (Kiev side). We can reasonably prove their gaps in logic, their lies and show the other side. This is a huge threat for their policy. Do not allow for the dialogue between people on both sides. Because It could prove that there is no one to fight at the front.

Quite notable example of this policy is a situation in which a woman resident of New Russia Debalcew speaks in Ukrainian television that the Ukrainian army is firing on residential areas by means of Grad – multiple rocket launcher system. The reporter then would not let her finish. And standing next to her Maidan people shouting “Glory to Ukraine”, “Glory to the nation, death to the enemy”, make her speech audible.

I learned about this kind of ‘silencing’ when I wanted to conduct an interview with the Kiev side. Just to cover both sides of the conflict. Two journalists on the Ukrainian side refused to give me an interview.

The narrative used in the Baltic States embodies the policy of Paul Wolfowitz. The so-called ‘ordinary people, politicians and less wise journalist spread this doctrine with great conviction. Often without even knowing about the existence of someone like Paul Wolfowitz and US first-strike policy.

This Wolfowitz policy is currently implemented on a large scale in Ukraine and in the Baltic States which increasingly become participants in the Ukrainian conflict.

In my opinion, best describes this Paul Craig Roberts:

The purpose of blatant Putin propaganda is to create fear in the Baltic States and eastern Europe in order to build up NATO forces in those areas, on Russia borders and to convince American public that Russia is now the enemy. No longer Al-Qaeda it is now Russia. It is much more serious threat. Another purpose is to break up European trade relations with Russia.

The purpose of Ukraine is to weaken Russia with strategic threat on its own back yard which can be used to break up the Russia Federation

The Wolfowitz doctrine states that the US must prevent of any other country that is large enough and could control enough people resources.

From Dnipropetrovsk in Ukraine, for treatment to Poland left 45 injured during the so-called ‘anti-terrorist operation “in eastern Ukraine. The wounded from Ukraine are admitted to treatment also by Estonia, the Czech Republic and Germany.

Gen. Frederick “Ben” Hodges stated that we must stop Russian aggression. As a result the

American soldiers will remain in Poland and the Baltic states for the next year.

The countries of eastern flank of NATO, including Poland, must also decide on the establishment of stockpiles and “reception centres” for NATO forces on their territories. Of which Hodges also mentioned about.

The US Senate approved in the first reading the draft law, according to which henceforth Ukraine has the status of an American ally, without holding membership in NATO. This bill requires from the US, in the case of direct military aggression of Russia against Ukraine, the incursion of troops to the territory of an allied country to fight against ‘the Russian enemy’.

I asked David Hudziec, who is a Novorossiya Today correspondent, staying in Donetsk, what are the people think about the provision of the above the US Senate statement. This provision in its consequences can fabricate any evidence of the presence of Russians in Ukraine in order to have a pretext for the official NATO invasion on New Russia and consequently escalation of the conflict with Russia.

It does not matter to the general attack of Ukraine, we are ready all the time. The question is not whether Ukraine will attack, with who whom it attacks but when it attacks. We are on full alert, both civilians and the military services. And when it comes to the United States, this is not nothing new. I saw NATO equipment in the areas from which Ukrainian forces withdrew. The soldiers talked about helmets, American bulletproof vests.

As for the military, this fragmentation concerns one issue what to do next. Part of them want to defend the Donbass. On the other hand, we have volunteers from Russia and European countries, they did not come here to save half of the territory. They came to just to go and overthrow the fascist junta in Kiev. Here we have the latter approach, that is aggressive. In general, morale is the following; soldiers will fight and not give up. The only difference in their hostile attitude towards these forces on the other (Kiev) side.

We will accept the first strike and then we’ll do it as before. We will go to the counter to cirque and so on. But what will the West do then? – That is the question. If the Ukrainian army will be destroyed by the New Russia, then Russia will be blamed for that.

According to David’s Hudziec report (Novorossiya Today correspondent, staying in Donetsk), the Kiev side have been pulling all their forces to the border for about three weeks. Ukrainians have started using Grad very often. (Grad multiple rocket launcher system)

Previously, they used Grad only in the course of the attack, or a single fire. They have been using them as a primary weapon for last three or four days. In addition, they have also started to use a new weapon – I hear other kind of explosions than usual.

Grad rockets hit civilian buildings where people continue living on a daily basis.

Konrad Stachnio is an independent Poland based journalist, he hosted a number of radio and TV programs for the Polish edition of PrisonPlanet, exclusively for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook”.

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