16.11.2014 Author: Gordon Duff

USS Liberty Film Only a First Step

23423423Al Jazeera has released a film depicting Israel’s role in the attack on the USS Liberty in 1967 and America’s despicable cowardice in failing to seek retribution.  America doomed itself, any student of history open to these facts and so many others, facts that if taught at any university would end a career in hours, has a duty.  We have repeated the history we have censored and twisted for decade after decade until there is almost nothing left of us.  We exist as a nation of garbage eaters, slavish, ignorant and morally twisted.

There isn’t anything you can’t do to Americans.  90 year old veterans can be gunned down by police for “brandishing” shoe horns or mobile phones, in up to 40% of the US; every level of government is not just complicit in narcotics and human trafficking but has been so for generations.

Those who would be dissenters and activists are laughable, having no idea of what to dissent against. Since June, Veterans Today has received documents in two “dumps” from Russian Naval Intelligence.  The source of these documents we were specifically told was not Edward Snowden.  This was told to us with a “wink and nod” as other Snowden materials released have been little more than chickenfeed.

The video above outlines how a relationship between the US and Israel had been created in 1967 that left Israel feeling it could slaughter anyone, Americans by the thousand as we know now, with impunity.  The 570 dead children in Gaza, many killed by precision American cluster bombs dropped on a United Nations compound, is really unnecessary proof.  Only Sweden, silent and cowardly in recognizing the Palestinian state without saying why, reacted at all.

If Sweden is cowardly, what is everyone else?

Those of us who served in the American military knew nothing of the USS Liberty and of the heinous attack in 1967.  Our government had lied to us.  That was to continue all our lives, during our services, during our times as veterans.  When an entire Army, after having served in Vietnam, began dying of chemical poisoning, as many as 2 million dead.  Similarly, with suicides from the Bush wars topping 200,000, “veteran’s sites” still use figures listing dozens or hundreds despite the ease we had in getting our number from the Bureau of Census.  They count veterans suicides each year.  Why bother reading when ignoring pays better.

When Veterans Today received the 75 meg document from Russia outlining 9/11 as part, perhaps even a small part, of a wider “situation,” information we had received from other intelligence sources began coming together.  Not everything we had believed or assumed agreed with the initial 2003 report from the US Department of Energy.  We knew the twin towers had been destroyed by nuclear weapons.  We now know there had been an investigation, a report, who read the report and now, with access to the long silence investigation teams, the historical context as well.

According to the film, a film both credible and compelling, the USS Liberty was relentlessly attacked to cover Israel’s unprovoked attack on Egypt and their seizure of Jerusalem (Al Quds), the West Bank, Golan Heights and Sinai.  Egypt never attacked; the 1967 War was a long planned sneak attack to create a “Greater Israel.”

What Veterans Today knows, however, is that Israel had coordinated the attacks, not with the United States but with their real ally, the Soviet Union.  The Soviet’s had long known that their fleeting embrace with Arab allies would never bring down the West, as Khrushchev had promised the Russian people.  Only Israel could do that and has done so, even after their Soviet allies themselves may well have fallen victim, having chosen the wrong “bedfellows.”

There is a parable about the scorpion and the frog.  The Russians have always been so good with such things, why would they miss something so simple?

The attack on the USS Liberty, perhaps planned by a few rogue officers as the Al Jazeera film claims, certainly makes clear that Israel learned it was above the law.  That lesson has written itself across the history of nearly half a century leaving millions dead.  The attack on the USS Liberty was hardly planned a few “rogues” in Tel Aviv.  It was a single move on a global chessboard, part of a “game theory “long in place, a move as the film so aptly misses, against the US government itself.

Israel got the land it wanted.  Israel also got control of the US government as well.  When Kissinger was placed next to Nixon, any examination of tapes and documents make it clear, Nixon’s soul, such as it was, melted away as he became a wraith enthralled to Kissinger.

When stalwart Jimmie Carter, still a voice of truth and honor in America, perhaps the last for any major public official, current or former, became a thorn in the side of Israel, the world landed on him.  America’s economy was crashed by the Federal Reserve, moving interest rates to unimagined inflationary levels though America had, by today’s standards, almost no national debt.

In 1963, with the murder of President Kennedy, George Herbert Walker Bush would be seen in the doorway of the Texas School Book Depository.  Bush was there running the cover-up.  It can easily be assumed, based on recent declassified documents, that Bush had also been part of the killing as well, documents that outline US oil interests in the Zapata region of Cuba, adjacent to the Bay of Pigs, oil interests controlled by the Bush family.

Similar photos, taken only hours before showed Lee Harvey Oswald, purported assassin, standing in the same doorway while FBI and CIA assassins from at least 3 vantage points murdered a president who opposed Israel’s nuclear program and wished to dismantle the Federal Reserve.

This happened four years before the USS Liberty and the 1967 land grab.

The 9/11 reports, from the Department of Energy and later the real Able Danger files aren’t entirely about Israel.  They tell of an America controlled, enslaved and co-opted, bribery, blackmail, brain washing certainly, an America ruled by a controlled narrative, manipulated through false flag attacks, rigged elections, an America increasingly Israel’s “junkyard dog.”

The Al Jazeera film, excellent though it is, limited in scope as it is, will be seen by few.  The DOE 9/11 Report, Israel’s theft of 350 American nuclear weapons, the demolition of the World Trade Center, the missile attack on the Pentagon, killing the Able Danger investigators, all has been published but will continue to be denied.

The USS Liberty was denied and still will be though a dozen US officials are cited in the film debunking the cover story and outlining the cover-up.  No amount of truth can find root in such barren soil.

Gordon Duff is a Marine combat veteran of the Vietnam War that has worked on veterans and POW issues for decades and consulted with governments challenged by security issues. He’s a senior editor and chairman of the board of Veterans Today, especially for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook