13.11.2014 Author: Konrad Stachnio

Save Polish People From Ukrainian Bandera “Heroes”

4534545The title of this article is a paraphrase of the famous quote “Save Donbass People From Ukrainian Army,” which has recently been converted into a “Save Ukrainian Army From Donbass People”. Now it’s time for the Polish version and we have a “Save Polish People From Ukrainian Bandera Heroes”.

After the bloodbath in the Donbas and the massacre in Odessa psycho Bandera ‘battalions’ go for the Polish people. The Poles, supporting at all costs Ukrainian independence must now fear of those who care the most about the independence, that is mean Bandera Ukrainian People. To make it more ridiculous, Poroshenko did a little trick for the Polish supporters of Ukraine’s independence by introducing a new national holiday called: Day of Defence of Ukraine, which falls on October 14 which is the date of the creation of the Ukrainian Insurgent Army – ‘army’, which was famous for the murder of Polish civilians; children, the elderly, pregnant women and really everything that moved and even what did not. These ‘Battalions’ achieved ‘great’ successes in battles but they were rather mass murder of Polish villages. The Ukrainian ‘Gieroj’ did worse when they had to fight with the regular army – here they no longer showed such bravery. The reason may be that this time the opponents, unlike civilians with whom ‘Gieroj’ ‘fought’ every day – had guns and knew how to use it.

This tendency was proven by the Eastern Ukraine militia members, who showed that Bandera ‘Battalions’ just like in the ‘good old’ days are not as effective on the battlefield once they are face by the people capable of defending themselves. Then, however, those people are labelled ‘terrorists’ – so they can be simply killed.

Ironically Ukrainian supporters of the SS Galicia and the UPA now wear Polish helmets with Nazi emblems – helmets purchased legally in Poland.

Maybe before we go any further, we must briefly say what was the UPA and who now the Ukrainians praise so much.

‘Gieroj’ Stefan Bandera, even before the war, organized a couple of murders, including the murder of Polish deputy Tadeusz Holówka and Interior Minister Bronislaw Pieracki. In 1942, Ukrainian Insurgent Army (UPA) was established. We are often reminded about this fact in manifestations of the nationalist Svoboda party. OUN, in collaboration with the Germans established the SS Galicia division – division, which after the war was recognized by the International Military Tribunal at Nuremberg (like other Nazi organizations – the Nazi Party, SS, SD, Gestapo) as a criminal organization. Until 1940, the OUN-UPA murdered about 100,000 Polish civilians, living in Volhynia and Eastern Galicia, Lublin region and Polesie.

In order not to confuse things too much, I will use quotations from the current Ukrainian ‘heroes’ which are praised so much by Poroshenko and part of the Ukrainian nation.

We should speed up the settlement of Poles, cut the roots, burn purely Polish villages, eliminate in the mixed villages only Polish population. Roman Szuchiewicz in UPA instructions.

On February 25, 1944, the UPA commander Roman Shukhevych commanded:

“Due to the success of Soviet troops, it is necessary to accelerate the liquidation of Poles, they must be completely wiped out, their villages burnt (…) Polish population must be destroyed.”

The author of these words, and a few other ‘Heroes’ ‘under the provisions of Poroshenko, received a status of a veteran of Ukraine.

A major part of polish public opinion along with a number of the s0-called influential intellectuals are strongly in favour of the so-called independence of Ukraine. I will quote here a few sentences to illustrate the situation:

Paul Kukiz, a Polish politician and popular musician in tv program “Yes or No” on August 14, 2014, said:

‘It is in our interest that Ukrainians persisted as long as possible. It should be quiet, peaceful actions. Not through the media. And Poland, pretending to keep out of the way lead, should adopt effective policy in order to weaken Russia through Ukraine.’

‘We need to help the Ukrainians so that nobody saw.’

‘Treatment of Russians from the perspective of a European mentality is a nonsense. They sing beautiful Romany and right after that they’ll slit your throat….’

Another leading figure in Polish public life is a Prof Jadwiga Staniszkis, who in an interview with the “Republic” newspaper  referred to the problem of glorification of the OUN-UPA in Ukraine:

We can’t just talk about it. They need our help. We need to send them helmets and bulletproof vests.

I see that Staniszkis’ wishes were not in vain. Although, according to Polish media narrative, there is nothing to worry about, after all. Because as known Polish journalist Bronislaw Wilstein said:

Tales of the Ukrainian banderites, bloodthirsty fascists are only a figment of Putin’s propaganda.”

Some Poles, manipulated by such a ‘Putin propaganda’ came out on October 23 on a cold, rainy day on the streets of Polish cities to Ukraine’s diplomatic unit in order to oppose against glorification, by Poroshenko’s government, of criminal formation of OUN-UPA and SS Galicia.

Being on the spot, I managed to make a film that documents the insanity and “Putin’s propaganda”, which succumbed to these poor people, naively believing that someone in Ukraine could glorify the OUN, the UPA and the SS Galicia.

“Murderers of Poles! Banderovite rubbish! For the Volyn tragedy you will respond firmly “ – Such a banner held Poles protesting at the Ukrainian embassy in Wroclaw on 23/10/2014.

One of the protesters, Robert Winnicki, presidential candidate of one of the larger Polish cities of Wroclaw, being apparently under the influence ‘of Putin’s propaganda,’ shouted the following:

“October 14 is the feast of the Ukraine genocide. UPA is the criminal formation. And we – the Poles, who have suffered the most from the hands of this criminal formations, we should and we need to talk about it openly and loudly.”

He was seconded by the same organizer of demonstrations Prof. Boguslaw Paz, who has been completely carried away by the ‘Putin’s propaganda’, saying such words:

“A few days ago at the Przemysl Higher State University, Ukrainian students of the local university who, studying for free in Poland, while getting the scholarships three times larger than the Polish student,s did a show with Bandera flags. This is a disgrace. It’s happening at the state University. That is funded from state taxes.

“Our authorities don’t react to the fact that the Ukrainian authorities announce the day of formation of the UPA – the date of the State.

Is it impossible to accept that the same neighbor who is permanently supported by us at the same time announce the anniversary of the genocide of Poles – its state celebration? ( the date of creation of this formation)

On November 11, about 150,000 Poles took part in a march organized in Warsaw independence under the slogan “Army of Patriots”. Masked hooligans assaulted to the police units, using literally everything they could get a grip of, even the metal railings, which were supposed to protect the March of Independence.Police has detained a total of 220 people by this moment.

I’m saying this as a fan of Lodz footbal club, these hooligans do care about only one thing – to make riots!. This is their main goal” – said a representative of the March of Independence.

Bandera’s tradition of ethnic cleansing is gaining momentum. As it could be predicted, just like in the days of the Second World War, it is spreading to Poland. In the context of this situation, the fate of those Poles living in Ukraine can be described by the words of a masked Bandera “Hero”: “After we finish killing Russians, will take care of the Poles.”

Konrad Stachnio is an independent Poland based journalist, he hosted a number of radio and TV programs for the Polish edition of PrisonPlanet, exclusively for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook”.