29.09.2014 Author: Jim Dean

Will the US use ISIL to attack Assad

345345Monday mornings can always be a scary way to start the week. But with Obama’s new version of “Pax Americana”, that the US now claims the right to bomb anywhere it deems necessary, we have all been on pins and needles as to how the White house war schemers were going to manipulate the ISIL-Dash crisis into a “get two for one” deal…using it to topple Assad in the process.

I had been expecting this to be done in steps like the camel moving into your tent during the sandstorm by sticking his nose in first. The next thing you know it is all the way inside and there is no room for you anymore.

But Obama has started the week with a new red line, threatening to trigger a full bombing campaign on Syria if a US plane gets shot down while conducting unauthorized strikes inside Syria. It sounded like George Bush (43) had come back and hijacked a press conference to do his cowboy routine that he so enjoyed like a teenage boy, one last time.

Remember that Syria, despite being aware of the camel’s nose in the tent story, graciously consented to US strikes against ISIL and Al-Nusra as long as the targets were coordinated with Damascus. It is the least one would expect from any country with an ounce of dignity and pride to request.

Syrian’s foreign minister, Walid al-Moallem, using the non-confrontational Russian diplomatic style which has helped keep the lid on things, was most gracious in stating his county would cooperate with regional and international anti-terror efforts in the way it is supposed to be done, under UN resolutions and respecting the country involved. He made no threats to shoot down American planes.

So here we have a non aggressive, non-threatening country asking that such a dangerous and delicate tactic such having terrorist targets bombed by a third country, that it be done under international law to prevent accidental escalation, or as it seems to be in this case…planned escalation.

Syria is the country that took advantage of Lavrov’s lead to deflect an earlier US overt threat by offering to remove all of its chemical weapons stockpiles and facilities. This has been successfully completed and conveniently forgotten by the White house and Western media despite its positive contribution to avoiding a wider regional war.

We seem to forget that Syria was not charged with the 9-11 attack, it has blown up no US embassies or beheaded American journalists, done anthrax attacks here, or used mini-nukes to bring the World Trade Towers down, as released recently by Veterans Today with the leaked 2003 Sandia nuclear laboratory report confirming that the dust sample mass spectrometry tests confirmed the use of nuclear explosives that day.

On the contrary, this confirmation of 9-11 being a nuclear attack was classified and nothing done to track down those responsible. The perpetrators are still walking around free, they have more mini-nukes at their disposal to use when they want, and our entire national security apparatus has been stood down from protecting us. Why? It seems like an impossible scenario.

What we got instead, besides the Patriot Act and a massive increase in foreign and domestic surveillance, is the launching of the Bush-Cheney-NeoCon cabal’s, “Pax Americana” by fire and brimstone. We later got Obama’s Asia Pivot, and the cranking up of another new totally manufactured crisis with the anti-Russian Jihad that the war schemers here, in NATO and the EU have launched for some yet to be explained reason. We have inflicted more 9-11’s on other countries than I can count, including several our own military personnel who were sent to fight in faraway lands when they should have been used to root out the real nuclear terrorists of 9-11 hear at home.

One would think that with all the instability in the world today due to an escalating East-West confrontation that wise leadership would avoid planting more land mines and trip wires to create more mayhem, but that is exactly the path the Obama administration continues to choose. The only anomaly to this has been the positive movement toward ending the manufactured tensions over Iran’s non-existent nuclear weapons program.

But there is another layer to this new anti-ISIL AmeriKanzi Jihad. As 9-11 is now a proven false flag attack, by the most preeminent sources on the planet, the bomb designers at Sandia Labs and the IAEA nuclear proliferation investigators, so was the al-Qaeda bogeyman construction. The IAEA people have told us that the dust sample analysis of many of the big terror bombings done over that “al-Qaeda period” also tested positive for nuclear explosives being used. Why was this classified then, and why did not more serve their country and oath of office by getting this out sooner so public pressure could be brought to bear to hunt those responsible down?

The result of their failure is we now live in a climate of false flags and psyops where under the guise of protecting us, new redlines, hair triggers, escalations and confrontations are being put upon us every month. And this overt aggression is sold to us under the now worn out mantra of an anti-terrorism campaign when we have a mountain of evidence now of Western state sponsored terrorism.

The present Jihadi proxy terror brigades that were created by the West, Israel, and the Gulf states is now an old story. We also have Turkey, a NATO country, so involved that John Kerry had to fly there to beg to use the airbases for ISIL strikes in Syria. We have been reporting for some time now that Turkey has been a major logistics supporter for ISIL with not a peep out of the US, NATO, or the UN. Even our reports on it were generally ignored in US mass media and only got out primarily due to Press TV.

But today we had official confirmation, and more. The EU’s ambassador to Iraq, Jana Hybas-kova gave us a present with a briefing she gave to the EU’s Foreign Affairs Committee, one that we could have given. She spilled the beans that certain EU countries had been buying crude oil from ISIL. Mind you that these are countries “in addition” to Turkey and Jordan.

And what EU countries are these who are ”aiding and abetting terrorism by providing material support”, a very serious felony? The ambassador would not say despite the request from committee members. Think about that for a minute, how bizarre a situation that is. We have an allegedly democratic institution like the EU where an official report like this was made, kind of…but again we see the automatic stand down. In this case not only is no action being taken to stop it, but on the contrary, the EU is protecting the perpetrators by keeping their identities secret.

So we are left with this incredible situation of the West engaged in a War on Terror, and a War of Terror at the same time. But now we have an official EU acknowledgement. Will the citizens of the EU do anything to force the disclosure of the countries involved? Will those countries feel victimized if that happens, because the US and Israel, the Gulf States, Turkey and others… none of them have been sanctioned for doing the same thing, for years? You just can’t make this stuff up.

Jim W. Dean, managing editor for Veterans Today, producer/host of Heritage TV Atlanta, specially for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook”.