05.09.2014 Author: Konrad Stachnio

Poland is becoming 52nd state of the United States.

35345342Today, one of the leading Polish newspapers (I won’t tell the name on purpose so as not to advertise it) writes that Putin wants the third world war and Poland should only arm itself, building further expansion of NATO and preparing for war with Russia. On the first page we can see Putin dressed as a waiter holding a tray with the whole earth on the top. Polish politicians and ‘Polish’ media prepare Poles for the role of cannon fodder in the event of an escalation of the conflict in Ukraine. There would be no wonder if not the scale of this phenomenon in Poland. I live in this country and every day in the corporate press, they provide information that Putin shot down the plane, that Putin wants to invade Europe, that the tanks are on their way to our country, and we must do everything to defend ourselves. But by this I mean only one thing – more and more anti-Russian actions and US troops on Polish territory.

Censorship in the Polish press looks exactly like in the days of communism. However, this time we have the American occupation instead of Soviet occupation. Nothing that question the policy of the United States can appear in the mainstream media. While, there aren’t any problems to publish every piece of garbage calling for war with Russia. The very questioning of the one available way of thinking about Russia and Ukraine, you are accused of being a ‘Putin agent’ and traitorous scum. You can find posters calling for war with Russia on the streets and the young “sprightly boys” are beginning to wear t-shirts “Death to the enemies of the fatherland” – by which they understand, of course, Russia. These sentiments are fuelled by two major pro-American parties PO and PiS.

Good Uncle Sam

On the one hand, this country, after years of occupation by the Soviet Union and with all ‘memories’ related to this, is convinced that ‘the Russians’ from KGB are to blame for everything. This Russophobia has been and still is fuelled by an entire culture of entertainment. Both abroad and in Poland. Evil, Russian KGB agent. Putin is a personification of that who, as number one in ridiculed by the western corporate media. It is difficult to us, Poles, believe that it is not a ‘bad Russian’ bombing now with drones half of the world, but our favourite Mickey Mouse from overseas. It’s hard to believe that this American world, which at the time of communism was our only salvation is the new occupant, not only regional as it was once the USSR, but increasingly global. That’s the good Santa Claus with a beard advertising Coca-Cola, the Mickey Mouse from Hollywood sends drones to massacre people in Pakistan, Yemen, Somalia, etc. It’s the kind Mr Obama ‘we torture some folks “in CIA prisons in Poland, for example.

Information warfare conducted by the United States is very effective and subtle. It leads to scenarios, in which warring countries or groups are ready to kill one another – the latest example of this policy is Ukraine. Policy of “divide and rule” is great here. We know it very well from the Middle East. But now the time has come for the Baltic countries. The result of this type of strategy is the mass of the weak neo-feudal entities that are not able to do anything to oppose international banks and corporations plundering them. Of course, this is only by a coincidence that the son of USA Vice President Joe Biden after the introduction of ‘democracy’ in Ukraine sat on the board of Burisma – the largest private gas producer in Ukraine.

Also by chance, it turns out that the former Polish President also sits on the board of its directors. Democracy, after all is the most important, isn’t it? And being on the board of the largest Ukrainian gas company is easier to install it.

Propaganda ‘anti Ruthenian’ is spread in Poland by the politicians and of course by the Polish presstitutes plus our Minister of Foreign Affairs – Radoslaw Sikorski. Perhaps, you know him. Praised our name in the world famous maxim about ‘making blow job for Americans for nothing’.

Poland is undoubtedly Turkey of Europe. Just as Turkey has supported the actions of the United States related to overthrowing Baszhar, al-Assad in Syria, so now Poland supports neo-Nazis from the right sector in Ukraine, of which existence, incidentally, Mr. Tusk denies. How would do you say it?

The destabilization of Ukraine and Belarus.

02-02-2014. Official statement of the Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs official:

“We support the hard line taken by the Right Sector… The radical actions of the Right Sector and other militant groups of demonstrators and the use of force by protestors are justified… The Right Sector has taken full responsibility for all the acts of violence during the recent protests. This is an honest position, and we respect it. The politicians have failed at their peacekeeping function. This means that the only acceptable option is the radical actions of the Right Sector. There is no other alternative».

53453456You can learn what right sector does even from you tube, but it seems that the ambition of some Ukrainians is to surpass the brutality of their Nazi SS Sonderkommando idols “Dirlewanger”. Cynicism of this situation is that Poland trains people who pay homage to the man who, during the Second World War was purifying Ukraine from them.

Polish weekly ‘Nie’ published a report about the fact that, in September 2013, for four weeks, 86 Ukrainian ‘militants’ from right sector were trained in a police base in Legionów in Poland. Officially, Ukrainian ‘students’ came at the invitation of the Polish Foreign Minister Radoslaw Sikorski within the promotion of cooperation between the University of Technology and the National Technical University in Kiev. It should be added that some of these students were already in their late thirties. ‘Students’ training in Legionów included; crowd management; target identification; tactics; leadership; behavioural management under stressful conditions; protection against police gasses; building barricades; and importantly, they engaged in shooting classes, which incidentally included sniper rifles.

On the 19th of December, 2011, minister of Foreign Affairs of the Member States of the European Union; Carl Bildt from Sweden, Radoslaw Sikorski from Poland, William Hague from Great Britain and Guido Westerwelle from Germany, published a joint statement containing severe criticism of the Belarusian government of Alexander Lukashenko. In this document, the ministers have accused the Belarusian authorities of the violent suppression of the opposition on the evening of the presidential election year. Therefore, they turn to the ‘international community’ and the EU to strengthen existing sanctions against the country and help opposition in Belarus. Their statement informs about demonstrations ended by the police, but ignores the fact that the demonstrators did not behave calmly. For this reason, the main French daily Le Figaro – the day after the incident, published an article called “Belarus: Government Under Siege”.

Another example of attempts to destabilize Belarus is an article from February 2nd, 2011 by Mary Sibierski. The author writes that the Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs funded a 87 million euros in aid for the Belarusian opposition.

“In conclusion, we can say that there will be about 87 million euros in aid, and most of them are new measures’.” Maybe examples of Ben Ali, Mubarak and others will force President Lukashenko to think that the path he chose is not the best for him personally “Sikorski said, referring to the exiled leader August Tunisia and embattled Egyptian President.

Is 87 million of aid for the opposition in Belarus derived from the “international community” concerned for the fate of the regime of Lukashenka? – I leave to you the answer for this question.

Lukashenko himself commented this kind of trick;

“I’ve heard a lot of interesting things lately. They told me that there were Russian tanks near our borders That took our border for the Ukrainian one, that the Russian Ambassador Alexander Surikov that Belarus was getting ready to become the president of Belarus. But, of course, I kick them all out of the door”

Belarusian TV showed a program about Polish-Belarusian relations. In this program, they blamed Polish politicians, especially Foreign Minister Radoslaw Sikorski, for the deterioration of relations between Poland and Belarus. According to television, Poland “took on the role of gendarme of Eastern Europe”.

Polish elite is a very sober, calculating and cynical group (…). Destabilize Ukraine and Belarus – said Roman Wasylyszyn of the Ukrainian Foundation for Social-Political.

Why solicitous ‘international community’ want so much the ‘democratic’ regime change? The government of President Lukashenko is regarded by the West as the last dictator in Europe. Additionally, he is popular among the majority of Belarusians who compared the current state of their country with the past time and they see a difference. Lukashenka has also worked closely with another favourite of ‘international community’ – Kaddafi who, after the destabilization process of Libya running by US said that he will walk in the direction of China, Russia, India and Brazil. What happened to him, it can be seen on you tube – ‘international community’ did not like his plan.

Occupation of the USSA

The situation wouldn’t be so dangerous for our neighbours and ourselves if Poland was a sovereign country and not the USSA training ground. This issue is well rendered in the leak conversation between Polish Minister of Internal Affairs Bartlomiej Sienkiewicz and President of the National Bank of Polish Marek Belka published by the weekly newspaper ‘Wprost';

“Poland as a country practically does not exist”.

The Minister is not wrong too much; 90% of banks in Poland are foreign, as well as 70% of larger companies. And this is just the tip of the iceberg.

Among the Russian politicians there is even the belief that there is no point in talking with Polish politicians about any topics. It is better to simply call immediately to Washington. Very good questions of propaganda activities and the fifth column in Poland gives us Mateusz Piskorski, founder of the European Centre for Geopolitical Analysis renders very well the propaganda activities of the fifth column in Poland;

5664632The scope of subordination Polish state institutions, special services and various political circles to the United States makes uttered by me in front of almost ten years ago the words about the “American occupation” seem to be the most eligible. This is not yet the occupation of a military nature, but this is, from a long time, political occupation, which ruled over the sphere conceptions of media and political decisions. Postmodern, network occupation, more difficult to recognize from the classic occupation known to us from history. Its effect is even social phobias. They make that the Polish Foreign Minister Radoslaw Sikorski said that “we feel threatened and ask the United States for support.” After this, not to mention already of many other statements in the contracting party a little country community – Russophobia, Islamophobia and others, he would dismissed. The climate allows for the exercise of ministerial offices by people who thought the criminal law in both the Second Republic and the Polish People’s Republic, sat in the dock accused of treason lasts for years.

As you probably guessed Mr Matthew in Poland is considered to be an apparatchik of the Kremlin. Just because he expressed something that is not ‘trendy’ here.

Poland thanks to the efforts made by Radoslaw Sikorski is becoming increasingly front-line state USA. It was accurately expressed by Jim W. Dean, Managing Editor of Veteran’s Today from Atlanta in an interview with Press TV;

‘You’ve got these poor Baltic countries…. I don’t know why they want to be cannon fodder in some type of future dispute or fight between Russia and the US because with the NATO bases there if anything really started they would have to be taken out and destroyed right away, which is exactly why the US is doing these drills…because they would soak up Soviet missiles, Soviet troops to have to guard their flank there. And you would think that the Baltic countries would be smart enough to figure this out, but obviously they haven’t.’

The main objective of the USA fifth column in Poland is to promote “the American and western values”, undermining, slandering Russia; promotion of hatred for Russia, and creating animosity. This strategy in Polish public life is visible every day. Every day, politicians and the media fuel the reluctance to ‘Russia’ and encourage to supply with more weapons. All the time, we hear scenarios about what we do when we Russia will invade us. Some idiots from the politics or the media have an idea we should rearm armies in Kiev, or “send a few hundred million to the Ukrainian army” – the idea of one of the editors of the major Polish newspaper. Examples could be multiplied over and over. Unfortunately, much dumber than this one.

Ukrainian neo-Nazis are Wahhabis of Europe and Poland is their Turkey. Poland openly supports the Nazi government in Ukraine. And without doing that or even by questioning the wisdom of these activities, you are at risk of being called Putin’s agent. USA is trying to revive the war in Europe and the main ally is stupid, economically and politically ravaged Poland. This is not the USA and NATO will suffer losses when a real conflict. It is Polish society which will be cannon fodder in this game

What’s next?

For CIA, result is ideal when existing nation-states are torn by social divisions, ethnic conflicts, regionalism, local warlords. This is what happens now in the Ukraine and now also in Poland. This is done through targeted and top-down formation of public opinion in one direction against the ‘Russians’. When the Czech Republic and Slovakia refused to host foreign troops on its territory, Poland is pleased to open its thighs assuming everything goes. The more, the better. This is, after all safer. Right? Nato is the safest way . We could see it on the examples of Libya, Syria, or Iraq – after all, the safest way is in the sand. Ukraine has created excellent conditions to support the pro-NATO NGOs in Russia and in finally, to get Putin inside his country.

A new kind of war which leads the United States is a war from behind. It manifests itself by imperceptible financial support, the use of local allies to destabilize the country. In the case of Ukraine, they are neo-Nazis. As you can see, this is the most effective strategy. Assessment of whether the Polish politicians are idiots, dilettantes, or simply by the action they want to rebuild the ‘Great Poland’ or destroyed Warsaw ghetto as in the World War 2 – I leave to you.

I don’t blame Żyrinowski when he says in an interview with state television Rossiya 24:

What will be the Baltic countries? Nothing will. NATO aircraft station there. There is a missile defense system in Poland. Fate of the Baltic states and Poland is doomed. They will be swept away. There will be nothing left.

You can’t imagine that America would tolerate shooting to their own citizens by, for example, pro-Russian junta installed in Mexico.

46456456In June, 2009, Gallup survey and Special Operations Command signed an agreement on the processing of the results of public opinion surveys in different parts of the world to use them later in the course of a campaign aimed at shaping public opinion. Private companies were also invited to the program. The United States, through this project, aims to develop an effective method of overthrowing governments. According to the perspective of program 2020, strategic program of the United States development, information superiority is a key factor. USA, in order to overthrow governments, formed American cyber-command, using Twitter and Facebook.

Let’s consider who shapes the public opinion Poland? It is not so difficult. Just look in what influential organizations sit the most influential people and we can see in what direction will follow the so-called “Polish” foreign policy:

Wanda Rapczyńska (CFR) – former president of Agora Publishing Poland’s, the largest publishing house issuing the most prominent dailies like, for example, Gazeta Wyborcza, Marek Belka – (CFR) The President of the Polish National Bank and Andrzej Olechowski – (CFR), the founder of the PO dominant Polish Party and Vice-President CFR in Europe.

I do not know if it’s due to lack of information or because of interests, or out of habit to the fact that Poland fulfils the role of ‘insurgent’, ‘victim ghettos’ etc. Polish politicians are preparing for us the same scenario as in the times of the Second World War. I realize that in the age of information warfare, no one trusts anybody. Poles don’t trust Russians and Russians don’t trust Poles, Gaza doesn’t trust Israel and Israel doesn’t trust Gaza. However, in order to get out of this entanglement, someone has to take the first step towards cooperation and development. Reproduction of old patterns can and is romantic and consistent with our history of insurgency, but not quite serves to people living here. In this situation, our favorite dilapidated USA hegemon must verify their views on how to make money without wars.

A good example of how dazed the Polish audience is presents this quote;

English op-ed by Slawomir Sierakowski one in the NYT:

Those members who have no NATO bases are simply a gray area of second-class membership. What has become clear is that not all NATO members are equal. First-class members — Britain, Germany, Italy — are those everyone knows would be immediately defended by NATO forces if attacked. Second-class members like Poland and the Baltics would most likely be ravaged for weeks or months before NATO forces made an appearance. This logic is also revealingly stupid. Polish military forces as well as the Baltic countries’ forces are NATO forces. Poland has thereby 120,000 NATO troops stationed within its borders plus some 500,000 NATO reservists. These local NATO troops are in Poland and the Baltics. Would they not defend their countries if those were attacked?

This logic is the most frequent here. Poles will do anything to be with great NATO, even at the expense of bombing the half of the world with NATO. I think the part is due to the large complexes of national, misinformation, ignorance and self-interest, etc. It is common here. No one even says here about the fact that today NATO and the United States is a fascist government on steroids, you can’t find such information in the press. It is a total emptiness. If I didn’t speak English and entered the English language independent press, I would probably believe, like other Poles, in the same bullshit served by people like Mr Sierakowski.

It is worth adding a few words about Slawomir Sierakowski. Well, he is the editor in chief of one of the largest Polish newspapers ‘Political criticism’. In Poland, it is not a secret that political criticism is sponsored by George Soros through his foundations. It would be strange for me if he had other views than those expressed above. Soros have got here few NGO and some of the are managed also by Mr Sierkowski.

The political and economic state of Poland and the direction in which ‘USA-Polish’ foreign policy towards Russia and Ukraine goes, describes perfectly the quote below ;

The former director of the UN project for the modernization of the countries of central Africa, Professor Witold Kieżun expressed it in such a way on “The debate proceeds in the third division of Poland – Facts and Myths”

On May 8, 1988, George Soros arrived to Poland. He met with the then political leadership and created the Batory Foundation, which, in a few months, has prepared a bill, which was passed. Shortly after that, decision about creating 9 banks with the National Bank, which will provide loans for the development of private economy. Then, Jeffrey Sax, funded by George Soros, a young Harvard professor, arrived to Poland. He communicates with the leadership of Solidarity and provide them with a program of liquidation of inflation and the immediate imposition of the capitalist system. In 24 hours, he develops a program, which is now called the Balcerowicz program, but this is not the Balcerowicz program. Balcerowicz only realized it. It consisted of the introduction of the so-called the Washington Consensus, which was introduced at the end of the twentieth century in African countries so as to get all the local industry. Followed by immediate privatization process. Then, foreign capital comes to Poland, followed by scandalous situation; almost redeemed for Polish industry and manufacturing. Polish companies with better economic level are eliminated after purchase, or left with the marginal production to eliminate the competition:

The result: Poland has the structure of colonial country, only 3 banks from 60 banks Polish. There is a big trade – everything comes from abroad. There is not a big industry, among 100 largest companies, only 33 are Polish, foreign companies pay us 4 times less than they pay at home. Emigration; 2 million Poles did not come back,1 million Poles constantly revolves, 2 million of unemployed Polish people, debt is about 4 billion respectively, $ 100 billion of profits every year, leave from Poland to the foreign companies.

Are you still convinced to promote ‘democracy’ in Ukraine? With Mr.Soros and with his pro ‘democratic’ NGO’s?

And how our minister said accurately about internal affairs in the aforementioned quote by me;

‘Polish country practically does not exist’.

Therefore, NATO, the United States or any other group influence can do here whatever they want. There is no wonder about concern of any of our neighbours, especially Russia, seeing that the ship ‘Poland’ is without a captain. Anyone can take the helm. However, the United States took over the helm in order to induce another, profitable war and enter “democracy”.

I know that many people, after writing this text will call me ‘Putin’s ‘agent ‘, but both those sympathetic compatriots and whizzes shaping public opinion reading this I warmly greet.

Konrad Stachnio is an independent Poland based journalist, he hosted a number of radio and TV programs for the Polish edition of PrisonPlanet, exclusively for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook”.

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