16.08.2014 Author: Caleb Maupin

The ISIS Crisis and the Fall of Maliki

54534535Since the overthrow of the Baathist government in 2003, by means of a direct US military invasion, the primary goal of the United States in Iraq has been fomenting sectarian civil war.

The new government, set up at the barrel of US guns, barred any former Baathist Party members, down to even the lowest local officials, from having a position in the government. The US occupiers categorized everyone according to their religion. Neighborhoods that were once united, suddenly became filled with tension. Government decisions were made on the basis of ethnic and religious loyalty. Sunnis and Shias who had lived peacefully together began fighting each other. Mosques were bombed. Churches were destroyed.

One of the primary targets of the US military, in its invasion and destruction of Iraq, was the Iraqi national identity. Millions have died since the events of 2003, not just as a result of the destruction of Iraq’s infrastructure, but also due to the sectarian fighting promoted by the United States.

The objective of the US war was to remove Iraq from the international oil markets. Under the Baathist Party, the Iraqi state owned oil company was a competitor with US oil companies. Since the invasion in 2003, Iraqi oil exports have dramatically decreased. The US and Europe further cornered the market.

The reduction of Iraq to a mess of civil war and economic chaos has greatly advanced Wall Street profits. The “rebuilding” of Iraq has been carried out by US corporations and contractors. The domestic Iraqi economy has been blown to bits, and the economic activity that does take place, is directly linked to Wall Street and London.

In June of this year, it was reported that Iraqi oil exports were the highest they had been since the US war. Some level of economic stability was possibly returning to Iraq. Furthermore, the government the US installed in Iraq is was not “created in its own image.” Prime Minister Maliki, a Shia, has been friendly to the neighboring Islamic Republic of Iran. Furthermore, he was opening up trade with the People’s Republic of China, and the Russian Federation.

Enter ISIS

Syria, much like Iraq prior to the US invasion, is led by an independent nationalist government. The Syrian Arab Republic is a country where Christians, Alawites, Sunnis, Shias, and others have long lived in relative peace. A primarily state run economy provides free healthcare and education to the population.

In 2011, the US and its allies began funding a brutal insurgency in Syria. US aligned gulf autocracies like Oman, Qatar, Jordan, and Saudi Arabia, acted as middlemen, funneling money to the insurgents. Eventually, US and British weapons and funds began to directly flow to the insurgents.

The insurgency against the Syrian Arab Republic has several factions, but they are all exclusively dominated fundamentalist Sunni Muslims. These are not idealistic revolutionaries, Jeffersonian democrats, socialists, communists, anarchists, libertarians, or any other romantic characters from imagination of western middle class intellectuals.

The Al-Nusra Front, the Free Syrian Army, the Takfiris, and other sections all have a specific vision for Syria’s future. It is not a vision of “democracy” or “freedom”, it is an Islamic Caliphate. In strongholds of the insurgency, the chants at Anti-Assad rallies are “Death to Alawites!” and “Expel the Christians!”

In this mess of religious sectarian violence in Syria, the violent terrorist organization called the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) has emerged. ISIS, like the other sectarian religious groups in Syria, has received US funding and support as it terrorizes and murders. ISIS fighters, along with Al-Nusra and Free Syrian Army, have brutalized and murdered Christians. Churches have been bombed. Mass beheading has been carried out. US media has ignored the plight of Syrian Christians and Alawites. The reports of their persecution have been dismissed as “Assad Propaganda.”

ISIS, formed as part of the US policy of fomenting war and chaos in Syria, has now crossed the border in Iraq. In Iraq, ISIS is doing the same thing it is doing in Syria. It is engaging in sectarian religious violence, slaughtering Christians, Shias, and other ethnic groups, and forcing conversions on threat of death. ISIS has millions of dollars coming in from foreign supporters in order to promote its campaign of violence.

The Money Behind ISIS

Maliki, who led the official Iraqi government, declared what the source of the ISIS terrorist campaign was. He loudly pointed out, before the entire world, that the money for ISIS was coming from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.No one can refute this fact. Some US media point out that the Saudi government denies funding ISIS. Others have pointed out that prominent Saudi officials have given statements condemning ISIS. However, its is universally acknowledged that the millions of dollars being used to buy guns and weapons for the ISIS killing spree, originate within the borders of the Saudi Kingdom.

Without the millions of dollars rolling in, ISIS would easily be defeated by local forces. Most ISIS fighters are not Iraqi or Syrian, but are imported from other countries. The local Iraqi and Syrian populations, despite their ethnic diversity, hate ISIS and have committed to a united effort to defeat them.

The US bombing campaign is not needed to “rescue” Iraq from ISIS. If ISIS funding was cut off, the fighting would be over within a matter of weeks.

The Saudi government could easily cut off ISIS funding. Saudi Arabia is an absolute monarchy, with no elections, and no formal democratic rights or procedures. A simple stroke of a pen from members of the Saudi Royal family could stop all money flowing into the hands of ISIS, and enforce this with threat of execution. Saudi money continues to flow to the ISIS group for no other reason that the Saudi Royal family wishes it to be so.

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is obedient to the United States. Exxon Mobile and other US oil companies have firm economic relationship with them. The US government supplies Saudi Arabia with loads of foreign aid and weapons. Saudi Arabia has long helped to bankroll foreign terrorists on behalf of the United States. Saudi Arabia transferred US funds to the insurgency against the People’s Democratic Party in Afghanistan. The Saudi government also transferred US funds and weapons to the Contras in Nicaragua.

Currently, through its proxy in Saudi Arabia, the US is strengthening and supporting ISIS. Even as US bombs fall on Iraq in the name of stopping ISIS, the US is allowing ISIS to continue its ugly mission of terror and violence.

The entire ISIS crisis is staged. It is part of the US plan for destabilizing the Middle East, and making sure no viable competition can emerge.

Chaos in the Middle East

Almost as soon as the ISIS crisis in Iraq began, the US press was calling for Maliki to be removed. When Maliki dared call out Saudi Arabia for funding ISIS, he was further demonized. Maliki, despite his governments origin in the US invasion, has become friendly to Russia and China. He oversaw Iraq becoming more stable, and in June, oil exports were at record levels.

A stable Iraq, that was beginning to move closer to the anti-imperialist economic block of countries is something Wall Street and London could not tolerate. No matter how compliant and obedient Maliki may have been, he had to be removed. The bloody chaos in Iraq since 2003 was not a “mistake” by the Bush administration. It was the very purpose of the invasion.
Maliki has now been officially removed from the Iraqi government as prime minister, after weeks of calls for his removal. More weapons are flowing into the country. Economic infrastructure is being further destroyed in the fighting. People are fleeing for their safety. The central government is being further fractured.

The US is carrying out airstrikes against Iraq in the name of fighting ISIS. Horror stories about the suffering of Iraqi Christians are being promoted in the media to promote further US involvement. The US is sending more military advisers. The manufactured ISIS crisis is being used to re-establish the presence of the US military in Iraq.

With more troops in Iraq, the US can threaten Iran and Syria, much like the US military is encircling China with its Asian pivot, and moving its forces into Africa to re-establish fading economic influence.

Hillary Clinton has blamed the rise of ISIS on Obama, saying that if he had provided more funding to the insurgents in Syria, they would not have emerged. Hillary Clinton leaves out that ISIS are merely one faction of the insurgents in Syria, and that funding the insurgents in Syria, is funding ISIS. If the US had left Syria alone, and not facilitated years of civil war, ISIS would never have come into existence.

The terrorist insurgency against the Syrian government has not stopped. Insurgent terrorists backed by the US are killing and slaughtering people every day, with the tax dollars of people in the United States.

Any notion of stability in Iraq has been erased, and a leader who appeared mildly competent, has been removed. Israel is engaging in a violent campaign against Gaza, bombing schools and hospitals.

The middle east is exploding with violence and chaos. Oil exports are going down. The value of oil being sold by US oil companies is increasing.

Wall Street is bragging that the recession is over.

The global economic system known as “imperialism” is continuing to function as usual.  With bombs and weapons, it is enforcing a monopoly on international markets. It is holding back development in the oppressed countries of the world.

The hope for the region lies the refusal of the Syrian people to surrender, as community militias and Hezbollah fighters stand alongside the Syrian Arab Army against the US backed terrorists. Hope lies with the Islamic Republic of Iran, a stronghold of economic independence and anti-imperialism. Hope lies with the united efforts of Iraqis to defeat ISIS, and break down the ethnic and religious divisions fomented by the west. Hope lies with the people of Palestine, who are standing united and resisting in the face of Israel’s effort to completely wipe them out.

The mass suffering in the region has been created by the intervention of the west. It is the various efforts to break free from western economic control that point the way out.

Caleb Maupin is a political analyst and activist based in New York. He studied political science at Baldwin-Wallace College and was inspired and involved in the Occupy Wall Street movement, especially for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook”.

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