04.08.2014 Author: Gordon Duff

War Comes Home To America

4534532For the first time, since Vietnam, Americans are divided, even at each other’s throats. We saw the first inklings over Ukraine. Co-workers and families taking sides, bitterness and anger. However, nothing is like what is happening over what is clearly a genocide in Gaza.

The big change has been in the mainstream media. They no long defend Israel, something confusing to many. With President Obama overtly backing Israel’s “right to defend herself,” and his silence over the murder of 250 children, targeting of schools, of UN facilities and now a demand for a war crimes tribunal, he has been caught in his own web.

Americans are ready to turn on President Obama and each other, awakened and angry, decades and even centuries old hatreds have reawakened, as they have around the world.


As has so often been the case in the past, presidents surround themselves with advisors who see nothing outside of what they are told at private lunches and golf outings with special interest lobbyists. So, when the world turns upside down, even though news broadcasts and newspapers, believed by most in America to be under some type of strict control, left or right, take on radical new positions, Obama is clueless.

Today, the president most hated by the Israel lobby is politically “dying,” labeled as a war criminal for making absolutist statements not unlike other American presidents, just doing it at the wrong time. There has never been a more “wrong time” in history.

To those of us who remember the Vietnam war, who served in combat in Vietnam and who came back to lead the protests that stopped the war, conflict here at home, after decades of heartless self-interest, is refreshing.

When the media only reflected Israel’s interests, rabid support for the killing of Palestinians was considered odd but harmless. What is frightening about America is that people actually seem to need permission to think or feel. Murdering children is perfectly OK until a newspaper owned by a foreign corporation or defense contractor decides to point out that the systematic butchering of children is wrong.


America lacks moral leadership. Millions of Americans look to Russian President Vladimir Putin and wish he was our president. The right loves his strong stances, his physical strength and his love of guns.

The left loves what they see as his ability to outwit his enemies, his unwillingness to buckle under pressure. American politicians bend with every breeze.

“Putin worship” is not a healthy thing. Americans know little of Russian politics or even world affairs. Americans don’t really know much at all, as most had given up caring long ago, certainly after 9/11, when it became obvious to most that something catastrophic had happened that had nothing to do with terrorists with box cutters.

There are no members of America’s government that are generally looked up to. No one in Washington is seen as “statesmanlike.” There is no replacement for John Kennedy. There are only cheap politicians and Americans see nothing else. John McCain typifies this genre, unstable, mercurial, lifelong ties to organized crime, haunted by rumors of collaboration while a POW in Vietnam.

America’s media had Walter Cronkite, Edward R. Murrow and so many others, respected, revered, willing to take stands, men backed by news organizations not answerable to special interests.

Nothing like this exists in America. American media has actors and hate mongers. Now, someone is telling them it is OK to hate Israel. Some of us wonder why, what is going on behind the scenes. Why would bad people do something just because it is right?


9/11 broke America’s spirit, infected the country with fear and hopelessness. Anyone who thinks seeing Bush and Cheney, who had just taken office in a clearly rigged election, talking about defending America reassured anyone is insane.

While the news reported Bush to have a popularity of 98%, everyone I knew either blamed him for doing it, for purposefully allowing it to be done or for blatant incompetence, in that order. This is a president that left office with a 12% approval rating and who entered office with only 48% of the official vote with real estimates as low as 35%. The 2000 election was rigged and everyone knows it but nothing was done. 2004 was rigged as well. Dozens of members of congress openly said so but this wasn’t reported.

Nearly half of Americans don’t vote and the majority of those are considered “liberal.” Bush supporters, even in the days after 9/11, may never have numbered 25%, much less 98%. How do stories like this perpetuate themselves when Bush is afraid to show his face in public and faces arrest in dozens of countries around the world?

Why did people around the world believe, so readily, that Americans suddenly rallied around a divisive figure, bumbling, incompetent, a laughing stock? Has America lied to the world that effectively?


76754On a personal basis, American families are beginning to “take stock.” Gaza has them angry, years of lies, the embarrassment and humiliation of having been silent too long.

Americans are looking at those they know, Jews and Christian evangelists, and seeing them in a new light. They are asking questions, “how can someone I have known for so long support these horrors.”

Americans are comparing Israel to Nazi Germany, millions are doing it, some publicly, many more privately. They are hoping their Jewish and extremist “evangelical” friends are awakening.

What we are seeing is that for the first time in a very long time, Americans are willing to end friendships, label people as “psychopaths” and recognize the very real insanity around them, recognize that they have let evil close to them, close to their families.

Americans don’t know how many Jews are left that show the traditional social values or how many are blind followers of what is now clearly criminal barbarism. As it has been decades since many have spoken up in America about anything, no one knows how to do it anymore.

Do we start questioning those around us, do we go further? Thinking and feeling is a very new thing in America, something Americans aren’t good at.

Americans do know hate. They will be quick to hate Jews, all of them, deflecting the manipulated fear of Muslims, the hatred and resentment shown Hispanics and African Americans.


The majority of Christians in America are “born again” or Christian evangelists. Many are also considered “Christian Zionists.” This group blindly supports Israel, has supported wars to give Israel more land, more power, more nuclear weapons and endeavor to maintain a world based on political tensions built only around Israeli expansionism.

They don’t like Jews and don’t really like Israel. Most live in areas where, in the past, Jews were prohibited from living and few, if any, Jews live there today.

The issue is this, based on obscure religious beliefs, only when “greater Israel” is established, “from the Nile to the Euphrates,” will the ”end times” begin. Jews will either convert to Christianity or die, the “rapture” will come and the chosen will rise to the side of Jesus while those “left behind” will suffer and die in a post-apocalyptic hell.

Thus, those who support Israel do so based on their desire to see Israel destroy itself and the end of all Jews, the end of Israel and with it, the end of most humanity as well.

These are crazy people. We have tons of them here, welcome to “America.”


There are things few outside the US know about America. Most Americans are atheists. In small communities many attend religious worship out of social pressure but few “believe.” America broke with religion in the 19th century and religion is generally considered stupid.

Few American Jews are religious, most on holidays only and as a tradition, and are privately apologetic to friends when they attend religious activities, fearful as being seen as backward.

In France, 11% of the people attend church. The Catholic Church sided against the French people too many times. The same happened in Spain and Germany. Half of Italy is communist. Almost no Americans know any of this as most never leave the country and those who do seldom leave a hotel, cruise ship or tour bus.

The world is told 44% of Americans are deeply religious. In truth, there is a powerful religious “underbelly” in America. In the South and West and, elsewhere in America, among the least educated, evangelical churches run as businesses, most with clergy more qualified at selling used cars or insurance than “higher thought” peddles a bizarre version of science fiction, UFO stories and “biblical prophecy” always steeped in hatred of one kind or another.

Educated Americans look on these people as rabid dogs or circus freaks. You can’t talk to them. Their only responses are in “bible speak,” bizarre homilies steeped in pop-psychology. The majority of religious Americans are reformed drunks and addicts, severely depressed or suffer borderline personality disorders.

Are there millions like this in America? What do you think? Simply look at the last decade where America has ruled the world. Does anything you see show signs of sane thought?


The genocidal blitz into Gaza is only a continuation of policies over six decades old. At first, most of us saw it as just another staged spectacle, there have been so many. We were wrong.

Here is where the real question will lie. Will people, more than just Americans and Russians, wake up to the fact that there is a theatricality to all of the wars going on today? First we “disappeared” an airliner, MH370, as though a stage magician had waved a magic wand.

We can look at Nigeria, the kidnapped girls, army trucks and satellite phones, and know something is not as it seems.

Nothing in the Ukraine, certainly out of Kiev, is what it seems.

Do we want to discuss the ISIS in Iraq? Rolex watches and female genital mutilation, forced religious conversions and masked militants seeded with CIA, Mossad and MI6, militants, jihadists and western mercenaries.

Even Zbignew Brzezinski was able to figure out the Israeli kidnappings were a staged false flag.

Will we all be able to see what the few had put together long ago…that this is all scripted, that the participants are bit players on a stage? Only the dead are real.

Gordon Duff is a Marine combat veteran of the Vietnam War that has worked on veterans and POW issues for decades and consulted with governments challenged by security issues. He’s a senior editor and chairman of the board of Veterans Today, especially for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook.