04.08.2014 Author: Gordon Duff

America Ungoverned

234234234When America gets it wrong over and over, allows its own borders to be overrun, backs terrorists long known to target US interests and humiliates itself in so many ways, too many to begin to list, it is too easy to assume that bumbling sociopaths rule America. Yes, America may well be ruled by “bumbling sociopaths,” this much is obvious, but not in the way so many assume.

To this day, the following Departments are still under control by Bush operatives, protected from any accountability by crooked courts, convoluted restructuring and treasonous sabotage of government operations:

  • The US Department of State, tasked with foreign policy operations, totally under the control of extremist neo-conservatives like Susan Power, UN Ambassador, Victoria Nuland, architect of the Ukrainian civil war and a host of ambassadors, diplomats and “special envoys,” that manage world narcotics markets, illegal human and organ trafficking, clandestine chemical and bio weapons facilities and terrorist groups like Boko Harum and ISIS.

  • The Department of Homeland Security, tasked with staging domestic terror attacks, spying on American citizens and building a totalitarian police state though, with the help of Israel, militarizing police organizations. DHS sends American police to Israel for indoctrination in dealing with domestic threats, in particular anyone that objects to endless police abuses and killings. “Israelized” American police, on a daily basis, kill unarmed civilians, threaten and intimidate political activists and recruit armies of informants, particularly inside right wing militia groups and the alternative media or “blogosphere.”

  • ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) is tasked with standing aside while millions of illegal aliens enter the United States. With billions in cash, the most advanced technology in the world and unlimited police state powers, nearly one million illegal aliens a year enter the US through a 50 mile wide corridor guarded by thousands of ICE agents. Their real role is to facilitate narcotics and human trafficking while continually complaining about “lack of support.”

  • The Department of Justice is everything but “just.” Corrupt prosecuting attorneys held in place by legislative roadblocks and supported by “appointed for life” judges unaccountable to anyone, unleash full police state powers backed by the world’s largest prison system, protecting criminals and punishing anyone that threatens the ruling oligarchy.

  • The Joint Special Operations Command, formerly an actual military command, was usurped by then Vice President Dick Cheney in order to coordinate “off the books” operations by contractor/mercenary groups that had assumed control of intelligence and special operations capabilities. JSOC, now a parallel command structure outside government, oversees support and training for drug operations, domestic terrorist acts and operates the organization commonly known as “Al Qaeda,” along with its “franchises” and “affiliates.” Military support of operations such as today’s failed attempt to place weapons on Russian relief convoys sent to the Ukraine or the downing of MH 17 are JSOC specialties.

These are but a few of the governmental authorities that exist to prevent actual governance, that exist to make the often seemingly hollow rhetoric of America as a corrupt dictatorship a painful reality.


Few around the world, analysts of every kind, without access to the bowels of backroom American politics can explain what they are seeing. It isn’t just that President Obama says one thing and does another, that would be too simple. In truth, he is a virtual prisoner in the White House, held hostage at the hands of a 2000 coup that continues to rule America and threaten the world.

Many have put the pieces together, rigged voting machines, armed SWAT teams at polling places, vote tallies radically divergent from usually accurate exit polls. Even then Bush lost the 2000 election. When he was appointed to office, it was done by a 5/4 decision of the American supreme court, a branch of government legally prohibited from involvement in this type of election and, moreover, prohibited from any activity that would lead to it controlling other branches as well, in particular the legislative branch.

Since 2000, this same court has allowed legislative districts to be radically altered and has opened the floodgates of American politics to unrestricted cash from anonymous sources. In fact, checking on who donates to American politicians is now considered a violation of free speech.

The story doesn’t begin there. As early as 1992, with Bush senior trying for a second term based on his personal “victory” against Saddam, later disclosed by WikiLeaks and Representative Ron Paul as a contrived war with Saddam moving on US approval only to find himself assailed in a typical Washingtonian “knife in the back” move, another election needed rigging.

American billionaire, Ross Perot, ran as an independent, against both Clinton and Bush, on a program that involved dismantling the Federal Reserve System getting tough with Israel and ending Washington’s “money politics” forever.

According to the falsified history of that election, Perot had a 30% standing in the polls at one time during the election. However, at the time I was working as an advisor for the Bush candidacy. Mainstream media was reporting Perot with a commanding lead and our own polling had Clinton and Bush in a die with just under 20% of the vote each. Perot had, by our estimation, become unstoppable and would be the next president.

The he withdrew. We now know that President Bush went to the CIA, which he had once headed, and asked them to “take Perot out.” Perot was told his daughter would be kidnapped, tortured and killed. The CIA agent tasked with removing Perot admitted that he had been ordered to assassinate Perot. That agent was arrested and later forced to flee the country, kept alive only by a substantial trove of documents covering this and the murder of a US Senator and his family and the killing of a senatorial candidate that, even though dead, defeated then Senator and later Attorney General John Ashcroft in the controversial 2000 election. Ashcroft, thrown out of the Senate by a dead man, went on to oversee the dismemberment of the US judicial system, as task performed so well that American courts have become infamous for defending traitors and terrorists while silencing whistleblowers, activists and others who “fail to take orders.”


It has taken some of America’s greatest minds, groups like the American Enterprise Institute, the Jamestown Foundation, the Potomac Institute, the Heritage Foundation, the Rand Corporation, the US Chamber of Commerce, the National Rifle Association, the American Legion, the American Israeli Public Affairs Committee and even the Simon Wiesenthal Center to pull it off.

Approaching from every direction, economic reform, protection from “anti-semitism,” gun and veterans rights or “promoting patriotism and democracy,” sinister groups, well beyond the toadies they empower, operate in over 100 nations around the world, not just inside the US. America is only one government they control, in fact there are few governments around the world that have escaped their reach.

Were what some call the Secret Shadow Government or SSG to ask for a vote of the United Nations General Assembly, getting 100 votes to support a resolution that “day is night” would be no problem.

Moreover, the SSG could, just as easily, have sanctions imposed on any nation unwilling to accept this seemingly expansive humorous example. Others find no humor at all, “day as night” is not so expansive at all, as recent history has shown repeatedly.


No one understands America, least of all Americans themselves. From the bumbling pronouncements of Bush to the smooth and articulate nonsense of Obama, the carnival act that portrays itself to be a representative government in Washington is no longer palatable. The layered “psyops,” sockpuppet anti-government movements from the left, right and center, each more theatrical than the last, are seeming more and more contrived.

Then again, if something sounds stupid, sounds unbelievable and makes no sense whatsoever, even though it represents “reality as we are asked to accept it,” perhaps this is all a dream. Those who wake up often become very angry, feel betrayed and, should they act on those feelings, find themselves dead or in prison or at least on a “watch list.”

Gordon Duff is a Marine combat veteran of the Vietnam War that has worked on veterans and POW issues for decades and consulted with governments challenged by security issues. He’s a senior editor and chairman of the board of Veterans Today, especially for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook.