26.06.2014 Author: Gordon Duff

Bungler Central – America’s Secret Spy Base

3423421Today, the Washington Post reported that 400 American drones simple “fell out of the sky,” at a cost of billions. These weren’t tiny hand launched model planes but, in most cases, Predators, Raptors or Global Hawks. Some were as large as airliners with highly classified payloads costing millions in surveillance gear.

Others we are told by sources at the upper levels of Pentagon command, crashed because they were overloaded with drugs from Afghanistan.

Those piloting these vehicles were all trained in the same place, Ft. Huachuca, where “moral flexibility” is the only guideline, whether it is drone pilots or the “military intelligence” commands whose highly classified activities go far beyond any of the spying Edward Snowden “outed” the NSA for.

It’s raining drones today”

At one time it was believed that the only errors drone pilots made were the dozens of “mistaken” attacks on schools, hospitals, weddings and funerals or hundreds of yet unreported “friendly fire” incidents potentially responsible for hundreds of American deaths and thousands of wounded.

The names seem impressive, Raptor, Predator or Global Hawk. There are stealth drones like the formerly “super-secret” RQ70, now not only on display in Tehran but being manufactured there as well. You can probably buy one on EBay.

Global Hawks, though capable of flying around the world, periodically land at deserted strips north of Gwadar in Baluchistan, Pakistan, directly south, by road, of the heroin processing facilities near Kandahar in Afghanistan.

There, the drones are “serviced” by former Navy SEALS employed by a defense firm secretly controlled by an American billionaire, owner of a soap manufacturing company and key political leader/financier of the Republican Party. That’s the party of John McCain and Lindsey Graham, senators who regularly visit Afghanistan, perhaps checking on their investments.

Drones can also transport things like Sarin gas or bioweapons. They can deploy these as well. We have no evidence this has been done but we do know that this capability is one “considered” when allocating billions to replace the hundreds of multi-million dollar drones that have mysteriously plummeted into the ground.

Fort Huachuca – Beyond the NSA

However, the drone issue is only one part of a problem endemic to all American intelligence functions, a generalized failure of ISR (Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance) that President Obama seems dangerously unaware of.

When Special Forces units were deployed in Jordan to train “resistance fighters” involved in Syria and ended up “accidentally” training the Al Qaeda/ISIS force now taking over Iraq, where were these geniuses trained? Who could be that stupid? Where do idiots like these, the fools who fly drones upside down and “climb” multi-million dollar drones with even more expensive radar/camera/sensor packages into the ground?

Even more ironic, perhaps almost funny, many of the same “intelligence handlers” that trained ISIS jihadists in Jordan are now heading to Iraq to aid that government in defending itself from ISIS Jihadists.

As American humorist Jim W. Dean so often says: “You just can make things like this up.”

Fort Huachuca, Arizona

23423421What is perhaps most curious is that these failures, so many of them, can be traced to a single very secret American base in a state represented by Senator John McCain, long reputed to have ties to organized crime.

Nestled in the Arizona hills, just north of the Mexican border is Fort Huachuca. Here, America trains its drone pilots, its “cyber-spies” and “agent handlers.” Nearly every imaginable abuse of both international and US law is taught and practiced here.

It also trains “cyber warfare specialists.” There, young soldiers work at computers learning to defend the United States from threats to national security, or so Congress and the American people are told.

Not one world of this is true, however. The “Intelligence School” at Fort Huachuca is a “front” for domestic spying, political “dirty tricks,” internet smear campaigns and, perhaps most heinous of all, blocking websites that promote freedom of speech and generating “technical difficulties” for media outlets that this US Army command is told don’t agree withwell, we aren’t exactly sure “who or what.”

More importantly, not only are such activities illegal, patently unconstitutional, violations of the First Amendment of the Constitution of the United States that members of the military swear an oath to “protect and defend,” these activities are also criminal fraud and violate numerous state and federal laws protecting communications from sabotage.

This is what is done at Fort Huachuca, they hack computers, they sabotage networks, the shutdown radio broadcast on federally licensed networks and they block access to websites, not only violating civil and constitutional rights but doing significant commercial harm as well.

These things are done as “training exercises” in what is called “psychological warfare.” It isn’t training; it is real war, a war against the American people, a war against freedom of speech and, most of all, a war against the truth.

Lying to Congress

When Congress funded the programs at Ft. Huachuca, they knew they were training drone pilots whose “missions” are seen, around the world, as acts of criminality and by top experts in international law as violations of not only the sovereignty of those nations attacked but outright murder as well. As war crimes by powerful “freedom loving nations” are typically overlooked, congress was more than happy to continue funding these programs which make us all safe unless you happen to be killed by a drone operated by a Ft. Huachuca “graduate” that doesn’t know up from down or a hospital from a terrorist training camp.

When Veterans Today columnist Stew Webb assisted by fellow columnist Gene “Chip” Tatum, former CIA “Psyop” specialist began checking Veterans Today and affiliated websites for hackers, the trail quickly led to Ft. Huachuca. Computers at that base were not only used to overload the sites, possibly hundreds, even thousands, causing “denial of service,” but were systematically blocking internet search engines as well, reprogramming them away from “unpleasant facts” and directing the public to “sock puppet” websites filled with libel, smears and bizarre conspiracy theories, websites funded unknowingly by the American people themselves with their tax dollars.

You see, keeping America safe means, as we learned, lying to congress about running psychological warfare programs against the American people and, as in this case, against not only one of the largest groups of American war veterans but an official news outlet for the Department of Veterans Affairs, an agency of that same government.

Veterans Today Targeted

Targeting Veterans Today and its staffers, blocking access, running smear websites that attack editors and columnists, many decorated combat veterans, some with not only “honored standingand having top security clearances, but full access to military facilities like Ft. Huachuca…is more than illegal, it is bad manners. It could also be treason if such activities are going run for a foreign government via rogue element handlers at Ft. Huachuca.

What is almost funny is that the base commander at Huachuca is a close associate of a “VT” editor and former top intelligence officer of NATO’s largest command. Other VT editors sat on the National Security Council; one was chief intelligence advisor to President Reagan. Now they are targeted for standing up to government fraud or speaking out against years of disastrous military adventures and the abuse of America’s military veterans.

It gets even better. That same Army, along with all other major Intel organizations, uses open source intelligence analysis from Veterans Today citing it as both “flawless” and “impeccably researched.” They use it but don’t want others to have it. What good is a “democracy” when the public actually can, if it wishes, find out what is really going on regarding its national security?

Toward that end, the Army seems to have expanded its role from protector to “police state enforcer.”

Shut the Gates

Dr. Aafia Siddiqui, the “convicted terrorist mastermind” the US recently released and returned to Pakistan was a guest on an American base for 5 years. She was held at Bagram Air Force Base in Afghanistan, tortured, raped repeatedly, while under the legal authority of an American military officer now clearly guilty of a war crime.

If asked, he will claim he knew nothing. The screaming, the bloody trash bags buried in the parched earth, this is typical of the “moral flexibility” the American military has been infected with.

Here at home, young soldiers, our children and grandchildren are being indoctrinated with that same “moral flexibility.” For years we watched them kill around the world. Now they have turned on us. Some of us expected it.

Gordon Duff is a Marine combat veteran of the Vietnam War that has worked on veterans and POW issues for decades and consulted with governments challenged by security issues. He’s a senior editor and chairman of the board of Veterans Today, especially for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook.