03.05.2014 Author: Jim Dean

US War Hype against Russia enters the Twilight Zone

34531217Tensions mount as NATO puffs its chest with minor military deployments as part of their threat play acting. Estonia was on stage today receiving NATO planes and pretending to feel threatened and wanting a permanent NATO deployment. Honest people know they just want the money that comes with it.

Kiev has its Army on full alert and has called for a draft of 18 to 25 year olds, the usual abuse of the young by the old when it comes to the war game. It seems Ukraine’s interim president Turchynov was waiting for the IMF funds to be released so the government could switch over from trying to “crowd fund” the military, where they were asking not only for money donations to buy helmets and flak vests, but also donations of soap, towels and underwear.

Meanwhile, the coup-meisters seemed focused on raising militias to deal with East Ukraine, where they seem to think militias would be effective against unarmed civilians, exactly what they are usually used for. If their murdering militias get killed off in the process, the coup-meisters could claim the Russians did it and demand NATO intervention. The Kiev regime is showing all the signs that they need a disaster to make everybody forget that they took power by the gun.

What we are seeing is a multi-layered orchestrated attack on Russia to create, not a traditional shooting war, as some journalists are hyping to get attention for themselves, but the conditions to hoodwink the Western public into accepting and supporting a New Cold War. The Western-leader hucksters want to re-establish themselves as our great protectors, thinking we will forget so many are petty thieves.

Now mind you these Western political structures are the same ones that brought of the economic devastation in the last decade where massive amounts of wealth were transferred from the many, to the few. A search for criminal prosecutions against all those involved in bringing on the conditions of collapse comes up as zero. Even the number of those fired for negligence is negligible.

After years of improving relations with Russia, kicked off by the War on Terror, there was closer cooperation between East and West to share intelligence and tactics on combating the new asymmetric warfare. We learned afterward that while Bush (43) was playing pals with Putin on fighting the scourge of terrorism, the US was actually playing a double game in supporting the Chechens, with their leftover mujahedin terrorists and fighters from the former US deployment against the Russians in Afghanistan.

After the tensions of the Balkan wars and America’s fiasco in the Georgia Republic, the Russians still did not break off relations with NATO. They were not going to let themselves play into the hands of those wanting isolate them. The US was field-testing the early proxy troop attack on Russia, carried out by Israeli contractors and the unfortunate Georgian army who thought that killing 300 Russian peacekeepers and destroying their armor would leave South Ossetia defenseless. They were wrong. “They” think we don’t know this… but we do. We know everyone involved, and there are many who should be prosecuted.

Even after this outright aggression by the US, we did not hear threats from Russia about sanctions or maintaining increased force on their western borders to ward off future attacks. Cooperation with NATO continued with well-coordinated monitoring of each other’s military training maneuvers, which always required dozens of other-country observers to verify that the training was not being used as pre-staging for an attack, as the US had done in South Ossetia.

The Russian and the Chinese went along with the Libyan interventions, which then expanded into a removal campaign against Gaddafi, good riddance there, but the Libya people now find themselves at the hands of petty warlords and extremists. The jury is still out whether they will end up in worse or better shape. Both Russia and China said that was the last time they would trust NATO with such an intervention again. Does NATO care? Probably not.

I am suspecting that somewhere an elite group decided that the “cooperation time” with Russia and China had run its course. A major shift began in Western and particularly US geopolitical and military planning. Yes, there were some welcome pull-backs for our exhausted military from Iraq, and soon to be in Afghanistan. The massive red ink American budgets were not only a threat to its debt-ridden citizens, but the rest of the world.

We are seeing that was pre-staging for shifting into a new type of offensive, one where large US military deployments and huge expenditures would not be required, but using new proxy armies created from the instability in the Mideast, Balkans and Chechnya. A new financial twist was added to the mix when the super wealthy Gulf royals were brought on board as partners in the funding to ease domestic concerns of war expenditures during peace time, something we are learning is only a mirage. It is not only the Israelis who don’t want peace with the Palestinians, but the West who has chosen conflict as a stabilizing force to counter domestic financial unhappiness.

Much to the distress of Israel, the Obama administration decided to give up the ghost on the phony Iran nuclear threat, one that was partially created as a justification for America’s and NATO’s first attempt to move their offensive/defensive missile shield closer to the Russian border. Think “first strike capability.”

And remember the change in the US defense doctrine, which morphed into an offensive one where we said we would hold the right to pre-emptively attack anyone whom we feel could be a threat at some point in the future. It was literally a blank check approval to attack anyone we wanted.

The Russians of course, were not stupid and never bought the missile shield for the Iran threat. As the Iran nuclear talks proceeded, and we saw the search finally abandoned for their nukes that never existed, where was the public demand to punish all those who tormented us with their lies for so long? Who has been banished, shunned, or declared persona non grata?

While the welcome Iranian shift proceeded, we soon saw the “Asia Pivot” rolled out with big fanfare. But left out of all of it was… “where was the threat?” No matter how many times you asked, no one in government would tell you. The general term used was that we were there protecting our “interests” and our allies. But from whom? Who has the ability to do that, and who would want to? No answer was ever given, because where was no threat.

As crazy as it seems, we seem to be in a WWI-type twilight zone. I don’t mean the kind where we are looking at millions of casualties and destroyed economies, but the appalling failure of Western leadership, both then and now.

We have a very similar situation with the people having been painted a fraudulent picture of what is going on, simply to trick us into supporting it. We have been there and done that. We want a war against the war-meisters instead. If there are misdeeds for which there should be punishment, let us start with them.

Jim W. Dean, managing editor for Veteran Today, producer/host of Heritage TV Atlanta, specially for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook”.

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