03.05.2014 Author: Gordon Duff

Russia’s “Miracle” in Crimea

3453453The bloodless and efficient, even “miraculous” Russian move into Crimea is now having “second wave” repercussions. Evidence now indicates that a broader strategy against Russia has been put into motion, part of an even broader strategy to offset the burgeoning economic development zone or “Silk Road” as William Engdahl has coined it.

This new global power base pulling Germany away from NATO and the EU and pulling her into a trade sphere with Russia and China has pushed the oligarchs of the West toward global conflict.

Germany is being blamed for training Russian units, Italy for supplying them, in fact everyone is being scapegoated in an attempt to duck the real issues, American intelligence failures and the unearthed Polish role, seeking the past glories of the “Kingdom of Poland,” longtime rulers of Ukraine or as a home for Europe’s homegrown “Al Qaeda,” known as Gladio.

Crediting Russia for a military success unforeseen and, perhaps even “unmatchable” by the west, is a major cause for embarrassment. “Crimea” clearly demonstrates that, since the 2008 war with the Republic of Georgia, Russia has not only rebuilt its military but developed extremely capable special operations units but has developed in ways totally unforeseen by Pentagon analysts.

Thus, as we will see, Germans must have done it.


Chief among real issues involve the role of Poland, a nation that has long coveted Western Ukraine as a feudal fiefdom, in the Ukraine overthrow. However, the current western oriented government in Warsaw finds its roots, not just as inheritor of Hitler’s mantle as outlined in Mein Kampf (Drang nach Osten – Drive to the East) but in NATO’s Gladio terror roots as well.

Toward that end, Poland has proven fertile ground for, not only NATO military expansionism but a surrogacy terror war against Russia itself. Turkey’s role in the Syrian conflict was the “lite” version and is now winding down to unmitigated disaster, taking as many lives with it as possible.


Russia’s move into Crimea was an American intelligence “fail” of epic proportions. Russia moved thousands of troops into Crimea and the vaunted “NSA,” supposedly capable of tapping all world communications heard nothing. Perhaps they were too busy peddling the private yearnings of American internet users to the “hucksters” of Madison Ave.

Similarly, the NRO or National Reconnaissance Office, with their phalanxes of spy satellites saw nothing either, nor did the CIA with their armies of hidden sensors and bribed public officials. Something had changed. Russian “special ops” troops accomplished one of the most dramatic successes in military history.


An exclusive story in the Daily Beast credits Germany and other NATO countries with betraying the United States through training Russian forces and supplying them with advanced equipment. I remind you that the United States buys its satellite launch vehicles from Russia.

In 2011, for example, the German defense contractor Rheinmetall signed a $140 million contract to build a combat simulation training center in Mulino, in southwest Russia, that would train 30,000 Russian combat troops per year. While the facility wasn’t officially scheduled to be completed until later this year, U.S. officials believe that Germany has been training Russian forces for years.

But many tracking the issue within the U.S. government were not happy with Germany’s handling of the Russian contract, and worry that some of the training may have gone to the kind of special operations forces now operating in and around Ukraine.

It’s unfortunate that German companies were directly supporting and training Russia’s military even during the attacks against Ukraine,” one senior Senate aide told The Daily Beast. ‘The U.S. government should call on our NATO allies to suspend all military connections with Russia at this point, until the Russians leave Ukraine, including Crimea.’”

To get the Russian side of the story, I went to Veterans Today’s Editor and Senior Analyst, Colonel Eugene Khrushchev. “Gene” as he prefers to be called, served in Afghanistan, first as an airborne/special forces commander and later, for both the Soviet Union and Russia, as First Secretary at their embassy in Kabul. Gene has held a similar position at their embassy in Tehran.

This is Gene’s take on the Daily Beast article:

  1. For the US intel community, don’t play “CYA,” shifting the blame on German buddies.
  2. For the Pentagon – if Germans are so good at military training, why doncha have outsourced USA army training to them, for God sake, at least in Afghanistan?
  3. For US Kremlin gremlins aka observers – pay the credit where the credit is due. Crimean reunion, from apolitical military analysis, was one of the most successful and bloodless Coup de Maître in history. And blame & fame go to the Russian political & military leadership, fairly & squarely.


With revelations this last week of Poland’s role in training those involved in the “not so bloodless” Coup de Maître in the Ukraine. In a stunning piece, published by Voltairenet, Thierry Meyssan exposes the rationale for the Newsweek/Harmon/Daily Beast story. One must note that this “news organization” has long been exposed for its ties, not only to Israeli intelligence and espionage efforts, but for disseminating “disinformation” such as its false announcement of a “Syrian no fly zone” in 2012, a story ordered rescinded by the White House. From Voltairenet:

Poland trained a mob of thugs to overthrow the democratically-elected president of Ukraine and pretended he was subscribing to an appeasement agreement with him on 21 February 2014, while his rioters were in the process of seizing power.

Moreover, there is no doubt that the coup was sponsored by the United States, as evidenced by the telephone conversation between Assistant Secretary of State Victoria Nuland and Ambassador Geoffrey R. Pyatt [4]. Similarly, it is clear that other NATO members, including Lithuania (in the past, Ukraine was dominated by the Polish-Lithuanian empire), and Israel in its capacity as a de facto member of its military command structure, took part in the coup [5]. This arrangement suggests that NATO now runs a new Gladio network in Eastern Europe [6]. In addition, following the coup, mercenaries working for Greystone Ltd., a subsidiary of Academi, were deployed in the country in coordination with the CIA [7].”


On April 10, 2010, a plane went down over Russia carrying much of the Polish government, military command and banking sectors. At the time, the idea of a president dying in an accidental airline crash may have seemed plausible. That is no longer the case. Too much real evidence not fits into a mosaic of historical circumstance that makes one thing clear. Poland’s government was overthrown by a plane crash engineered by a CIA/Gladio plot. Nothing could be clearer.

Explosives in the wreckage, witnesses found “suicide” and years of half-suppressed controversy, buried in the emotional overload of a world awash with war, allowed this to happen with little said. Today, however, we see the difference this has made and why Poland, the European Union’s real “second power” was targeted.

As America troops prepared to move into a Poland rapidly arming for what it hopes will be a “regional conflict” with Russia, the West is again awash with miscalculation.

Russia, more militarily agile, operating on “interior lines,” is less vulnerable to manipulated press and political bribes from billionaire gambling bosses than Washington is.

Gordon Duff is a Marine combat veteran of the Vietnam War that has worked on veterans and POW issues for decades and consulted with governments challenged by security issues. He’s a senior editor and chairman of the board of Veterans Today, especially for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook.