04.04.2014 Author: Gordon Duff

“Without Foundation,” How America Became a Terrorist State

43535To all appearances, the situation in the Ukraine proves the Cold War is alive and well, perhaps even “thriving.” The relationship between Obama and Putin and the diplomatic successes in Syria and Iran have been erased. “Business as usual” is returning but not based so much on poor decision making by governments but rather by events themselves.

The “events” we refer to are contrived, evidence of a US government and others that show signs of not just infiltration but “hijacking.”

America has been caught repeatedly in acts of terror, Syria and now certainly in the Ukraine. But is it really “America?” When tracing the decision making authority, in particular tied to orders from the US State Department to blow up an air base in the Ukraine, “smoking gun” proof in intercepted emails giving all the details, we began to enter a “rabbit hole.”

Stage One

Was this really a change in US policy, a decision to reinitiate the Truman Doctrine of 1947 and the Bush Doctrine of 9/11, surrounding Russia with missiles, torture gulags and corrupt dictatorships?

What has been found is startling, that the US government is, in fact, a collection of factions controlled through bribery and blackmail, a government crippled though a systematic program under Bush leadership to erase any notion of representative democracy.

Obama’s idiotic policies in support of the criminal cabal in Kiev represent one thing, a total failure to stand by his beliefs, stand up to blackmail and follow the policies that had begun to unravel the globalist Bush tyranny.

In our investigations, several organizations in the US could very well be named as “terrorist.” One of them is the US Department of State. It has its own army, its own “foreign policy” and serves a government that is on no map, holds no elections and never meets, not during the day and certainly not in public.

It isn’t just the State Department and it isn’t only the United States. The entire pseudo-governmental organization of the European Union is similar, a collection of entities that when exposed as they have been of late can only be characterized as “terrorist.”

What we are now finding is that, before Bush (43) left office, alternative command structures were put in place that controlled US embassies, America’s nuclear commands, the CIA and NSA and the entire justice system from the FBI to the courts.

Private individuals, out of government, some never in government, were and are capable of issuing “executive orders” to assassinate, to overthrow, to “listen in” and even attack, not just drones but, and I wish I were overstating this, nuclear weapons as well.


Recent intercepted communication between US State Department officials in Kiev and Ukrainian military liaison officials outlining planned terror attacks has again revealed critical information about America’s fractured command structure.

Why does the press never ask when men like Senator John McCain or retired General Paul Vallely, each sworn enemies of the Obama administration, both tied to violent extremist elements inside the US and known Al Qaeda confidants, turn up whenever global disaster strikes?

Emails leaked through Anonymous Ukraine over the past few days have painted a frightening picture. US embassy officials, working with military liaison in the Ukraine have openly plotted false flag terror attacks.

New emails released today clearly demonstrate that the takeover of the Ukraine by extremist groups is part of a broader plan that may well be aimed at Russia itself, a plan, one of many, whose roots trace back to the Project for a New American Century and John Kagan (husband of Under Secretary of State Victoria “F@%# the EU” Nuland).

The attacks outlined in the intercepted emails include destruction of transportation hubs, including possible natural gas pipeline and distribution facilities and the Military air facility at Melitopol.

Wreckage was to be planted, EU officials were to coordinate feigned outrage and a visit by Senator’s John McCain and Lindsay Graham was scheduled “beforehand” to visit the sites of terror attacks not yet staged.

The Ukrainian “Terror State”

The vote by the Crimean people to separate from the extremist elements that have taken over in Kiev is not surprising. Neither is the US condemnation of people seeking self-determination. The post-colonial period has seen dozens of instances of, not only indigenous peoples being amalgamated into nations where they never belonged, but where nations were “engineered” to fail.

Since the end of World War II, the United States has taken a commanding role, not just in “engineering” failure and discord but in suppressing self-determination for Palestinians, Kurds, Armenians and countless others, even to the extent of taking part in ethnic cleansing and apartheid or as in Vietnam, wars of annihilation.

Syria as a three year “Vietnam War” may well be winding down to a predictable US defeat. The Ukraine has been “engineered” to become a civil war, a nation rapidly dividing along ethnic lines. The new state, scheduled to be “certified” in the upcoming rigged election of May 25, shows all signs of becoming apartheid and eventually moving to full-scale ethnic cleansing of its Russian speaking population.

Without Foundation

Where our investigation lead gives anyone who attempts to deal with the United States as an ally or adversary a reason to pause.

How can “out of power” opposition party extremists who openly call for the overthrow of the US government by violence meet with warring factions and offer support on behalf of a government that they themselves oppose?

There is no “loyal opposition” in the US. Those out of power openly turn to foreign governments, join with terrorist groups and accept funding from drug cartels.

During the 2012 presidential election, GOP candidate Mitt Romney was quickly exposed for having thousands of “safe haven” bank accounts.

Soon afterward, Romney was tied to not just Cuban intelligence but Mexican drug cartels as well. A letter from Raul Castro was published outlining agreements between Romney and the Castro government along with photographs of Romney visiting Cuba while on romantic liaisons with the Cuban born daughter of a former Soviet KGB chief.

Similarly, congressional leaders of the same party were tied to heroin processing facilities in Afghanistan while key members of the senate were found to be using “fact finding” trips to move billions of dollars in cash.

Thus, finding US diplomats openly planning terror attacks is a minor thing. After all, the press never prints any of it even when calls are recorded and attack planning maps downloaded from intercepted emails are printed across the internet.

What is shamefully clear is that American leaders are pushing the world toward a new era of arms races and increased tensions, not because of ideological issues or national interest but to cover for the simple fact that nobody knows who is really governing America at all.

Gordon Duff is a Marine combat veteran of the Vietnam War that has worked on veterans and POW issues for decades and consulted with governments challenged by security issues. He’s a senior editor and chairman of the board of Veterans Today, especially for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook.