13.03.2014 Author: Jim Dean

Theater of the Absurd continues in Ukraine

77765“In the long run, global politics are bound to become increasingly uncongenial to the concentration of hegemonic power in the hands of a single state. Hence, America is not only the first, as well as the only, truly global superpower, but it is also likely to be the very last.” …Zbigniew Brzezinski

I would like to say I am embarrassed by my country’s behavior but I have grown so used to it by now that I have had to numb that emotion. By using that term what I mean is that countries and people are no longer embarrassed by what they say or do.

This silliness disease can spread like the flu, and in a powder-keg like the Ukraine is now, you can order a provocation with as much difficulty as ordering a pizza here, and probably not much more expensive. But the one the US ordered for the Ukraine took a long time to make, and was expensive at $5 billion, which we know courtesy of Victoria Nuland at the State Department.

Let’s go down the silly list. We started with having Obama and the Kiev crying wolf about an ‘invasion’ by the Russians. This invasion will go down in the Guinness Book of World Records as the first one where the number killed was…zero, the number wounded…zero, the number taken prisoner…zero, and number of military facilities shelled and bombed…zero. That was some invasion!

We don’t know anyone with any sense here at VT that does not view this as a totally orchestrated attack by the West on Ukraine to save it from defaulting on it’s $140 billion in debt. Of course the Ukrainians are never going to pay that back any more than any other country in the West is going to pay theirs. The money lent to them was all Monopoly play money anyway. But the interest that the banksters get paid, that comes from real sweat and blood.

I nominate the Russians for the Nobel Peace prize for perfecting ‘the invasion with no violence’, which if used by everyone from now on will save countless lives and billions in property destruction. On the other hand we look at America’s last invasion before the Ukraine, and we see not only killing, but the most vicious and cruel kind that was unleashed by letting the Takfiri Frankensteins loose upon the Syrian people.

When the ‘invasion’ silliness bombed Obama’s credibility to bits, the Absurdites in the White house finally realized a new threat hustle was needed. So we then had, enter stage left…”There will be consequences!” We citizens were to believe that Russia was going to be ‘isolated’ and ‘sanctioned’.

How Westerners to love to use those two words. But the world does not love them. In fact, being isolated from the US could enhance your security significantly. You would no longer have subversive NGO’s running all over your country training your young people to overthrow the government peacefully. But they are not told that just at the right time a violent group, also a Western proxy, will come in at the last minute to snatch the real victory away, as what happened to the Bolsheviks.

One does not have to have a Ph.D. in Economics to understand how ludicrous the US sanction threats were. The quiet response from the Germans was a hint. While Russia has a $17 billion trade surplus with the US, that flips around with the EU and its whopping $110 billion trade surplus with Russia. With so many EU countries teetering on the brink economically, despite their fuzzy bookkeeping, they will not be rushing to jump over the sanctions cliff with Obama and Kerry.

Now we come along to how the Kiev government had to cover their payoff to their Right Sector thug buddies, who happen to be the number one suspects for shooting the demonstrators and the riot police. They produced the needed massacre for the coup-meisters to ride into power, and no one in the Intel community thought they did that for free.

We now hear that the Right Sector thugs want to be integrated fully into the military with paychecks, access to armories and training facilities so they can get ready to terrorize the opposition before the coming elections. RT reports that interim Prime Minister Yatsenyuk fired three defense generals who objected…saying that bringing them in would destroy the credibility of the government and undermine military morale. You can add to that more reports of MANPADS, surface to air shoulder fired missiles, were looted from armories while the Ukrainian military seemed to be on holiday during the uprising.

Military experts would know that any prudent power wanting to keep a lid on escalating violence would know that all armories would be prime targets for the extremist nationalists. The so-called ‘Russian invasion’ was an obvious defensive move to make sure all the known weapons depots were not overtaken by the real invaders.

Right Sector thugs are roaming Western Ukraine, busting into opposition political meetings to advise that canceling plans to run in the coming elections could increase their life expectancy considerably. So the purge of the interim government opponents is happening as I type…Neo-Western democracy in action.

Russia’s obvious concern was to protect its Black Sea base and secure the depth of it perimeter. The US would do the same thing in a heartbeat if it felt the need, and all the NATO chiefs understand this. The chain link fence is not a defensive line. You need control around a major base all the way out to artillery range. That is just a military reality.

Next enters ex-CIA head and Secretary of Defense, Robert Gates to say on the Sunday morning talk shows that “Crimea is gone”…code speak for “taken by the Russians”. But why would they have to do that when they can just wait for the referendum and be asked by Crimea to come into the Russian Federation, and they didn’t have to shoot anybody to get them to do it, a better system than the West used.

The Western coup-miesters know that if the Russians see the Ukrainian puppet government making preliminary moves to put Eastern Ukraine in play by preparing for a guerrilla and terrorism war in the areas they don’t control, they will step in pronto to nip that in the bud. That is how you avoid getting into a long drawn out, debilitating civil war like the West has sponsored in Syria.

Missing in this one though, is not having a Turkey, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and big US Navy in the Mediterranean surrounding you like Syria is suffering under. My guess is that the West thinks this could be a no lose situation if they can draw the Russians into a Ukrainian Afghanistan of sorts, with endless throwaway nationalist thugs to use as cannon fodder. And we already know the US could not care less about the suffering of the civilians, as they have cruelly proven this in Syria.

The EU countries will have no stomach for a fight with Russian over a Western criminal takeover of the Ukraine. They could not risk the economic damage, and being hung from street lights by their own people. Wait to see the fireworks start as we approach the EU elections as more of the grassroots people are viewing the EU government as the nest of vipers that it is.

Other than banking and trade, Europeans are sick and tired of unelected EU officials having such control over their lives, and these people will have a lot of support from us here in America who feel the same way. We both want to rid ourselves of all the criminals in government, all the way to the top. And they know their intelligence and law enforcement institutions have served the people poorly as they have had the investigative files to put all the crooks in jail. They have chosen to side with the hoodlums up until now, but that can change.

In the US, the Bush and Cheney crowd protected themselves from the loyal government payroll people by having a huge amount of our security operations contracted out to their preselected insider hoodlums who compromised us badly. Gordon Duff has an article , American Intel Meltdown here on NEO, that tells the treasonous story.

We must all network together to protect ourselves from these monsters. They have shown us no mercy, and they are betting that we have no stomach for a fight. We shall see about that.

Jim W. Dean, managing editor for VeteranToday.com, producer/host of Heritage TV Atlanta, specially for “New Eastern Outlook”.

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