04.03.2014 Author: Gordon Duff

Gladio, the Gift that Keeps on Giving

silendo-libertaem-servo11We are seeing it today, in the Ukraine, Syria, across Africa; more than two dozen instances have been cataloged. Highly organized armed groups, multiple nationalities, all drawn upon at need, ready for any mission, riot, revolution, subversion, terror attacks or assassinations.

Their actions are ruthless, their allegiances a matter of “conspiracy theory.” They never take credit, never issue manifestos, have no website.

Gladio operatives run entire nations, the Republic of Georgia certainly, Albania/Kosovo, in South America, Bolivia and Paraguay. There is always a political theme, though vague and ethereal, the signs are there, Western intelligence agencies, secret societies, manipulation of commodity markets, currencies and, above all sovereign debt.

The group is called “Gladio”, after the Latin term “gladius”, the short sword used in the Roman arena.

Those who have heard of Operation Gladio have a vague notion of a NATO sponsored anti-communist program that, during the 1980s and 90s somehow “went wrong.” The version told the public is actually quite amusing.

Supposedly, Gladio was established after the war by SHAPE (Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers, Europe). Were one to assume the mysterious Gehlen Organization, CIA and Gladio were one in the same, same roots, same financing, same lack of accountability, one might be on a very strong footing.

What isn’t amusing is the fact that Gladio is still operating. When Anders Breivik, the worst mass murder in recent years, admitted to being a Gladio operative, few were surprised. All the signs were there, intelligence services and police agencies helping him every step of the way and a prison life of not just privilege but periodic forays outside the walls when he feels the need for a breath of fresh air.

Other Gladio signature operations are seen at Sandy Hook, the Boston Marathon, Ft. Hood or the anthrax attacks and “DC Sniper,” these and so many more, nameless mysterious “lone gunmen” with lots of help. Gladio operations may well have killed 8000 in Iraq last year alone.

When the Bush cabal chose to ring Russia with secret prisons and germ warfare labs while the family bought up huge tracts of South America, we saw clear signs of Gladio’s worldwide reach.

Gladio didn’t die in a few Italian “show trials.”

The real Gladio is more than something quite different, perhaps beyond the simplistic terms of “sinister” or “conspiratorial.” The French use the term “ouverage” to describe something that is exposed or “unearthed.” Gladio is, to that extent, an ouverage, a look beneath, a glimpse, a rare opportunity to view to underpinnings of what existed then and exists now.

Gladio is fed, not just by greed but by a powerful mythology, combining a variety of religions and occult philosophies. There is only a generalized history of Gladio, featured in a well-organized Wikipedia page. There are unanswered questions, unanswered and unasked.

Why did NATO choose proto-Christian mysticism as a basis for terror organizations?

How does an organization established and funded by NATO suddenly “turn bad” with no reason whatsoever given, no reason given and none ever asked for.

Not only is there no evidence Gladio was stopped, quite the opposite, it has thrived and expanded its reach and power.

Occult background

2323Faced with Stalin’s threat, real or perceived, to take over Europe through military force, NATO decided it would create “stay behind networks” to hold some portion of Europe “safe” while the United States and, perhaps Canada, prepared new “D Day” landings in order to push back the “Red Horde.”

To do this, NATO recruited groups steeped in esoteric religious beliefs, ostensibly “Freemasons,” but other groups as well including the Thule Society and the Jesuits.

During the 1980s, the White House became a center for occult worship, the Reagan’s followers of astrology and the Bush family tied to Dominionism, a heretical Judeo-Christian death cult that deeply infiltrated the military service academies and eventually took over America’s nuclear command structure.

It is the removal of these “Dominionists” that we hear about as “discipline failures” among every rank of America’s nuclear forces.

In and around Washington, the “party circuit” long known for “special guests only” debauchery, typically cocaine and prostitutes became something quite different. For those invited “upstairs,” it was no longer an orgy but something darker and endlessly stranger, closely resembling scenes from director Stanley Kubrick’s last film, Eyes Wide Shut.

The rumors, far more reliable than conspiracy theories, told of “prayer breakfasts” and “Christian Evangelical” functions featuring satanic rituals, institutionalized child abuse and even human sacrifice.

In 2013, word leaked out of an upcoming child sacrifice to be held in Denver, Colorado on the Summer Solstice, an event that was to include key Washington powerbrokers and America’s financial elite.

The story, when published, was seen as wild conjecture until, two days prior to the “event,” police stopped the kidnapping of a two year old in Oklahoma City, a few hours’ drive away. Prior to be killed in a shootout with police, the kidnapper admitted the child had been taken for a satanic sacrifice to be held on the Summer Solstice, as was reported two weeks before.

“According to an affidavit for a search warrant, Wallace (the suspected kidnapper) began speaking about the Illuminati, a satanic cult, while holding the girl and pointing at knife at her. Police say they quickly did some research and learned June 21 is a day of human sacrifice for the Illuminati.”

The “public gladio

In 1985, NATO military intelligence officers working on war plans for the middle east, part of the 26 plan set intended to cover every imaginable contingency, were approached about including Gladio into their tactical operations response scenarios.

Gladio had already been credited with terrorist acts including the 1978 kidnapping and murder of Aldo Moro, the then Prime Minister of Italy. Even then, the US Army had no difficulty in asking that an established terror organization be included as a “force multiplier” in military operations.

However, field commanders refused to share classified information with terrorists and the idea was scrapped. A year later, Gladio killed a number of American soldiers in a Berlin terror bombing. A year after that, they downed a TWA airliner over Scotland.

Since that time, they have been implicated in dozens of terror operations, many within the United States, a considerable level of activity for an organization of “ghosts.”

Gladio Ukraine

Recent reports from the Ukraine have again resurrected Gladio. Armed groups that have been tasked with escalating violence have been identified as part of the “P2” organization, the original group of Swiss and Italian Freemasons found responsible for the “Years of Lead” terror offensive in Italy.

In 1990, the European Parliament called for a comprehensive investigation of Gladio, citing it as a terrorist group run by intelligence agencies tasked with intimidating and interfering with European governments.

24 years later, they are alive and well, intimidating and interfering in the Ukraine while the 1990 investigation has yet to get off the ground.

Gordon Duff is a Marine combat veteran of the Vietnam War that has worked on veterans and POW issues for decades and consulted with governments challenged by security issues. He’s a senior editor and chairman of the board of Veterans Today, especially for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook.

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