24.02.2014 Author: Gordon Duff

American Intel Meltdown

47285fbdba01ba83dcdcbab1c3d5984bc5e52610ce5fc15a651343f1696e9c47You won’t read about it anywhere. We could say the problem, and that term is an understatement, was caused by many factors. This is not the truth. We know who caused it, we know why.

Insiders call it an “apocalypse.” It is the utter and absolute collapse of American intelligence capabilities.

If current American policy seems disjointed, inconsistent and unfocused, there is a reason. American government is and has been more than “blind.” The “big lie” message intended as a “cover and deception” exercise, a war on an imaginary “Islamo-facist superpower,” has now written itself into a fearsome reality none can or will stand against.

A dream world set up a conmen and gangsters is now perpetuated in, not only popular fiction and orchestrated news but parroted around the world by those fearful of failing to comply with prevailing conspiracies.

Worse still, those who should know better, high level intelligence, military and law enforcement officials are part of the problem. Those who had spoken out from day one, men like Pakistan’s former ISI Director General, Hamid Gul and so many others, under continual attack.

Others were pushed form

A recent highly classified report seen only by select members of congress has cited the entire American intelligence community, from squad level to the Pentagon to the agencies themselves, the 16 or so we know of and the several so dark just following their funding alone is a dizzying process, as totally worthless.

Equipment doesn’t work, predictive software is a joke, information flow is non-existent, in fact, no one that needs information ever has it, not real information, not the truth.

American intelligence, the tens of billions of dollars spent each year seems, as the secret study notes, to exist only to mislead, obfuscate and misinform.

“American intelligence” is, in fact, a form of infection, a cancer at every level of every organization, seemingly, as the report indicates, tasked with supporting a “narrative inconsistent with national interest and reality as we know it.”

The problem is with American intelligence, not just the CIA or NSA, not simply the failure to stop “9/11” or find those missing WMD’s. The failure is so broad it could be described as “epic.” Nothing works, no matter how advanced the technology, how many spies were hired, how many diplomats or scientists have been blackmailed or bribed.

A clear decision was made well before the questionable, I am being generous again, let’s admit it, “rigged” 2000 election. This was the actual approach:

“Since we know what we want anyway, an “event” to drive a suppression of dissent in the US prior to a global restructuring…”

The actors, Wolfowitz, Kristol, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Bush, may well only have been just that, “actors.” When playing out a tragedy with real blood, a certain “moral flexibility” is always desired.

How it began

groupThe problem begins with “privatization.” By 2005, most US intelligence functions from intelligence gathering to analysis had been outsourced. The companies getting the contracts were, for the most part, offshoots of the neocon political agenda. Each was formed by a key member of congress in collusion with financial backers who, in turn, looked to “less capable” former members of military or intelligence groups who were willing to “do anything for a buck.”

This is where Blackwater came from, an offshoot of Michigan GOP politics, a former gubernatorial candidate, Dick DeVos, a billionaire, major contributor to right wing causes. Erik Prince is Dick Devos’ son in law.

DeVos himself is one of the biggest “political fixers” in the US. We all know the history of Blackwater, a company that began from nothing and became, not only the biggest player in the “War on Terror” with billions in no-bid contracts but also a huge embarrassment to the United States.

Halliburton is worse, an oil supply company that fed our troops, furnished water, at times water taken directly out of the Euphrates River laded with effluent (human feces), carrying a myriad of diseases.

The majority of companies are small, subcontractors to Lockheed or General Dynamics and other defense conglomerates. The hammer is falling on them first.

For years they have simply fabricated intelligence or created broad mixes of total fiction with some fact, always pushing a political agenda that supported Bush foreign policy.

In turn, they also supported the creation and growth of the massive narcotics industry in Afghanistan, one that has flooded the US political system with unaccountable cash laundered through unlimited corporate “slush money” made allowable through a highly controversial 5/4 US Supreme Court decision in the “Citizens United” case.

The virtual “army” of intelligence fabricators, small firms tasked with creating and supporting a fictional narrative of America besieged by imaginary enemies, many of late proving to be of its own making, are now finding themselves accountable for their misdeeds.

However, it is they who are accountable and not the conglomerates and dozens of key members of congress who helped orchestrate the fraud that has, for over a decade, manipulated events beginning with 9/11 and continuing to this day in Syria, the Ukraine and elsewhere.

Mythology as truth

bigWe have no “baseline” to cite divergence, when popular mythology took a very special bent into the “Twilight Zone.” Using 9/11 is a convenience but, more truthfully, the first mentions of Al Qaeda, a post-Gladio construct and bin Laden as a “terrorist mastermind” are perhaps a good place to start.

What America has awakened to and is now trying to repair is more than simple organized crime taking control of a government or the action of a clandestine “ministry of propaganda” pushing a nation into an uncontrollable tailspin.

As of today, not just in the US but around the world, anyone who stands up to the fictional narrative written at PNAC (Project for a New American Century) those long years ago, reinforced through the Heritage Foundation, Rand Corporation, Potomac Institute, the American Enterprise Institute, the US Chamber of Commerce and others, faces being branded a terrorist or despot.

Any “truth teller” operating in any realm other than “alternative media” will end up in a fiery car crash, die of a mysterious “cancer” or, if a national leader, find himself subject to a “color revolution” or worse.

As for America and its intelligence output, its official history and the continuing decent into a geopolitical milieu based on “Imagineering” and psychobabble, there may well be no way to correct what has been imprinted into the collective “intelligence” of millions.

Please excuse my misuse of the term “intelligence.”

Picture yourself as an American. One day you awaken and find Senator John McCain not only meeting with Al Qaeda leaders but openly backing arming them, not just with guns but missiles capable of downing airliners anywhere in the world.

Nobody says anything; nothing can be so absurd that Americans can’t simple listen, ignore and move on with life.

What can’t be accomplished is the rebuilding of America’s national intelligence framework, not with what is available.

Even though American military and intelligence policy makers have openly accepted what others have long known, that living in an imaginary universe and expecting salient intelligence analysis is, just perhaps, an unreasonable expectation, America believe it can clean its own house and not end up with more of the same.

The term “purge” comes to mind. Even that would not be enough.

Gordon Duff is a Marine combat veteran of the Vietnam War that has worked on veterans and POW issues for decades and consulted with governments challenged by security issues. He’s a senior editor and chairman of the board of Veterans Today, especially for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook”.

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