22.02.2014 Author: Jim Dean

Western paramilitary forces provoke killings in Ukraine

464887063We’ll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false.” – William Casey, CIA Director (first staff meeting, 1981)

It has been a busy day sifting through the incoming news and a steady flow from sources about the Western backed groups that have taken over the protests and turned them violent. This gave the EU what it needed to safely trigger some initial sanctions on members of the government.

But why? Independent news sources all confirm that, when it appeared that a truce had been arranged and the protest momentum would be lost, the hard core rioters and their handlers decided to provoke a shooting confrontation to grab the headlines. Even the AP got it partially right.

“Fearing that a call for a truce was a ruse, protesters tossed firebombs and advanced upon police lines Thursday in Ukraine’s embattled capital.“ Only way down at the end of their report do they mention that the stalemate between the government and opposition has allowed the hard core rioters to gain control of the street.

But, “Aye, there’s the rub,” as said in Shakespeare’s Hamlet. Who really are these hardcore rioters and who is behind them? Western media has been peddling an internal civil war framing of the conflict…Western Ukraine against the Eastern. But that just shows they are involved in the aggression.

The West, NATO and particularly the US, have been building destabilization forces in the Ukraine for a long time. Certainly all of those highly paid Western reporters could not have missed this. They did not miss Gladio either, the Cold War trained ‘stay behind’ resistance and sabotage force created in case the Soviet Union did take over Europe. They were just too scared to report on it.

The Gladio handlers also went bad, when after many years of not being used, someone considered they were being wasted. Italy was the most ruthless as it had a strong communist presence could take over large city governments. When they looked about ready to win again, the Gladio people were deployed to do ‘random’ terror attacks like going into a supermarket and shooting a bunch of innocent people.

Leftist terror gangs were framed for these attacks, of course, and the public responded accordingly and the communist party would lose the election. Some very brave Italian prosecutors did investigate for years to charge those responsible, but they were not only blocked by their own Italian Intelligence structure but NATO’s and the US.

Why?…because once it was shown that doing a terrorist attack and framing the opposition was a slam dunk way to bash their public standing…well…it kind of caught on as a popular tool. We are seeing it at work in these Neo-Cold War moves the West is making. They are dusting off old destabilization Intel psyops from the first Cold War, putting some fresh lipstick on them and sending them out like models to prance down the runway. But of course they have diplomatic immunity from murder and mayhem, something we are going to have to fix someday, if they don’t fix us first.

The hard core of the current Ukrainian opposition is the leftovers from the West’s first attempt to install puppet governments in the former Soviet states. But you always need young toughs for rioting, and you need to pay them, too. So we have been working our sources to learn who they are…the lipstick.

Of course in the background you have your usual suspect hoodlums like the Foundation for the Defense of Democracies, considered a bad joke in the Intel community as they exist primarily to overthrow countries and install corrupt pro-American governments. They have done stuff where they have earned the Nuremberg treatment…a date with a hangman.

And then you have a hodgepodge of groups, the George Soros crowd, the endless NGO’s where most of them are Intelligence fronts, and on the official end, you have NATO trained paramilitary, and the US State Department where much of the funding comes from to keep the Pentagon and CIA’s hands clean.

Our sources tell us of heavily guarded air cargo coming in for the US Embassy on Lufthansa with very well armed security, that looked like SEALS but were probably State Department Security. They have a little army that they don’t discuss much. The security profile was similar to what we have seen when a lot of cash is being moved around, when pallets full of $100 bills were being flown into Iraq.

Victoria Nuland of the State Department was nice enough to tell us that the American taxpayers have had $5 billion diverted from those who badly need it here, to the overthrow of the Ukrainian government. How about that for some democracy? Big money like that is spread out over several government budgets and a lot of it laundered through the NGOs. I don’t know why anyone would let them in their country as most are Trojan horses.

But like what happened in Syrian, the hovels of North Africa were recruited for their criminal low lifes, and bored teenagers without a job and no marriage prospects. Military attacks on selected prisons provided the experienced fighter leadership needed to flood Syria with teams of cannon fodder killers, the kind where if they got killed, no one cared.

In Ukraine we have learned a different twist was being applied, a European one with a hodgepodge of nationalist groups, skin head and Neo-Nazis, including those just pretending…an old Intel trick. But we have seen the Slavic swastika flags which could be real, or they could be stage props.

No one wants to miss the big street riot party, so groups like Narodnii Otpor (CZ), and Combat-18 are all present in Kiev. They call themselves the Terror Machine, and having done their early training at football riots. But these are just the street troops cannon fodder. Gene Sharp’s Odpor hoodlums are on the scene, one of the many thug groups started by the Foundation for Defense of Democracies in the late 90’s to depose Slobodan Milosevic .

Behind the street toughs and Odpor gangsters you have your serious paramilitary people working directly under Intelligence agencies…the CIA of course, and Germany’s BND is involved with both feet plus NATO and various military special branches providing training. All of these ‘trained’ people are on the payroll, with guaranteed visas and resettlement promised if things go bad for them.

These folks would be the snipers stationed to shoot the Ukrainian police just at the right time when the crowd is advancing on them like what happened today. They already know about what the triggers are that allow the riot police to shoot to defend themselves, so they just stage that situation to make it happen.

The AP story mentioned police snipers but they would only typically be used against fire bombers. I have watched a good bit of video tonight of Kiev police getting torched. It’s a very good way to make the police want to kill rioters.

The payroll protestors have stayed in the streets because they have been told that if they can make the government overreact and kill enough of the cannon fodder ones, that the West can then bring the government down with sanctions, one step at a time. Even the Western Ukrainians are being used as cannon fodder but are too stupid to see it. They usually don’t want to.

And lastly, I have been surprised that none of the media have mentioned a word of this Western attack on the Ukraine as payback on Putin for having outfoxed them on a major military intervention in Syria. The Western backed insurgents are collapsing as I type, with the CIA scrambling to replace them with new cannon fodder from the refugee camps.

And while the US feigns a concern for having to deal with the Jihadi extremists eventually, we have not seen any visible move to choke off their supplies from the Gulf States. So that concern is as phony as a three dollar bill.

I fear that things will get worse before they get better. Hoodlums who have spent $5 billion for something, usually don’t want to walk away the loser. And as we have seen, killing people is not a moral problem for them.

The world needs to find a way to defend itself from these regime change gangsters. They are a threat to all of us. The judicial institutions we have, they have failed us. We are going to have to create something new. So let’s roll up our sleeves and get on with what needs to be done. We need to change THEIR regime. 

Jim W. Dean, managing editor for VeteranToday.com, producer/host of Heritage TV Atlanta, specially for “New Eastern Outlook”.