08.02.2014 Author: Viktor Mikhin

USA-Syria -Washington’s new threats

978The events in the Middle East and particularly in Syria are forcing the international community to turn their heads in the direction of the two U.S. leading cities: New York and Washington.

New York is mainly associated with the UN activities that are aimed at a wide spectrum of international issues, and the foremost of them all is the resolution of armed conflicts.

Washington DC – the capital of the United States, a beautiful city that is remarkable for the concentration of U.S. federal agencies and numerous diplomatic missions. For this reason Washington is the kitchen of big politics, the local “recipes” are later distributed to different regions of the word by the White House.

Unfortunately, that last decade has been marked by a new trend – today Washington is universally associated by the members of the international community with constant military aggression. Americans just won’t stop. If all seem to be quiet in the world , they strive to throw in some ideas, which can lead to new military conflicts, that should put an end to the “new challenges” that are allegedly threatening the world ( let alone the United States!).

The other day, the head of the “war hawks central”, more commonly known as James Clapper the Director of National Intelligence, has suddenly realized that Iran has acquired all the technology necessary for building a nuclear bomb, as well as for the construction of missile carriers for nuclear warheads, navigation and control modules for these carriers so they would be able to destroy any target of their choice pretty soon. The head of intelligence has said that Iran could become a nuclear power any minute now, since all they have to do for becoming one is to make a political decision .

But the charts of the most fascinating statements made the Director of National Intelligence is occupied by another statement, for this time a written one, according to France-Presse, this paper was presented to the Senate Intelligence Committee: “We judge that some elements of Syria’s biological warfare program might have advanced beyond the research and development stage and might be capable of limited agent production, based on the duration of its longstanding program, such conclusions are based on the duration and intensity of the program to create biological weapons in Syria “

Now that’s an unexpected statement. The question is does Damascus actually have any biological weapons or is it just another speculations of the U.S. intelligence services, that are trying to cover their unfitness? The United States can boast of having 18 intelligence communities, that have colossal numbers of employed specials along with truly astronomical budgets. Now they mean to say the U.S. taxpayers that all these people put together fail to answer on one simple question – “is there any traces of biological weapons in Syria”? Any sane person will tell you that the regime of Bashar al-Assad, that is now fighting for its very existence, won’t be conducting any work on biological weapons any time soon. Especially when every intch of Syrian soil is being observed and filmed hourly by Americans and Israelis.

Another interesting fact is that these two “threats” were announced at the same time. That’s how experienced crooked gamblers are supposed to work: they don’t hide just one card, they will hide a number of them. James Clapper sensibly assumed that if they don’t buy the Iranian threat , then they will certainly buy the so-called Syrian biological threat. It does sound scary and nobody will be able to deny or confirm this information all the same.

Well, this could sound credible if it hadn’t been announced by the Washington officials. World has seen a number of U.S. high-profile authorities lying in its face time and time again. One can’t help but remember the the story with the former U.S. Secretary of State Colin Powell. In 2002 he presented the UN council with a statement that Iraq was developing weapons of mass destruction and that it had been working pretty actively with Osama bin Laden. Colin Powell laid a special emphasis on the probable existence of Saddam Hussein’s biological weapons (now we are about to witness “Part 2” with Syria), while shaking a tube containing unknown white powder, which he claimed to be anthrax. Later it turned out that the famous “intelligence dossier” on Iraq, which he referred to, was a graduation work that had been stolen from some poor American student.

So how can you possibly trust statements made by the high-profile officials of the United States? Many Americans argue that all these statements are intended primarily for “local use”. As for the Department of State it stateted that it has no independent confirmation of the information on the possible Syria biological threat. This was announced by the spokesperson of Department of State Jen Psaki herself. “I saw these messages yesterday. I don’t have new, independent verifications of these reports , “- said Jen Psaki.

Of course, the statements voiced by the representative Department of State sound more credible, since they are intended primarily for the “rest of the world”, therefore lying won’t much effect. Well, it seems that the the key goals of intelligence services in the U.S. today is the intimidation of average Americans and the requests for even more money being allocated to them.

However, Washington keeps on threatening Damascus. This time around the U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry (apparently, he wants to be compared to Powell), has been promising Syria’s President Bashar Assad military invasion , “I would remind Bashar al-Assad that the agreement that we reached in New York with the Security Council makes it clear that if there are issues of non-compliance, they will be referred to the Security Council for Chapter 7 compliance purposes,” (Chapter 7 of the UN Charter allows the use of force in cases of non-compliance with the earlier adopted resolutions) .

Earlier, U.S. officials have been voicing concerns over Syria’s falling behind the schedule with the transfer of chemical weapons under international control. This was announced during a visit to Warsaw, of the U.S. Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel. The latter noted that he had asked his Russian partners to affect Syrian authorities so that they would fulfill the conditions of the UN resolution.

The second pile of highly toxic chemicals substances was shipped out of Syria on January 28. The WMD were carried by Danish and Norwegian ships while being escorted by warships from a number of countries, Russia included. The first pile was shipped from Syria on January 7. According to the original plan, all Syrian chemical weapons were planned to leave Syrian shores on December 31, 2013. Unfortunately those deadlines weren’t met due to the unstable situation in Syria. According to the new plan , the most hazardous chemicals substances, including 20 tons of toxic mustard gas must be shipped out of the country until March 31, and by the end of June all Syrian chemical substances are to be be completely destroyed. So far only 5% of the substances left Syria which accounts for 30 tons.

The convoys that are carrying chemical weapons out of Syria have been repeatedly attacked by the opposition groups. Lately a Russian Foreign Ministry representative told the members of press that Syrian opposition had assaulted a convoy carrying chemical weapons to the Port of Latakia. The attack was repulsed .

“This case is extremely important for getting a better understanding of the unprecedented hardship Damascus faces in an attempt to get rid of chemical weapons ,” – said the director of the Russian Foreign Ministry Department for Security and Disarmament Mikhail Ulyanov . He also said that the international staff of the UN and the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons , as well as local professionals involved in the operation to destroy, are receiving threats on the daily basis, two Syrian expert have already been killed . “As for the international staff of the UN and the OPCW , located at the Syrian terriorry, they receive threats from militants regularly. Not so long ago, two Syrian specialists were ambushed and killed. There is every reason to believe that this crime is a part of a larger plan to disrupt the process of shippings WMD away from Syria . “

Washington has a good standing with the leaders of the Syrian opposition, so they could have put pressure on the militants that has been attacking the convoy with chemical weapons. But Americans remain silent, instead they have resumed deliveries of military equipment to certain opposition groups, reported Associated Press, citing a source in the U.S. government. The better part of it in particular, the communications equipment . It emphasized that at present the aid is delivered only to the unarmed groups. According to the agency, in the near future the U.S. may resume the delivery of equipment to all the other groups . The wording is fascinating- ” unarmed groups” are nowhere to be find it Syria. the whole Syria has now turned into a military camp , where even 10 -year-olds have guns

To summarize all that is heard from Washington , it is clear that the U.S. sees no way out of the extremely complicated Syrian at the negotiating table . The one and only goal that the U.S. authorities are trying to achieve is to overthrow the legitimate regime of Bashar al-Assad and replace it with an obedient “puppet government”, and as for the Syrian people – they couldn’t care less about them. They want to leave behind a devastated country, a land plunged into chaos, as they have already done in Afghanistan, Iraq , Libya.

Mihin Victor , a member of RANS , especially for the online magazine ” New Eastern Outlook .”