07.02.2014 Author: Vladimir Odintsov

U.S. and Israel are Planning the Occupation of Southern Syria

НВО 12The international community has received yet again a perfect example of the hypocritical practices employed by the White House in its policies, today they say to you that they are desperately searching for a solution to the Syrian armed conflict and tomorrow – devise a new military plan against Syria.

As it was reported by the Jordanian news agency JBC, the United States and Israel have drafted a joint plan of occupation of the southern Syria to establish a “security belt” for Israel.

The implementation of this plan won’t be possible without the engagement of the so-called “moderate opposition”, that has been fueled by Washington’s financial injections for a while now. According to the master plan of the White House and Tel Aviv’s «masterminds» the armed forces of this “moderate opposition” are to occupy the two southern provinces of Syria. To ensure the combat readiness of the militants in question the U.S. will provide them with additional military equipment, anti-tank missiles included.

The militants will also be provided with all the latest intel obtained by the U.S. and Israeli secret services.

On Tuesday, a U.S. plane, carrying tons of military ammunition destined for the armed Syrian opposition successfully landed in the Jordanian airport Mafraq, 80 kilometers away from Amman.

It is noteworthy that Washington has been actively applying in its political rhetoric this freshly reinvented term – “moderate opposition” to indicate members of the Syrian armed opposition. This term has been already been in use before, only the last time American officials resorted to it, they applied it to the Taliban fighters to grant them a coating of “legitimacy” in the eyes of the international community. They needed an excuse  for Taliban’s participation in the hostile actions against the Soviet troops in Afghanistan. The consequences of this “coating” are well-known and can hardly be justified, especially today when the White House unsuccessfully tries to solve the problem of the future of Afghanistan.

The disapproval rates towards all kinds of support provided by the U.S. government to the Syrian armed opposition are growing all across the globe, and the United States is not an exception. When everybody tries to find a reasonable solution to the ongoing bloody armed conflict that has been plaguing Syria since 2011, such actions can hardly be tolerated. The criticism towards Qatar, Saudi Arabia , Turkey, France and the United States has been growing exponentially over the last months, since these countries are literally fueling an armed conflict that has already taken more than 130,000 lives and forced millions of Syrians to seek asylum in neighboring countries, notably in Jordan , Iraq, Lebanon and Turkey. And under these circumstances the U.S. Congress, as it became known from confidential sources, has secretly approved new shipments of weapons to Syrian that are to be carried out by to the end of this fiscal year.

The piles of ammunition crates that are being shipped by the “sponsors” of the Syrian rebels have been discussed by different news agencies for months. Some may be interested by an interview given by Georges Malbrunot of a reporter for the  French newspaper Le Figaro, where he said that CIA agents are heading weapons convoys to Syrian rebels together with the Jordanian secret services. Moreover, he explicitly stated that: “The Americans hold the key to these arms deliveries. Without them, they couldn’t happen. CIA agents lead convoys of arms deliveries joined by the Free Syrian Army and Jordanian secret services. The Saudis work behind the scene in charge of financing and arranging arms deliveries from eastern Europe to Jordan,” 

Only in the year 2013 alone, due to the hard work of the CIA, with a “helping hand” provided by Saudi Arabia and Jordan, Syrian rebels acquired 600 tons of weapons, which is more than sufficient for a regional war, say nothing about a local conflict. As it became known from the reports of Georges Malbrunot, the weapons shipments to Syrian are carried out with the constant support of U.S. drones controlled from the CIA command in Jordan.

Vladimir Odintsov is a political commentator, exclusively for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook”.

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