03.02.2014 Author: Gordon Duff

USA: A Fleeing Paradise


John Martin’s “Paradise Lost”

Increasingly, Americans want to leave the country, imagining there is a magical place out there with real people in it. This may come to a surprise to some, but social discourse in America is dead. Americans do not talk to each other, not neighbors, not co-workers and, most of all, not friends. Americans cannot afford “friends.”

It used to be only in the most backward areas of the south, long steeped in a culture that prided itself in ignorance and violence, in bigotry and religious extremism. Now it is everywhere.

Nobody outside the United States has a remote idea about American politics. The meltdown in Washington over Iran and Syria, over the Israeli lobbying group, AIPAC, demonstrating the ability to cripple America’s government even when their positions run directly against the politics of Jewish Americans, generally progressive mainstream liberals.

The truth is, educated Americans are either brutalized into silence, flee the country or flock to one of the few remaining centers of rational thought, Ann Arbor, Michigan for one or America’s “left coast,” cities like San Francisco or Portland, Oregon.

Otherwise, attempting to talk to an American will make you think you are back in the Dark Ages, when serfdom was the norm and the Church sold indulgences.


America has a two party political system. The media, increasingly, loves to talk about how both are the same, corrupt, hated, and inept. We can get back to the media, clearly controlled, tasked with destroying faith in institutions, crushing real debate, breeding a feeling of powerlessness and hopelessness.

They have done a good job. Most Americans think both parties are the same. This is hardly the truth.

Any rational examination of the Republican Party shows them to be unsound, largely monolithic and utterly corrupt. The only moderating factor for Republicans was their general unwillingness to completely destroy the United States. Purportedly conservative, their policies have always been feudal, totalitarian, racist and utterly corrupt.

For decades, they worked to deny rights for women and minorities, deny the dangers of smoking, allow adulterated food and medicines into the market, protect polluters and abusive employers and deny the rule of law to any but the powerful. To them water and air cannot be poisoned enough. If only I were making this up, if only it were not something openly admitted, even bragged about.

Then the “Tea Party” came in, lacking the moderation and discipline of their criminal compatriots, these “firebrand” reformers quickly crawled up to the trough, espousing nuclear attacks on Iran, defunding schools, veterans benefits and eventually crashing the government through obstruction.

Were one to actually speak to one of these individuals, one would find them to be rabidly insane, nothing less.

Where the outside world fails is in its ability to accept that people of this kind could actually gain control of a nation. Americans have always been bombarded with propaganda, taught from birth to fear or hate pretty much everyone from Native Americans to Venezuelans.

On the other side is the Democratic Party, a loose confederation of the rational and feeling combined with the historically corrupt political “machines” of America’s cities.

Underlying it all is organized crime, increasingly recognized as its own “loose confederation” no longer limited to drugs and prostitution. Today’s organized crime is led by America’s financial institutions, insurance companies, banks, brokerage houses, hedge funds and corporate giants. Do they run both parties? A real answer is no.

Why would Americans so often either vote for or even allow a political organization dedicated to their impoverishment and destruction to prevail?

That is the real question, one that puzzles so many Americans. Then again, those Americans are continually told both parties are equally bad and failing to accept that message, accept it and sit quietly while those around you profess insane and inhuman beliefs is what is required to continue living in America.

America is an insane asylum run by those who should be in the “dangerous” lock-down ward.

Where the world has failed is in recognizing that a nation can actually go insane, become rabidly dangerous, especially when that nation, bankrupt though it may be, directly controls the majority of military assets on the planet.


Those outside the United States read of American military commanders being relieved of duty. Every month or so, a story is released about how a commander of this or that nuclear weapons unit was caught having sex with the wife of an underling or was “otherwise” unsound. Last week, Secretary of Defense Hagel announced that America’s entire nuclear command was being investigated.

What he is not mentioning is mutiny, Satanic rituals, missing nuclear weapons and threats of a military coup. Back during the 1960s, such things were the subject of films, Dr. Strangelove, Seven Days in May and more. Today they are very much a reality.

You see, few outside the US would believe that dozens of high ranking officers, thousands within the officer corps, would be recruited by bizarre apocalypse cults dedicated to biblical apocalypse prophesy or Satanic worship.

You see, this is where America has gone, from those long denied roots in America’s south, religions steeped in snake handling, mysticism and coercion, no longer a part of just the south.


I live outside a decaying industrial city known for liberal politics and a century of underlying corruption. Those who know it well call it “Unholy Toledo.”

Since the late 1970s, the landscape of this region and much of America has become dotted with what we call “megachurches.” One nearby has tens of thousands of worshippers and owns shopping centers and hotels, buying up distressed property while taking advantage of the tax exempt status religions enjoy in America.

The “pastor,” a seemingly comic figure, drives an expensive luxury car, lives the life of an oligarch and, from time to time, is seen in local parks with his pants around his ankles, displaying his manhood to passersby.

Nothing in the message of these churches remotely resembles what the world knows to be Christianity. How could American Christians favor torture?

Go to an American church and look around. The “crusader wars” and drone killings are easy to understand, as is America’s ability to overlook the role it has taken on in supplying the world with cheap heroin from Afghanistan.

I have to relate another religions story about “Unholy Toledo.” This one, as American humorist Jim W. Dean so often says, “You just can’t make things like this up.”

A regular news story here involves attempts by members of our Catholic community to free Fr. Gerald Robinson from prison. He is serving life for the murder of a nun back in 1982.

Attempts were made to arrest him then but city and church officials blocked it until 2006 when police finally brought him to trial. It was called a “ritual murder.”

Much was made public during the investigation though reporting during the trial omitted what was learned. Robinson was part of a warlock coven of seven priests that subjected local children to ritual Satanic abuse for years. Dozens came forward telling of being locked in coffins with snakes squirming over them.

They also told of how they were not believed, not even by their own parents but this is an old story now, as only recently 50,000 priests have been defrocked for crimes that may well be similar or worse. We will never be told the truth.

Robinson’s murder of the nun, Sister Margaret Ann Pohl, was done as part of a Black Mass, Robinson garbed in red robes, the chapel he used adorned with an inverted cross and black candles. The sister was stabbed 13 times in the pattern of an inverted cross and her habit pulled over her head exposing her pubic area.

She was 80 years old.

Last June, Veterans Today reported that a group of powerful bankers planned to sacrifice a child on the summer solstice in Denver, Colorado.

Some reeled in shock and outrage that we would name the place and time and even key individuals involved.

After all, such things do not happen.

Then again, from an article by Glenn Canady at BeforeItsNews:

“Thursday June 6, 2013 I first reported on my Original Article here on Veterans Today titled “Amber Alert: Illuminati Council of 13 Human Sacrifice Denver Colorado” Warning kidnapping of new born infant between June 17-20, 2013, Bush Satanic Rituals and Human Sacrifices.

On Monday June 17, 2013 Sammie Lamont Wallace, 37, walked into the Walmart  in Midwest City, Oklahoma and snatched a 2-year-old girl from her mother’s shopping cart and took her hostage. Religious writings found later in Wallace’s apartment referenced Illuminati Satanic Occult June 21. Midwest City Police say the group Illuminati is a Satanic Occult and June 21 is the Occults day for Human Sacrifices. While negotiating with Wallace Police say Wallace was taking the 2 year old for the Illuminati Sacrifice Police shot and killed Wallace.

Suspect Mentioned Satanic Cult While Holding Toddler Hostage At MWC Walmart:”


Whatever the economic problems America has and ignoring the millions of Americans, really over 100 million Americans who live in relative poverty, perhaps not by the standards of a refugee camp in Lebanon or a slum in Bangladesh, but poverty just the same, still, it is the dream of so many to leave.

When Americans get together on holidays, people that were once friends, family or neighbors, it is not just “religion” and “politics” that cannot be discussed. In reality, Americans talk about little else, assuming those around them think like they do. It is almost funny hearing Americans complain about government spying. A decade ago, Americans demanded the government take all rights. Any American can be arrested any time, held forever, assets seized, with no legal redress. This has been the case since 2005.

Spying is nothing in comparison. American police in every community are now an occupying force, militarily armed; all with armored vehicles, many with tanks and drones, all trained to shoot first, shoot often and lie about the reasons.

Intrinsically, ever American institution is corrupt, bribery and fraud, law enforcement, judicial up to the Supreme Court, every county commission, every city council, every state legislature and, of course, Washington itself, all with bar codes and price tags, for sale to the highest bidder with few exceptions.

There are exceptions. Who are they?

Look at whom the press attacks.

What is my message? If you believe Americans are sane and rational, you have not met many. If you believe America is a nation of reason, a nation of laws, you have not been paying attention.

Yet, for every word President Obama says, often eloquent, reflecting reason and morality, each word draws a backlash at home of virulent hatred. If none of it makes sense, then you are beginning to understand.

There is a darkness growing in America, one we who live here feel, oppressive, overwhelming and unclean.

It is very real.

Gordon Duff is a Marine combat veteran of the Vietnam War that has worked on veterans and POW issues for decades and consulted with governments challenged by security issues. He’s a senior editor and chairman of the board of Veterans Today, especially for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook”.