10.12.2013 Author: Jim Dean

Iran deploys two bombs against the West

iran_0028Iran continues development and deployment of two major bombs against the West in what could be the knock out blow against all of its tormentors and enemies.

The first is its economic bomb, the result of three key ingredients…a highly educated and industrious people, huge natural resources, and the stupidity of Western sanctions. They forced Iran to launch a WWII Manhattan bomb style industrialization program to domestically replace items formally imported and providing jobs in the West.

Bye, bye jobs. Hello independent Iran.

Western government leaders were actually paid money to invent this shoot ourselves in both feet foreign policy and then have the gall to claim they were doing it to protect us. They lied. American policy makers forgot to read our own history. During the War of 1812 with the British when imports were blocked off, our young country also experienced a surge in industrialization and domestic production which resulted in lost export markets for the Brits after the war over.

Like we did back then, Iran accomplishment their difficult but successful beating of the sanctions with reduced foreign revenues, blocked funds and a currency which had lost much of its value. The US and Europe are historically stained as playing the big bad bullies in all this. Iran will come out of it stronger and we will be weaker.

Everyone will learn from this Iran model how to resist the Western bullies and their economic warfare.

If someone had tried this against America we would have done the same thing. The grass root American people share a bond with the Iranian people for resisting tyranny, but I fear they are doing a better job at it now than we are. The US-Israel purpose with the phony Iranian bomb threat had always been to bottle up Iran’s economy, especially it’s energy resource development which has artificially kept prices much higher by holding significant new supplies off the market. 

Corporate boardroom offices were in collusion with government actors who decided that the world public would be pillaged in a grand larceny through rigged energy markets. While promoting itself as the defender of freedom and fountain of democracy America has conducted economic warfare against those who dared to be free from the economic dominance.

This Western economic war could not be promoted on its face so they had to frame not only Russia and China, whose militaries are completely in defensive modes, but also Iran because if left unmolested it would emerge as the largest regional economic power. Only an imperial power, including a failing one, would see some threat in a growing economy on the other side of the world when it should be looked upon as potential buyer of its exports.

But now the wheel has turned. The steady stream of foreign ministers and trade officials has been heading to Tehran, not to the Gulf States or to Israel. Saudi Arabia is trying to shed a few million immigrants while Israel desperately seeks to maintain it’s ‘nation under siege’ mantra to keep its war economy going and pick the pockets of anyone in sight to keep their failed socialist state afloat.

Russians have been leaving Israel for some time. The Israeli press has been hyping a European wave of anti-semitism to try to replace those leaving with new cannon fodder, a tactic they have used over and over. After the 1948 war Israeli Intel bombed North African synagogues to scare Jews who had not want to leave their homes for hundreds of years. The bombings worked, but left a silver bullet example of how ruthless the militant Zionists were, blowing up their own people to get new immigrants. The Orthodox Neturie Karta Jews sourced me this nasty item with witnesses.

European countries, ravaged by their failing European Union and the assault of the banksters have failed in turning their declining economies around. Like old drunken boxers they seek diversion fights with smaller countries like France and Britain have in Africa and Syria. But they are finally waking up to realize they need all the export trade they can possibly get. Now they see the long term export market that Iran represents as it is one of the few countries not buried under a mountain of debt.

The US announced with great fanfare its big ‘Pivot’ toward Asia where we have zero military threats. This is so obvious they dropped the long used term for forward military deployment…for “national security interests”, to simply “our interests”. It was an open admission of American gunboat diplomacy. We are going backwards in that regard, chasing what…the good old days of keeping the rest of the world ‘in their places’? It is a brain dead foreign policy where whatever goodwill we have, that cannot be purchased, is being flushed down the drain. 


The pivot itself is somewhat of a magic show as they are shifting 10% of our Navy from the Atlantic Ocean where there are no threats, to the Pacific where there are no threats. They think the American people are so stupid that they will buy this card trick as something that will make our future safer. We don’t buy it because they don’t even have the courage to define what “our interests” are other than in vague terms they can interpret later on however they wish. We know that game, as we have all been there before.

This brings us now to Iran’s second bomb, the diplomatic one with its multiple warheads. Their bionic Foreign Minster, Mr. Zarif, hardly had a chance to catch one good night’s sleep after Geneva II before the lines began forming of all those wanting ‘better relations’ with Iran. This of course meant development contracts, or Iran buying their export goods to provide desperately needed jobs back home. 

Iran’s President Rouhani then picked up the mantle of making the Mid East, especially Israel, and the rest of the world WMD free. The UN just passed a unanimous resolution today calling for the elimination of all nuclear weapons. Rouhani’s ‘breakthrough’ was of course met with total silence in the West which claims to have been so concerned about nuclear proliferation.

When Zarif had cleared the line of trade solicitors in Tehran he then hit the road for his tour of the Gulf States including stops were Iran has had some diplomatic difficulties. The ‘charm offensive’ now includes “let bygones be bygones” and turn over new leaf.

Qatar’s Emir Al Thani surprised us all with his statement that Qatar, “Wants a powerful Iran in the region”. I would have lost a $20 bet on that prediction! Similar responses were received in Kuwait and Oman. And despite the festering battle over some of the Straits of Hormuz islands the UAE’s foreign minister stated, “We are the Islamic Republic of Iran’s neighbor, but we do not want to stay at that level, and are seeking to be the country’s partner.”

Yes, folks…I would have lost a $50 bet on that one, too. You can just imagine how all of this is being taken in Tel Aviv and Washington Congress woman Barbara Bauchman borrowed John McCain’s ‘bomb bomb Iran’ silliness. And Congressman Duncan Hunter, a silver spoon Congressman’s son and Marine during the Iraq war seconded that emotion, but with a twist. He had been a nuclear artillery officer in Fallujah where we know from testing that tactical nuclear weapons were used. 

So while Iran acts like the grownup 4000 year old culture that it is, the war wing of American acts like a bunch of testosterone laced braggart teenagers who have been out drinking.

We are hearing the term ‘crisis of leadership’ more and more now, and not jokingly so. Iran preaches disarmament and development, and the West still rattles it’s sabers and sends out its gunboats to help gain some trade concessions. Iran is following in China’s mode. While it did pursue a aggressive trade programs to secure multiple sources for key raw materials that it needed, surprise, surprise…there were no gunboats needed to help close the deal.

We see no Chinese submarine base concessions, no air bases, no intercept missile platforms…and no Chinese troops to help hold down the local protestors. What we do see going on is a lot of barter deals which cut out the Western banksters and you know they don’t like that. Bartering was a key component to Iran weathering its sanctions while conducting massive development projects.

The East is now playing defense against Western sanctions imperialism. The lasting legacy of Iran’s defense of their countries honor will be the example they set to show others how to keep the fangs of the vipers out of their necks.

The decline of Western leadership will be looked back upon as having been its idiotic attempt to recreate a colonial, imperialist Old World Order via their phony New Cold War. Their cover is blown. Thank you Iran for helping to open some eyes.

Jim W. Dean, managing editor for VeteranToday.com, producer/host of Heritage TV Atlanta, specially for “New Eastern Outlook”.