01.10.2013 Author: Vladimir Odintsov

Obama and the Syrian Mystery Bouffe

flagIn its struggle against “Syria’s chemical weapons”, the White House, with its false rhetoric about “guaranteeing security and human rights in Syria,” is actively trying to disguise its direct involvement in the bloodshed that the country has been experiencing for more than a year, and how it incited and sponsored fighters, many of whom have close ties to terrorist groups. According to experts from Jane’s, a leading British publisher, the so-called Syrian opposition currently has almost 100,000 members united in 1,000 groups. A significant number of these “opposition fighters”, who receive weapons from Washington and money from the Wahhabi monarchies of the Persian Gulf, are jihadists and mercenaries from abroad and active in terrorist organizations, including Al-Qaeda, Jabhat Nusra, and the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant.

These fighters are already well known for their devastating acts of terror, regular kidnappings, committing public outrages against civilians, and decapitating citizens that are loyal to Damascus. It is impossible to forget the terrifyingly cynical act of the “commander” of the Syrian rebels, the cannibal Abu Sakkar, who in May of this year in front of BBC correspondents Paul Wood and Fred Scott defiantly cut the heart out of a government army soldier and defiantly ate it.

The serious violations of human rights by the armed opposition have been stated repeatedly by various politicians, journalists, and even Human Rights Watch in an open letter from March 2012. But perhaps all of this remains unknown to representatives of the U.S. Republican Party, who stubbornly continue through Obama to sponsor the Syrian rebels, and to send CIA instructors to train them to commit new crimes in Syria.

But can we doubt the insincerity of the U.S. Republican Party, who unleashed the war in Iraq in 2003 with lies and the hands of the 43rd president George W. Bush, and who once again with lies is trying to drag the world into a new war in the Middle East based on “evidence” fabricated by the henchmen of Langley about the involvement of the Damascus government in the chemical attack near the Syrian capital?

Investing more and more millions of tax dollars of his own citizens into the country’s military action in Syria, the U.S. president from the Democratic Party, brought up as the younger Bush was on cowboy movies, thinks that war is a Mystery Bouffe that must have conveniences, fun, scandals and other scenes that would attract the public. That’s why he isn’t saying a word about the atrocities committed by the Syrian rebels or their violations of basic human rights, but only protects them and keeps providing them with new stocks of weapons. Well, he is, after all, a Nobel Peace Prize winner! And what kind of peace can we have without starting a war!

The Wahhabi monarchies of the Persian Gulf are stepping over themselves in their desire to please the White House and make a farce out of the Syrian war. If money is needed, they give it, if more sophisticated weapons are requested, they buy them, if provocation is necessary, they organize it, pay for it, and find players, even from British private security firms such as Britam Defense. The zeal of the monarchies has no boundaries.

According to reports of the Arab television channel Al Arabiya, in some countries, the imams and Salafi preachers launched an entire propaganda campaign to convince young Muslim women to go to Syria and Egypt to provide sexual services to the rebels and supporters of the Muslim Brotherhood, calling it “Jihad al-Nikah” (which in Arabic means “sex in the name of jihad”). Given the severity with which Muslims regard prostitution, an influential Saudi Sunni Imam Muhammad al-Arifi even issued a special fatwa at the end of 2012 that was meant to ease the sexual frustrations of jihadists in Syria. He called on lonely Syrian women and girls to perform their “obligation of jihad for the soldiers of Islam,” for which he promised them a place in paradise, thereby legalizing the raping of victims in the armed conflict.

A number of countries have already had to deal with the results of this “campaign” . On September 19 the Western press published the statement of the Minister of Internal Affairs of Tunisia, Lotfi Ben Jeddah, in which he acknowledged in a session of the national parliament that a significant number of young Tunisian women have participated in this Jihad al-Nikah and about a hundred of them returned home pregnant.

Apart from morally corrupting a nation, this will also create a kind of “community” of children with jihadist fathers in Muslim society who will certainly not only join future terrorist groups when they grow up, but many of them will be able to occupy leadership positions due to their origins.

If Mr. Obama does not know everything that is taking place in the Syrian opposition (probably because he is quite busy constantly amending “the international world order” and being convinced by his inner circle that al-Assad alone is guilty), how nice it would be if at least one objectively-minded politician could be found in his circle — a Democrat or, much less likely, a Republican — who could bring this issue to his attention and find out where he stands.

Vladimir Odintsov is a political commentator exclusively for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook.”

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