19.09.2013 Author: Alexander Orlov

Re-evaluating the Geneva Agreement

https://rus.ruvr.ru/2013_04_26/Gensek-OON-vnov-prizval-Siriju-dopustit-inspektorov-po-himoruzhiju/Only 3 days has passed since the Lavrov-Kerry talks but Moscow has already begun re-evaluating the Geneva Agreement on Syrian chemical disarmament and the ability of the UN inspectors to draw unbiased conclusions concerning their trips to Syria.

After his meeting with Syrian Foreign Minister Walid Muallem in Damascus, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov did not hide his disappointment both with the UN chemical weapons inspectors’ report and with the reaction it elicited from the UN General Secretary Ban Ki-moon. Ryabkov stated, “We are, to say the least, disappointed with the approach that was chosen by the UN Secretariat and inspectors who were present in Syria. They prepared their report selectively and partially, without accounting for the circumstances which we pointed out to them numerous times, and without collecting evidence regarding three other cases, which they were strongly urged to do from the Syrian side, and which we urged them to do as well.” Ryabkov added, “Without seeing the whole picture of what is happening here, one cannot call the conclusions reached by the UN experts headed by Ake Sellstrom as anything other than politicized, biased and one-sided.” (see also on the RIA News )

The only thing left to do now is to insist that the UN and OPCW mechanisms conduct an investigation on the facts surrounding the private British company BRITAM DEFENSE trying to set-up a conspiracy by using their Ukrainian employees to bring over missiles with sarin from Libya which were illegally purchased with Qatari money and made back in the soviet era. They were then supposed to not only “use” the missiles against Syrian civilians but afterwards also appear on camera posing as officers of Russian intelligent services, who supposedly got caught by the Free Syrian Army. That’s how the west does things, now they’re even trying to blame Moscow for using chemical weapons against the insurgents together with Damascus! This was the unambiguous statement made yesterday by a British representative in view of the conclusions drawn by the UN inspection for the UN General Secretary and the Security Council. In reality, however, Russia is not the one behind the soviet M-14 missiles and sarin, it was the British company’s doing, who was following orders from Washington, and even working with the agent provocateurs from Qatar and KSA using Wahhabi money! (see also)

Incidentally, another case needs to be thoroughly investigated, also having to do with Britain. This was the incident when, under pressures from London, “Al-Qaeda” insurgents were freed in May of this year from an Ankara prison. They were arrested by Turkish special services as they attempted to cross into Syria carrying special containers with sarin. Why was this case closed without an investigation then? After all, the sarin was of a high technological quality, as the UN inspectors wrote in their report, and could have been made in the west, in particular, Britain.

All of this painstakingly resembles the whole story with the VX gas in Iraq, when the USA, with the help of a UN special disarmament commission, smuggled the gas into the country in order to “prove” its presence in Baghdad. However, in July of 1999, inspectors from the OPCW, who included experts from Russia, China, South Africa, Poland and Germany, opened the UN special commission’s chemical laboratory within the Kanal Hotel in Baghdad and found 4 ampoules of American-made VX in the refrigerator. One of the ampoules was opened since it was applied by inspectors of an Anglo-Saxon persuasion to the remnants of special Scud missile warheads, which were dragged up from their burial site to be inspected at the Huntsville (USA) laboratory. Of course, the test results came back positive for VX, however, the analyses conducted by the labs in France and Switzerland came back negative. That was only natural, because the remnants of the missiles’ special warheads going to these two countries were delivered directly from the burial site to the airport, without going through the “intermediary” chemical laboratory of the UN special commission. Incidentally, that same refrigerator also contained 2 pieces of warheads belonging to Iraqi Scud missiles, as well as other chemical weapons, including mustard gas, sarin and soman. Although then, Russia, China and France, all of whom had diplomats present together with the OPCW inspectors in the operation to identify and destroy VX, did not start a scandal with the UN Security Council. But they should have!

Thinking that they can get away with anything and without any investigations, now the Americans and the English are simply following a tried and true conspiracy plan, only this time, in Syria. The Anglo-Saxons have such short memories! It’s as if they do not understand that there are still people alive today who witnessed that falsification in Iraq, and did they forget that the results of the opened UN chemical lab in Baghdad are still kept in the OPCW headquarters at The Hague? But it seems that Washington and London take Moscow and our diplomats for complete idiots, since they can’t even come up with any new plans for fabricating a conspiracy!

But why stop there. The Syria resolution, which was prepared and will be discussed on September 18 in the UN Security Council, was arranged in the strictest way by the western “three” of the Security Council – USA, Britain and France. It is sad to see the latter get drawn into this. After all, in the Baghdad incident France was unbiased and ended up on the same side as Russia and China, and a French diplomat signed the results of the examination of the UN special commission’s chemical lab in July of 1999. Although, that’s nothing new, the current administration of the Socialist Party in Paris has already shown its true form on more than one occasion…

 Although, the westerners forgot one thing – this time around, they are dealing with a different Russia, which does not intend to “pass” these resolutions made by the Security Council, especially with regards to chapter 7 of the UN Charter. President Putin has said it clearly, “the resolution regarding Syrian chemical weapons has to be based on reciprocity”. That is to say that the resolution has to include strong guarantees that military force will not be used against Damascus. Stop believing western promises! We already believed them in 2002 in Iraq and in 2011 in Libya! And, if the Americans, English and French continue their “games” in the UN Security Council, Russia and China will resort to their right to veto. According to the statements of Foreign Minister Lavrov, it may indeed come to that. And then what, air strikes on Syria? But they would accomplish nothing now, except for a wave of protests in the USA and in the rest of the world. Obama would be in a tough spot, all the way up to the possibility of impeachment. At that point, no Saudi Arabia with its wonderful billions of oil money and a sly Prince Bandar could save Obama.

The President of the USA still has time to think and not view Russia as a country of idiots!

 Alexander Orlov is a political scientist and an expert on the East, with a special report for the online magazine New Eastern Outlook. 

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