08.09.2013 Author: Jim Dean

Syria becomes Obama’s Magical Mystery Tour

obamahopephoto2“We’ll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false.”– William Casey, CIA Director (first staff meeting, 1981)

 The media and Internet have been awash with mentions of WWIII as a possible result of the Nobel Peace Prize President’s ‘limited strike’ on Syria. These concerns are justified as the world has a long history of big wars being triggered by little mistakes, and the 100,000 dead in Syria is way past that.

 Last Tuesday we had the very strange event of the Israelis firing two missiles, submarine launched, that our Veterans Today sources tell us were shot down by US navy missile defense. Many here suspect the Zionists were trying to pull an updated version of the USS Liberty attack, from the 1967 war, using American sailors for bait again.

Were these missiles headed toward Syria to trigger their anti-ship missile counter fire on the suspected US ships, an exchange that would eclipse the Congressional debate? Why would Israel be crazy enough to pull a stunt like this with the Russian, American, and Israeli ships and subs all within shooting distance of each other. Our American term for this is having a ‘loose cannon’ rolling around. It can kill people, friend and foe.

Israel was quick to announce a joint missile test drill with the US, which was promptly denied by the the Pentagon. After Gordon Duff at Veterans Today published an article about its being a provocation attempt by Israel, the Pentagon magically reversed itself the next day and said yes, it was a missile test. Of course no one believed them and this hurt their credibility with the American public.

This week has been like a Beatles Magical Mystery tour of American diplomacy with some psychedelic mushrooms thrown in. Mission creep has already entered stage left, with major US bomber wings being shifted around, one disappearing, and reports of nuclear weapons on the move outside the normal chain of command. This spread like wildfire.

The Congressional debate has turned into a gangland like warfare, with not only old fashioned political arm twisting, but with Israel unleashing its espionage assets here that operate right out in the open, like AIPAC and the ADL. Reports abound of Persian Gulf State bribe money being offered to one and all who will support strike on Syria. We also suspect that the Israeli blackmail teams are working late.

John Kerry debased America as no other Secretary of State has over done by framing the American military in the roll of mercenaries of Gulf State sheiks by offering as a ‘selling point’ that they would pay the cost of the attack. Our military community was just aghast that a veteran could make such a ‘hired guns’ blunder.

On the diplomatic front we see a disaster of historic proportions, but one that actually serves the heartland of America. There is solid opposition in Congress, although political corruption and AIPAC can rule the day on a close vote. Lined up against the US strike policy is a solid group of those opposing, the UN through the Secretary General, NATO, the EU, the Arab League, the BRICS nations, and even the Pope, with special mention for China and Russia who always oppose American military adventurism.

As for the American media, the long record of reports of chemical weapons being brought into Syria by various suppliers to the radical Islamist terrorists there, that reporting is virtually nowhere to be seen. Americans are having to go to overseas Internet sources to stay current and get a full picture. This critical part of the evaluation of puzzle of who actually did the Damascus suburb gas attack has not made it into the Congressional debate yet, and I am not sure that it will.

Our military has been coming out publicly against being used as New World Order mercenaries starting with the anonymous servicemen photos and their protest signs going viral in the Internet. The retired military brass have also come out, including the video rerun of a lecture by General Wesley Clark describing how a Pentagon friend in 2006 told him that the Bush regime was making plans to take down a half dozen countries in the Mid East and North Africa. The incredible irony that Obama would be the cleanup baseball batter for the Bush NeoCons was lost on no one.

Here is a current Congressional vote count on Syrian strike resolution by Congressman Alan Grayson from Florida. In the House 39 for war, 223 against, and 171 undecided…with 217 needed to pass the resolution. Democrats are running 4 to 1, and Republicans 10 to 1 against it. Phone calls to the White house have ranged from 15 to 1 , to 100 to 1 against an attack, depending on the particular day. These are just incredible numbers historically. I polled my 86 year old mother today and cannot quote what she said as she would probably be arrested by Homeland Security.

For the first time that anyone can remember we are hearing hopes being discussed that our military would ‘step in’ to stop the insanity if public opinion was ignored and then Congress, also. We are talking about a military ‘solution’ to avoid a disaster, being discussed even among the veteran community.

The Obama administration seems in almost a panic to push an attack through, to the extent of being viewed as an national security threat in itself. If we had a parliamentary form of government I think we would be seeing a collapse of the government and calls for new elections.

Here are some of the Magical Mystery Tour quotes of the week. Ex-gadfly Congressman Ron Paul, “The whole theory is we’re going to Syria because that’s the way you march into Iran.” From Congressman Alan Grayson, “Nobody wants this except the military-industrial complex.” And then we have from Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel when asked about the costs of the strikes, answering…”in the tens of millions.” Actually that won’t even cover the cost of the cruise missiles, so some funny math or poor staff work was going on there, not a confidence builder.

And here is the big political irony. While the Congressional and White house poll numbers are in the basement, Putin’s are way up. Americans are actually cheering for his standing up to the war cabal. People are actually asking why we don’t have leadership like that. And they loved his calling John Kerry a liar. As I so often like to say, “You just can’t make this stuff up” It is just too bizarre.

Personally I think Obama’s legacy is mortally wounded. People are so scared of the recklessness that security breaches might be made to trigger an impeachment. We are hearing that Pentagon people are providing both Congressional parties with verification that CIA director John Brennan authorized both weapons and fighter transfers from the Ansar al Sharia al-Qaeda linked Libyan rebels to the al-Nusra terrorists in Syria. If they are not bluffing, or Republican plants…then we could see another Iran-Contra scandal from the Reagan days. That is a game changer.

I have seen this before, where those sick and tired of watching a slow motion foreign policy train wreck in progress finally take action. We call them ‘closet patriots’, who would normally never stick their necks out, but will do so when they are really scared of what they see happening.

No matter how this Syrian attack threat plays out we are hearing talk of dialing back on the President’s authority as commander in chief to pre-emptively deploy the military. Everyone knows there has been slow motion creep in that regard, and the pattern of that expansion of government power has been at the core of all the disasters which have befallen the country, including the economy.

But that does not mean people have forgotten about the deep corruption and Israeli espionage problems we have had here, where not a single network has ever been broken up by the FBI. The target areas include political, military, academic, media, industrial, and law enforcement , as in the Justice Department itself.

They have even attacked American heritage, where some of the most loyal segments of the country suffer ongoing smear campaigns via Israeli assets like the ADL and the Southern Poverty Law Center. Both of these have their hooks deep into Homeland Security to steer focus onto ‘emerging threats’ and away from themselves. They literally have political protection from prosecution This is a national scandal that we are all waiting to blow up someday.

There is some good news among all the doom and gloom. The universal threats we are forced to all live under have fostered a lot of intermingling with direct people to people contact, especially in comment sections of the growing Internet media surge. They are sharing and bonding.

More folks are beginning to see that we all suffer from the similar problems of corrupt governments primarily serving special interests at the expense of their people. There is a growing realization that we need to help each other any way that we can to eradicate this scourge, before they eradicate us.

 We have much work to do. Let us get on with it.

Jim W. Dean is the managing editor for VeteranToday.com, producer/host of Heritage TV Atlanta, a member of the Assoc. for Intelligence Officers and Sons of Confederate Veterans, specially for New Eastern Outlook.

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