07.09.2013 Author: Viktor Titov

The USA: the Saudi prince defines a policy of Washington

bandar-bush-king-abdullah-bushThe American media has recently been reporting that Saudi Arabia and Qatar have bribed President Obama along with a number of high-profile White House officials and congressmen to push the United States of America towards the unprovoked aggression against Syria, a country that has been struggling to repulse the hordes of Islamist mercenaries for more than a two and a half years now. Those very mercenaries that were hired by the two above mentioned Wahabiite monarchies to fight the legitimately elected Syrian president Bashar Assad. In this regard the Gallap Poll made an inquiry that showed that more that more than 65% of American are not supporting their president in his newly invented reckless military scheme. This must be the reason that the most thoughtful members of the Congress started to doubt their readiness to support President Obama, that should sooner or later answer for the deaths of thousands innocent Syrian people and the destruction of the existing international law system, should the United States launch a strike on Syria .

Earlier the American authorities believed that the vote on the upcoming Syrian campaign would take place on September 9 but to their amazement they faced a united opposition in Congress. For this reason the Senate is going to vote on the Syrian case two days later than it was initially scheduled – on September 11, even despite the fact that most observers believe that the plan is to be adopted within a couple hours of hearing hands down. But it seems that the House of Representatives is not going to support Obama’s plan either.

It seems that the date itself – 9.11 should remind Obama about a tragedy that took place 12 years ago in New York, when the Al-Qaeda terrorists of the Saudi origin with a help of the rulling Qatar family have managed to bring the Twin Towers down, killing thousands of innocent American people. On this day the world has changed, it declared a total war on the international terrorism. But 12 years later the White House officials seem to have forgiven their Saudi enemies from “Al-Qaeda” since they manage to fight alongside them against the Assad regime.

The bribery evidence won’t come out easy, but the Congress commission that will investigate all the peculiarities of the bilateral relations with  Saudi Arabia, especially the countless number of visits the high profile authorities of the two countries have payed each other this year alone, should be enough to question one’s unbiasedness. But where do all the strings should lead? Well, any grand plan must have a mastermind behind it, and in the case of the upcoming United States strikes on Syria there’s one.

His name is Prince Bandar Bin Sultan al Saud and he has been a Saudi ambassador to the United States for over two decades. Today he’s a secretary general of the National Security Council and the director general of the Saudi Intelligence Agency at the same time. Prince Bandar wouldn’t be able to pull his grand plan all by himself, but with a limitless supply of money and the personal charisma this habitual haunter of the Washington parties was quick to make friends among the top US authorities in the Republican party. In Washington he goes under nickname “Bandar Bush” due to his loyalty and the close relationships with the Bush family.

In 2013 the Saudi Intelligence Agency started to fabricate evidence against the Assad regime. He was to be accused of the chemical weapons usage, but the first attempt to fabricate the case was spoiled by the vigilant Turkish homeland security that detained back in February the Saudi agents carrying sarine gas charges across the Syrian border.

“Bandar Bush” despite his passion for alcohol beverages, wasn’t busy spending his fortune lately. He has managed to topple the Muslim Brotherhood president Morsi in Egypt, after which he orchestrated a change of power in Qatar, since Emir Hamad bin Khalifa started to get in the way of Saudi Arabia all too often. Next stop – Erdogan who was shown the possible prospects of his regime if he decides to “mess around” with  the midget bully – Saudi Arabia.

At the same time Prince Bandar Bin Sultan had some important guests to receive, since a number of the respectful US senators that have been handsomely paid for their services paid a visits to their “Godfather”. Than “Bandar Bush” was drinking tea with the head of MI 6 Sir Robert John Sawers and afterwards he went on a trip across a number of Arab and European countries untill he finally landed in Moscow, which should have masked his recent anti-Syrian activities.

The objective of Saudi Arabia in this game is crystal clear – to attain the uncontested control over the Arab world. For this reason Libya is lying in ruins today, for this reason Egypt found itself on the brink of collapse, for this reason Yemen obeys any order he gets from “Bandar Bush”, for this reason the regimes in Qatar and Kuwait are being suppressed, for which Iraq fails to attain stability, for which the war in Syria rages on. And when everything went just great for the Saudi “Godfather”, Assad managed to crack the resistance of the rebels. Which meant that all these intrigues and innocent human lives were a waste – since Saudi Arabia can’t get to its only rival in the region – Iran without breaking Syria’s back. Back in 2011 Henry Kissinger, a close friend of “Bandar Bush” said on a closed press-conference that “they” need to conquer seven more Middle Eastern countries in order to get their recourses. Syria was the sixth country in this list, and Iran was the last to go down.

There’s still time for Congress to stop it all, American people have to decide whether they want their sons to become Saudi Arabia’s cannon fodder or not…

Viktor Titov, Cand. Sc. (History), is a Middle East political analyst, exclusively for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook”.

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