07.09.2013 Author: Vladimir Simonov

Syria: The Cost of Irresponsibility

UN-Chief-Ban-Ki-Moon-Warns-Chemical-Weapons-Syria“The weather will continue bad, he says. There will be more calamities, more death, more despair. Not the slightest indication of a change anywhere. The cancer of time is eating us away”. – Henry Miller

With each passing day the scale and the number of possible targets of the Obama’s future aggression against Syria is expanding, even though there’s no official Congress approval yet. Pentagon has de facto admitted that it will be using airplanes along with cruise missiles. The list of the targets has been expanded to 50 objectives, but the confidential sources say that the it stretches over three hundred targets, including the possible hidings of Bashar Assad, places of residence of the high-profile generals and the secret services authorities.

Moreover, on September 6 a confidential source said that Saudi Arabia, Qatar and the United Arab Emirates have spent a butt-load more of money to push the aggression behind the “no foot on the ground” formula. If the rebels are not to get a decisive advantage within a couple of weeks, than a full scale military operation is due to take place. The Turkish Armed forces, supported by the Israeli commandos and the US airborne reconnaissance forces, are going to cross the Syrian border and engage the regular Syrian troops. The allied special forces will not simply eliminate all of the Syrian officers they come across, but they are also planning to sabotage the critical military and civilian infrastructural objects. Certain groups are going to be deployed in the areas of the Syrian military facilities, where chemical weapons are produced or stored. In turn the Turkish armed forces should occupy the northern regions of Syria, reaching the borders of Latakia and Aleppo and, if necessary, cross them on a premise of preventing the humanitarian crisis and protecting civilians. The Turks seem to be better off providing Syrians with medical supplies at the expense of Saudi Arabia and Qatar than host 2 to 3 million refugees at home. There’s a chance Israel will cross the Syrian border as well, but this may only occur in case of the Assad regime striking back with rockets or, God forbid, chemical weapons. But one can only hope that Assad won’t be as stupid as Saddam Hussein was back in 1991.

The White House has already admitted that all the costs of the future anti-Syrian operation, which amounts for a hundred billion dollars, will be paid by the Wahabiite states. But it’s not yet clear how much were the US official paid to “make a right decision in a right time”. Some sources say that Saudi Arabia and Qatar had to spend around 3 million dollars per corrupted official to a total of 2 billion dollars, which is a rather insignificant sum, should it be compared to the overall income of the Wahabiite states. But the pie was cut unnervingly, the biggest chunks went in the Obama’s, Kerry’s and other top officials’ pockets. But there was no cash to be exchanged, in order to “keep a low profile” the money were transferred through papers, funds and other means.

A major part in this corruption scheme was played by the former prime minister of Qatar Hamad bin Jassim who is known among the top US officials as a master of “no trace” bribery. And Prince Bandar bin Sultan from Saudi Arabia is up to par with his colleague, and he’s no stranger at the closed Washington parties, since he was the ambassador of Saudi Arabia to the United States.

It’s crystal clear now that there’s no stopping the American war machine, that has decided to crush the Assad regime no matter what. All the attempts to reason the White House warmongers by saying that they are crossing all the red lines in the world will fall flat. It’s the help of Iran and Hezbollah that can make a change for Syria in the face of all-in military assault. But if Assad should really fall, it will change nothing. The Iraqi-like civil war will last for years to come and should the former pro-Assad fighters resort to subversive activities at home and abroad, blowing the American, Turkish, Israeli, Qatari and Saudi cities, a word “terrorist” won’t be applied to them. They will be the patriots striking back at the heart of ruthless aggressor’s lair, just like the Belarusian, Polish and French guerrilla were fighting the Nazi. This will put an end to the anti-terrorist activities worldwide, since the word itself will lose its meaning. If it hasn’t lost it already due the United States that have been fighting alongside Al-Qaeda and Taliban in the Syrian conflict, obeying the will of the countries that have been supplying terrorists for decades. The heritage of 9.11 is now all but forgotten.

Mr. Obama clearly fails to understand what he is up to. The total chaos on a worldwide scale, the extinctions of all norms of international conduct, the decay of international law and a final blow to the UN as a place to communicate and reason – this is the outcome of his actions that will serve a doubt-proof excuse for all those willing to attack the European and the American cities, for those who are willing try to destroy the global economy as it is, those willing to establish a total Wahabiite rule across the Arab world. They are there, waiting to get an excuse for their future actions…

These days even a cold mind can easily believe the Nostradamus predictions, feel uncomfortable about the Mayan calendar, since the world these days can easily come to an end. The horsemen are coming and people soon will be fighting for food, water, ethnicity, religion, regime change, borders, pretty much for everything in the absence of international norms. And there will be only one country, one person left to blame.

There’s still time, but in order to stop this mayhem the world should say “no” to war in Syria, not only for the sake of Syrian people, but for the sake of all people worldwide.

Vladimir Simonov, Phd in History, an expert on the Middle East, exclusively for New Eastern Outlook

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