06.09.2013 Author: Alexander Orlov

Syria: The End of International Law


 “Justice is the end of government. It is the end of civil society. It ever has been and ever will be pursued until it be obtained, or until liberty be lost in the pursuit.” – James Madison. 

Yet another American war, this time on Syria, is going to start in a matter of days, but this time it’s not authorized by the UN. This fact will put an end to this organization, since the White House agression against Syria cannot be justified by anything except the greed of the US authorities. Syria didn’t assault the United States, it didn’t attack any of its planes, ships, buildings or citizens, which could have served as a minor exuce for taking military actions against Syria. But there’s none.

Damascus has signed no conventions on the prohibition of the chemical weapons, but even if it did, there’s not a single reason to believe that it was using it against anyone. If a UN-member country was assaulted with the chemical attacks on its territory, this could be a reason to discuss any measure that can be taken by the UN. Otherwise there can be no legitimate talks about “punishing” Syria for the usage of chemical weapons. And while there’s no proof that the weapons were used by any side of the Syrian conflict, who’s to punish?

What if the investigation will show that the sarin gas was made in the field by the opposition or it was imported from a different country, say the UK or USA. This spring the Turkish intel people have arrested the “Al-Qaeda” militants carrying across the Turkey-Syria border containers with sarine, that was allegedly produce in Great Britain. There was an investigation in place but the pressure from Pentagon have forced the Turkish special forces to release the detained and forget about this case.

 One can’t help but remember the operation al-Anfal Campaign that is called by many the Kurdish Genocide. In 1988 Ali Hassan al-Majid a cousin of Saddam Hussein have unleashed the horror of a chemical attack on the city of Halabja, killing five thousand Kurdish civilians. The Kurds were supporting Iran in this conflict, which was a major threat for the United States at the time, for this support they have paid with their lives. The investigation of this attack was closed, but latter on the British experts found out that the chemical gas used in the attack was produced in the United States. Sassadam Hussein and his cousin were sentenced to death for this crime in back in 2003, when the United States occupied Iraq. But they somehow managed to forget to hang the people that were supplying the chemical weapons in Iraq. It turned out that it was Donald Rumsfeld the future US Secretary of Defence that was supplying those weapons. In order to cover all evidence, Rumsfeld to organize the death sentence for his former accomplices, even though those two were silent about Rumsfeld’s involvement in the case during the court, hoping for him to be grateful. Which was a major mistake since Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld had their hands covered with Arab blood, killing a couple more was not an issue. American warmongers are ready to shoot anyone on sight, even their allies, in order to keep on getting their petrol money-flow.

There’s another important fact to be taken into consideration – by aiming at Syria the United States are trying to get a ricochet hit on Moscow and Tehran. The White House is eager to learn how the world is going to react to a case of the state level piracy in order to plan its actions for the future. Iran is by far the most important target of the United States today since it’s a sworn enemy of Saudi Arabia and Qatar that are hiring the White House to do the dirty job. Damascus is only an outpost on the war path to Teheran. For this reason it of utmost importance for Tehran to provide all kinds of military assistance to Syria in order to prevent the fall of the Assad regime. But the sad fact is that the war hawks in the United States are aiming even further – at the Central Assia. By this time the NATO forces, the better part of which is the US troops are going to leave Afghanistan at the disposal of Taliban.

It’s curious though, since the United States has been fighting Taliban through all these years, sacrificing the lives of its soldiers, in order to get an illusive revenge for the 9.11 attacks. But those sacrifices were a waste, since today the White House is making peace with Taliban on the Qatari soil, along with supporting its former archenemy “Al-Qaeda” in their fight against the Assad regime. America, the former leader of the international coalition against terrorism, has become an ally to the radical terrorist groups and narcobarons. Afghanistan is a major source of drug flow today, and the better part of this flow is controlled by Taliban with the United States officials giving them approval to “do business” for a relatively “small” fee charged. The drugs produced by those businessmen are partially consumed by the Central Asia and Russia before reaching. The drug addictions undermines the backbone of any country – its youth, making it susceptible to the external factors. And when the Central Asian countries are to fall, than it’s Russia’s turn to take the beating. The Wahabiite states are sure to make radical Islamists in Russia as aggressive as they possibly can be. The role those states have played in supporting the terrorists in Chechnya is well known across the region.

 The primary objective for Moscow today is to prevent the destruction of the Syrian state. Even though this can worsen its bilateral relations with the United States. Obama and Kerry have already brought these relations to its lowest since the USSR times. There’s no way that Moscow can back off now, giving way to the military crimes that will happen on the Syrian soil. The history repeats itself, should one forget the outcomes of the Munich Agreement when England and France gave way to the German occupation of Czechoslovakia. To make the matters even worse Obama’s immature decision no to meet President Putin during the G20 summit in Saint Petersburg may and should be regarded as an insult. An insult that won’t be disregarded by other members of G20.

 It’s too late to hope that Obama will call quits, since the money for the conflict have already been paid by Saudi Arabia and Qatar. This has happened in Libya, that is to happen again. In this situation there’s only one option left – to consolidate the efforts of all Syrian friends to repulse the United States aggression. Today Syria is not to be compared to Iraq in 2003, that was substantially crippled by the blockade. Libya was a pale resemblance of today’s Syria, but even Muammar Gaddafi was able to hold on for a couple of months against the consolidated effort of NATO and the Wahabiite regimes. If the lives of the American soldiers are to be sacrificed for nothing yet again, there’s a chance that the public opinion in the United States may raise against the White House warmongers, as it was during the Vietnam era. And the rebels are incapable to do anything against the Assad regime on their own, this they have already proven a number of times. It’s high time to show Mr. Obama that the people around the world are not going to allow the unprovoked military aggression to go unpunished.

Alexander Orlov is a political analyst and an expert Orientalist. Exclusively for New Eastern Outlook.

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