05.09.2013 Author: Viktor Titov

Syria: Obama’s for hire

130829120252-qatar-world-cup-fan-trophy-story-topThe time is running out, the S day is scheduled on September 9, when the Congress is almost sure to give President Obama a carte blanche on Syria. The closer the date, the more dirty secrets become known by the World…

It’s now clear that in the second half of August, as soon as the political situation in Egypt became less explosion-prone, the Qatar and Saudi Arabia Wahabiite monarchies have applied an unprecedented amount of pressure on the White House, especially on President Obama himself. The unnamed sources of the certain Persian Gulf countries have confined to the international press that Riyadh and Doha have resorted to the most vulgar of all means – bribery. The high profile officials were not simply provided with handsome sums for the green old age, they were promised to receive extensive investments in the US economy. Should one doubt the fact that the countries that most Americans are unable to find on the map are bribing their officials, he can remember the FIFA 2022 story, when Doha competing for the honor to host this event against the world’s best football grands has somehow managed to come first. Bribery and corruption – are the common day practices for the Wahabiite monarchies that they use on the regular basis in order to gain certain advantages over their rivals. After paying Obama these “powers” are now busy trying to sweeten the pill up for the US senators and congressmen after having the deal signed and sealed with both the President of the Senate and the Speaker of the House of Representatives. So it’s pretty sure that Obama will get his permission to strike Syria.

But the two angry Wahabiite leprechauns weren’t satisfied with the value for money the White House had presented them with. They were especially discontented with the Obama’s claim to use cruise missiles in order to punish the Assad regime. They decided to invest a couple more billions in order to transform a short-term campaign into a full scale military engagement that should last for three or four months. The United States won’t be using the 420 cruise missiles that are nearing their out of service date alone, but their bombers as well in order to reach the underground targets . The USA fighters are going to patrol the borders of the Syrian aerial space, shooting on sight every aircraft they will come across. This will be equivalent to the creation of a “no fly zone” but without the UN approval. A similar “no-fly zone” was created in Libya, but this time around the Washington war hawks are short on allies.

Turkey, the former long-time supporter of the Assad regime, is first in line to bomb its former ally. The French are trailing behind, but still they are pretty sure to join the party. The two angry leprechauns – Saudi Arabia and Qatar are willing to provide whatever they can in terms of air-force. It’s still unclear where the Israeli standing in this story is. Tel-Aviv won’t be very contended with the radical Islamists at the head of the Syrian state, but at the same time  Assad regime is a hell of a thorn in the flesh. The USA got some funny friends in this conflict, but the money proposed by the Wahabiite monarchies are too good to refuse.

As for the list of the possible targets, recently it has been thoroughly expanded. The “allies” are not going to hunt Assad alone, all the members of the alawites ruling clan, all the Syrian generals, intel people, all the members of the BAAS government are the targets of the future fox hunt. The armored troops encampment sites, repair facilities and the supply lines are going to be first to be leveled to the ground. On top of all the “allies” are going to deploy a large number of the Jordan trained guerrilla groups, that were trained by the USA and Israeli special forces officers. These groups will be responsible for destroying the military and civilian infrastructures, paying maximum attention to the the military airfields, the Syrian Air Defense Force brigades and the communications nodes. This was the thinking of launching a 3 to 4 months long campaign, since the Assad regime is too strong to be seriously crippled by the air-strikes alone in the matter of days. The “allies” want to ensure that they inflict maximum damage , since they are not going to have a second shot at Syria any time soon.

The amount of shear force to be unleashed on the head of the Syrian people is astonishing. The Assad forces may struggle to hold they ground if the Iranian forces don’t come to the aid of their Syrian friends. The military action taken back to the aggressor’s soil in this scenario can be particularly helpful, but Syria and Iran, thanks God, are not known for the cases of terrorist attacks. But the terrorist threat is still a concern since there a number of Islamist groups at the Middle East who will want to go get a revenge on their own. If Al-Qaeda comes to your mind, than that’s not the case since they are fighting against Assad themselves, trying work off the leprechauns money. That’s the world of Global Security – the United States of America fighting alongside Al-Qaeda that is believed to bring the horrors of 9.11 on the heads of the innocent American people. All this nonsense happens in the name of, well the Wahabiite money. Those are the heroes the Americans have elected for themselves – the corrupt government willing to forgive 9.11 for a few bucks.

On September 4, the Head of the Russian Federation, Vladimir Putin has made an important announcement to the members of the press. But the Western media, that is allegedly unbiased, was quick to edit his speech. Every news agency around the Globe did highlighted his words that Russia may support the military actions against Syria if the UN inspector prove that the chemical weapons were used by Assad regime. But the most important part of his speech is missing – what should one do if the evidence will be against the rebel groups?

Than common sense implies if the United States are playing a fair game on the Middle East, than they should launch an attack against the rebels and eliminate all the leaders of the numerous groups fighting against Assad, but still outside of the Syrian territory. The White House have signed all the anti-terrorist international conventions long time ago, shouldn’t it be fighting terrorists than? The next step is to fire the darned 420 cruise missiles on Saudi Arabia and Qatar, taking the leaders of these two countries in the Guantanamo prison. But none of this will happen since the double standards of Washington are well-known around the Globe.

September 9 – is a milestone in history, a turning point that will change international law once and for all. Nobody can predict the outcome of the events to come, but the American leaders have already condemned themselves. People in the United States don’t recognize their leaders anymore. The Western wold is falling apart, the Middle East becomes even more radical in its anger. Guess what, that’s exactly the thing Saudi Arabia and Qatar needed to recreate Arabic Caliphate. Once they’ve done with the West they will only have to destabilize Russia and than they can rule the world at their leisure.

 There’s still time to evade the inevitable, but chips are already placed at the table. Time is running out – the war for the Middle East is dawning…

Viktor Titov, Cand. Sc. (History), is a Middle East political analyst, exclusively for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook”.

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