07.08.2013 Author: Vladimir Odintsov

The anniversary of the South Ossetia conflict

https://www.georgiatimes.info/articles/80489-2.htmlFive long years have passed since the sorrowful day of the Georgian military aggression against South Ossetia that resulted in the so-called Five-Day war between Russia and Georgia. The Russian Federation had to take military actions against Georgia to enforce peace in the region, another step that was undertaken shortly after the conflict was the Russian recognition of South Ossetia and Abkhazia. These steps prevented the transformation of territorial disputes into a long term military conflict in South Ossetia.

The better part of the addequate experts around the Globe believe that Russia wasn’t at fault in this conflict. The Russian home security have inspected the causes of the conflict from different perspectives, trying to find the people responsible for these terrible crimes against South Osstians. The investigation showed that the masterminds behind this conflict was President Saakashvili.

Georgian authorities could have offered their apologies to the people of South Ossetia for the blood of its innocent citizens and for the deaths of Russian peacekeepers that tried to protect the civilians from military aggression. But the sitting President that haven’t resigned after such a political fiasco can’t give up the idea that the Russian Federation is preparing a “military intervention” in Georgia. He prefers to forget that it was Georgian military forces that opened fire on the South Ossetian houses, schools, hospitals. Russia didn’t attack South Ossetia, it tried to protect it to the best of its own capabilities

Five years ago in order to escape the inevitable consequences and to conceal the real facts about the conflict Saakashvili has made it so that all the documents that had any connections to the conflict were labeled as “Top Secret”

It’s sad that a number of renowned Western media holdings believed Saakashvili and his masters in the United States, which resulted in the incorect interpretations of the events that took place five years ago. Yet it’s clear for a keen reader, despite the perverted facts he was presented with, who is at fault in this face-off. The people of Georgia, Abkhazia and South Ossetia are to decide how to settle their matters and should they reunite or not. As the Russian Premier Minister Dmitry Medvedev stated to in his interview to RT: “The people of Abkhazia and the people of South Ossetia have the power to give their leaders any kind of mandate, and this will be constitutional and in line with universally-recognized international practices. We want them to live in peace. But it’s up to them to decide what relations they will have with each other. We will not interfere with these processes. But of course, we will defend Russia’s national interests.”

The new Georgian government after the recent elections tries to settle the situation around Abkhazia and South Ossetia along with improving the bilateral relations with Russia. But those steps are somehow indecisive, which can be explained by the fact the Georgian ruling elite is paying heed to the sitting Georgian President Saakashvili and his Western employers. The former can leave the office as soon as the new elections are bound to take place. There’s hope that the next President of Georgia will tell its people the truth about the conflict. As for the deeds of Saakashvili it’s for his compatriots to decide how should the actions of this political artist and war criminal be rewarded. He decided that he has a right to invade the homes of innocent people, ruining their lives without paying attention. He should be hold responsible for his actions.

Vladimir Odintsov, political commentator, especially for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook”.

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