22.07.2013 Author: Konstantin Penzev

USA and Egypt: Washington’s Plans in Jeopardy

5421538906_f525528cca_o.jpg.1000x297x1It sounds like Washington’s plans to create a “New Middle East”, supported by a number of its Islamist satellites, are bulging at the seams. This statement is proved true by the latest developments in Egypt. Millions of Egyptian people took their discontent with Morsi’s regime to the streets and, backed up by the army, made it fall. The spokesperson for the United States Department of State Jen Psaki said: “Everyone recognizes that Mohammed Morsi doesn’t execute his presidential duties anymore, the US takes this situation for granted”. His place is taken by Mansur Adli for the time being.

Egypt’s state prosecutor has issued an arrest warrant for the leader of the Muslim Brotherhood, Mohamed Badie. He is accused of inciting violence against the police in Cairo. According to Reuters Washington moved two combat ships patrolling in the Red Sea closer to the Egyptian shore, etc.

One should have been expecting all this to occur. The problem of all the great reformers the masterminds behind all the new formation is that the implemented artificial social-political structures does tower in their heads, but not in the real world. Since when the University of Southern California started to devise Koran interpretations? If they really do, what subject Morsi studied in this university? Is he such a faithful Muslim as he wants to appear?

Allas, Mr. Morsi wasn’t taught Islamic theology in the University of Southern California, probably his mind wasn’t even cluttered with the riddles of Egyptian history, economics and ethnography. He was taught how to be an electrical engineer and he should have better remained one.

Mr. Morsi decided that being an Islamist – Jihadist is much more profitable business. In the United States this good fellow learnt the ways of making political news. And they are made as easy as ABC. Every self-respecting Islamist must be bearded, claim his fidelity in Allah, swear Zionists and on a rare occassion do the same with one’s own masters in the Whine House. “Traditions” – this is the word Morsi acquired in the University of Southern California. Washington is used to treat the entire world as a crowd of blockheads willing to believe every word a cheap politician pronounces.

The Morsi-Islamist along with a bunch of US experts decided not to get smart. Since Islam is a spiritual basis of Middle Western communities they made they decided to exploit it. Thake a a number of “simplified paradigms” that can be comprehended by minds of the less literate Arabs and use it. But the so-called “experts” had no clue that there are factors that affect the Middle Eastern countries to the same extent the religion does.

Egypt as a society has a number of distinctive features. One of these, for instance, is the role army plays in the Egyptian day-to-day life. This was true when the Europeans didn’t have the slightest idea about building societies, let alone democratic ones. From Pharaohs to Mamelukes, till the present day the situation hasn’t changed much. An average Egyptian officer won’t rest on oars after resignation, he will find a position in economic or political institutions. Egyptian army owns a decent share of different businesses and soils, along with a measurable amount of human resources. Under the Pharaoh rule Egyptian soldiers were employed at construction works. Three thousand years later it seems that nothing has really changed.

Dr. Paul Sullivan, a professor of economics at the National Defense University, who dwelled in Egypt for a considerable amount of time, believes that the market share controlled by the military accounts for 10-15% of Egyptian GNP. So one can’t say that this fact did come as a surpriseforWashington. But guess what, they couldn’t care less…

When Morsi took the reigns of power, his government started to reshape the Egyptian country according to its perceptions of legitimacy and justice. Here are some examples:

Shortly before the vicious regime collapsed the Governor of State Luxor Adel El-Khayat had to resign. It turned out that El-Khayat was a founding member of Al-Gamaa Al-Islamiya terrorist group, whose members were responsible for killing 58 foreign tourists in Luxor Temple in 1997. Meanwhile that provides the better part of income from tourism in Egypt. No doubt, Adel El-Khayat denied any connections to this terrorist attack, but such “supervision” didn’t serve well as a major tourist attraction.

“Muslim Brotherhood” that came into power along with the Sunni Morsi started to promote religious intolerance in Egypt. On June, 25 2013 a violent massacre of Sunni over the Shiah took place in one of Egyptian villages not far from Cairo, which resulted in four persons killed and many more injured. The prominent Egyptian Shiah leader Hassan Shehata was among the deceased. Hundreds Sunni attacked the Shiah missionary’s house, when about two dozens of guest were celebrating the marriage of a community member. According to eyewitness account all the guests were rushed out of the house and caned violently.

And so on, and so forth.

Mr. Morsi proved himself to be a Washington’s obedient marionette. On June, 24, 2013 he announced to the global community that Egypt is rupturing diplomatic relations with Syria behind the US back. Morsi announced that the global community must introduce a no-fly zone over the territory of Syria aimed, to cut the regular govermental troops from the air support, whilst the USA would be trying to initiate weapons delivery to the Syrian rebels. What did the ex-president of Egypt counted on? He believed, that no one except for Washington could provoke a revolution in Egypt and that no one would try to contest his power when the US Navy presence can be felt in Cairo.

It turned out that revolutions and coups may be arranged by the Egyptian army as well. How is Mr. Morsi doing? “Komsomolskaya Pravda” asserts that he is as safe as a house at a Egyptian armed forces object, where he resides till his case will be referred to the court. Mohammed Badia, “Muslim Brotherhood” supreme mentor, is in a safe place as well.

So where on earth are the US aircraft carriers and their marine corps?

While the US Marines are cleaning their gun barrels, the German government demands the Egyptian to free their ex-president Mohammed Morsi. This Republic won’t leave its faithful Padavan in trouble, you should better believe it. Jedis from the liberal mass media are swing their light sabers in the air already.

So then. What’s going on?

Syria and its people appeared to be the first bastion of resistance to the American-Islamic expansion over the Middle East. The Syrian army has shown its courage and will, when Obama’s administration considered this case settled. Syrian Islamist-Jihadists are going through a rough times. Well, there now Egyptians have mannaged to stabb the unexpecting Mujahideens with a knife, past armored vests.

Now we should ask ourselves – if the plans of the US administration started to be implemented under the supervision of George W. Bush are now up to the creek more than ever, maybe the following question should be addressed to President Obama, who continued their performance: “Mr. Obama, have you got a new plan of Egypt and whole Middle East rebuilding?”

Konstanin Penzev, writer-historian, columnist exclusively for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook”.