16.07.2013 Author: Vladimir Odintsov

Washington’s Arrangements of a Syrian Citadel New Attack

2713_syria2Focused events of the recent days in Egypt displaced in some mode the “Syrian topic” from Western mass media opening pages. Anyway, the situation in Syria still remains rather tense. Against the background of clear-cut victory of the governmental forces over the rebels hold in June, at the moment Asad’s opposition activists are preparing active dislocation of forces and means aimed at evident arrangement of Syrian fastness attack the current fall.

According to The Wall Street Journal as of June, 26 the CIA has already actively embarked on a secret plan approved by Obama to deliver withdrawn weapons from American warehouses for the opposition to Jordan, to teach the rebels holding the guerilla fight, as well as to mobilize the European and the Arabic allies for more active political and military technical support of the Syrian mutineers. At the same time CIA intends to creat a sufficient contigent of well trained and armed warriors ready to stand against the Syrian army and to “Hizballah”, to contribute to month regular replenishment of struggling opposition in Syria on hundreds warriors.

  The above mentioned arrangements concerning a “new attack” were actively joined by the proxy rules of the Persian Gulf always faithful to Washington. In such a manner the Saudi Arabia’s leaders cut short their vacation in Morocco as a matter of urgency for the preparation of the second front line opening in the south of Syria. According to some data taken from Internet the orders to move special military contigent through the territory of Jordan to the southern borders of Syria have been already delivered. Meanwhile Riyadh has initiated delivery of anti-aircraft and armour-defeating weapons for the opposition to military facilities in Turkey. The Saudi king appointed prince Bandar to coordinate this work and “to convince” Erdogan in necessity of the Turkish troops employment in rehandling of the mentioned cargo to special consignees in Syria.

There is prominent castling also among the so called “Arabian friends of Syria”. Having failed with Washington’s task to make a Syrian blitzkrieg and thus having nothing to do do but change the monarchy’s leader in such a situation, Katar is step by step passing to the middle distance, actually remaining just a moneybag defraying new US shady undertakings in respect for Syria. “Leader’s” functions are now transferred from Katar to Saudi Arabia, which strains every sinew to appease “the big brother” unwilling to repeat the Katar scenario of the monarch change.

CIA is an active participant in Syrian opposition leadership shuffle aimed at finding leaders able to track for armed struggle with Asad’s army, to pull the rebels together both spiritually and politically. Just so slightly over three months in a duty of the so called leader of “Syrian Opposition Transitory Government”  previously promoted to this post by the CIA 50 y.o. Kurd Ghassan Hitto  resigned commission “at his own discretion” because of his relationships with the Syrian “Muslim Brotherhood” and obvious merits to the USA, where he lived for 25 years and worked in the position of hi tech manager in Texas.

Ahmad Assi Jarbu, possessing close ties exactly with the Saudi Arabia, became a new leader of the National Coalition for Syrian Revolutionary and Opposition Forces (NCSROP). It’s worth to mention at this point that it is NCSROP that holds active armed struggle against the governmental troops of president B.Asad, which according to the UN data has already taken away lives of 90 thousands people.

During the last session of the UN Human Right Council the Independent Fact-Finding Board in Syria confirmed that the Syrian opposition recruits actively children and exploits them in battle actions.

Here it is quite notable that the US Law “Concerning Trafficking Victims Protection” as of 2000[1]  provides for a number of sever sanctions for states recruiting child soldiers. In particular, these countries shall not receive military support from the USA. Under these circumstances quite natural question may be put to Washington:

How may the recent order of the US President B.Obama about military equipment and weapons delivery to the leaders of NCSROP be justified, as far as it was considered the sole military legitime representative of the Syrians? Or, perhaps Obama has a right to ignore the national legislation being looked-out by American electors? And maybe ordinary US citizens-electors aren’t just aware of this fact?

Vladimir Odintsov – political analyst, exclusively for the Internet journal “New Eastern Outlook”.

[1] Trafficking Victims Protection Act of 2000