13.07.2013 Author: Konstantin Penzev

To assess the developments in Turkey

erdoTalks, that revolutions may be inspired, organized and sponsored by someone (God forbid from overseas!) are ill manbners in a fine society(especially with the liberal and progressive views). The canonical version of any socio-political take-over as presented by the authors, feeding the fierce hatred for public order, akin to biblical: “Here he stood and made the Court of Phineas”. It is usually mentioned in this case, that common people, driven to despair by the regime, went outside to dethrone the tyrant and his satraps. Any huge revolutionary organization and multi-million dollar funding is considered optional.

With the regard to the developments in Turkey the particular attention of mass media was attracted by the recent statement of Deputy Prime Minister Bülent Arınç that Turkish intelligence and security services have started to investigate external interference in the Republic’s current events.

‘Denge’ columnist Ahmet Hamdi Ayan gives a strong response to such allegations, “it turns out that we cannot even voice our requirements without American help? Bullshit! People headed by intellectuals and artists have stated his demands.” That’s what he blurted out at once. Say, what guys from Washington are we talking about?

However … Who is this mysterious patron of another color revolution, the Turkish one this time?

Let’s think about the following. Most recently, Erdogan was considered to be a good democratic leader (let’s remember western friends, deposed during the “Arab spring”). The Russian newspaper ‘Kommersant-Vlast’ called him “the most pro-American Prime Minister of Turkey”.

Worldwide replicated British issue ‘The Economist’ wonders: “Is Erdogan a Democrat or a Sultan?” It turns out that Turkey secretly flourished a cruel tyranny: “Broken heads, tear gas, water cannons: probably, this must be Cairo, Tripoli, or another capital with a rigid dictatorship. However, all this is happening … on Taksim Square in Istanbul”. Moreover, in Turkey, according to ‘The Economist’, there are more journalists in jail than in China. Erdogan jailed entire military college’s generals (whew!)Members of his party are afraid to attack his policy.

British press has never made such accusations even to Vladimir Putin, since it is used to produce all sorts of accusations to him. British press has estimated that even Stalin didn’t jail the whole military educational institutions – that was only Erdogan capable of this. In addition, he has exceled the Chinese Communists, the unsurpassed suppressors of the “freedom of speech”. Has Erdogan been really fooling ‘The Economist’s experts on democracy of for so long and splurging in front of European leaders?

In fact, use of tear gas, water cannons and rubber bullets in the streets apart from Cairo, but also of the European States isn’t an extraordinary event. ‘The Economist’s journalists suffer from chronic amnesia, which was obviously caused by the contusions from the riots in London in the summer of 2011. As we know, only on August 10, 2011 London Police succeeded to provide an effective opposition to massacre and riots in the capital, after permission to use rubber bullets and water cannons.

Dr. Goebbels would have qualms about shameless lie, as ‘The Economist’ does. It should be also taken into account that both ‘The Economist’ and ‘The Financial Times’ recently called Erdogan “the best Turkish Prime Minister ever.”

There is a complete chaos in the minds of many political observers around the world and there is a gap of templates. It seems no one has guessed to accuse the Chinese or Russian intelligence services in revolution orrganization in Istanbul what might look reasonable for people of this country, fooled by the British mass media. They say, “enemies in earflaps hats are not asleep,” and staff. The mind boggles how one can blame the Turkey’s partners in NATO in riots organization. It is in the first place.

Secondly, the main actors of the “Arab spring” events were Islamists. Many were also embarrassed by their recent relationship with Washington. It turned out that democracy and bearded jihadis are perfectly compatible, especially when talking about the interests of the White House.

Thirdly, the main factor of the color revolution in Turkey is not Islamists and secular organizations, down to the LGBT activists. The last ones are not really a surprise. It’s not that Erdogan is a homophobic, but that the Turkish Prime Minister has demonstrated his adherence to Islam and deserved respect in the religious populace. It would have been recklessness to attack him from the Islamist positions.

What is the reason for Turkish events? Perhaps the reason is as follows.

Erdogan despite of national specifics and religious affiliation is completely a pro-Western politician and tends to stick to the Anglo-Saxon model of capitalism. He has done a lot for the economic recovery of small and medium-sized businesses. Erdogan has made numerous attempts to bring the country into the EU (Turkey is now a candidate for the EU). A reputable Turkish journalist Ali Birand says the following about these attempts: ” 2009 was a year of great expectations …. However, Merkel and Sarkozy, repeating constantly about “privileged partnership” instead of full membership, have prevailed, and discouraged Ankara.”

Turkish Minister for EU affairs Egemen Bağış says: “EU membership is a very important anchor, but not the only choice for us. Turkey would agree only to a full membership. We are a very tolerant nation, but I don’t think we can wait for another 45 years. “

Relations between Europe and Ankara began to have problems. Erdogan, speaking on Kanal 24 last year, had this to say: “our exports to the EU decrased from 53% to 30%. The EU wants to weaken us economically and politically. At a time when our goods move freely within the framework of the Customs Union, we need to take visa in the EU “.

Thus Turkey wants to become a full member of the EU, but the ruling circles of Germany and France, occupying a leading position in Europe, do not want. Why? Because European unification has brought the greatest benefit to the business (and thus political) circles in France and Germany. It’s not a secret. Turkey, with its dynamic economy when Erdogan, can represent a big problem for these countries.

The EU agreed to accept easily the Eastern European countries, the former CMEA members, because they were the object of economic exploitation and obedient material for political manipulation. Turkey is different. This country, led by a strong national Government, will not allow to be pushed around.

Turkey found itself in a difficult position. It can’t join EU but can join SCO. The EU has also faced the problem. France and Germany opposed to full membership for Turkey and at the same time, the West cannot afford to let Turkey go to prevent its Union with Russia.

Perhaps the highest western political echelons have cut the Gordian knot as follows. In Washington, Paris and Berlin it has been decided to keep Turkey, and to remove Erdogan from the post of Prime Minister, to prevent him to “muddy the waters”. Most likely it is not the only reason, but the strongest one.

A possible reorientation of Turkish political and economic vectors in the direction of the SCO in general and Russia in particular is now of great interest. But this reorientation may take place only in case Prime Minister Erdogan re-engages. However, that’s another story.

It should also be noted that it is dangerous to be an enemy of the United States and the EU, but it is twofold dangerous to be their friend.

Konstantin Penzev, writer-historian, columnist for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook”.