19.06.2013 Author: Vladimir Simonov

Qatar’s conspiracy against Damascus and Moscow


Despite the desperate measures taken by the international community to settle the Syrian conflict by arranging the “Geneva – 2” conference, the aggressive lobby that desire a conflict seem to be unable to turn back on their gruesome plans. They seem to be quite determined to commit an infringement by provoking the legitimate government, craving for “the clues” that will allow to launch a full-scale military intervention like those that saw Iraq and Libya.

As far as the facts go, the USA along with Britain and Qatar are weaving a plot that has surpassed the one unveiled by the journalists of “Le Monde” recently. Now they are trying to push blame towards the Russian Federation, trying to set up Moscow as if they caught it using chemical weapons in Syria. This former statement is partially proved by the recent leak that occurred in the Internet when an email conversation of the Britam Defence top management went into the public domain [1] .

The company’s main source of income comes from providing armed protection to the oil giants in the Middle East. According to the emails hijacked by the hackers, Qataris are planning to try to frame the Syrian government up again. It all should look like the Doha’s regular army forces, out of the blue,  decided to unleashed the horror of the chemical weapons on their rivals. To achieve this Britain should supply the chemical ammunition of the same model that is in service in Syria at the moment. This covert operation should be filmed by the Ukrainian mercenaries pretending to be the regular Russian army forces supplying Syrian regime with chemical weapons. These facts were uncovered when a letter of David Goulding, the Business Development Director of Britam Defence,  addressed to the founder of the company Phillip Doughty stuck in the claws of the public. The letter reads as follows:

“We’ve got a new offer.  It’s about Syria again. Qataris propose an attractive deal and swear that the idea is approved by Washington. We’ll have to deliver a CW to Homs, a Soviet origin g-shell from Libya similar to those that Assad should have. They want us to deploy our Ukrainian personnel that should speak Russian and make a video record.

Frankly, I don’t think it’s a good idea but the sums proposed are enormous.  Your opinion?

One couldn’t help but compare this conspiracy to another one that exposed itself at the end of May when the Turkish police arrested by a matter of mistake a group of people carrying Sarine gas across the Syrian border. For this reason Russia should remain vigilant, awaiting new provocations from the USA, Great Britain and Qatar. They are not going to yield in Syria any time soon.

On such a background it may not come as a surprise that the closing meeting of the G8 failed to provide the international community with any satisfying results. It is clear that whatever the wording of the G8’s closing statement may be, the West will hold its ground. The countries gathered at the summit seem to agree that the war in Syria should be settled through diplomatic means but at the same time, the USA and the leading NATO countries are preparing for an intrusion.

Another point of discord on the international agenda is the “Geneva – 2” conference. It seems that it will remain only a project since no date for it is set. The closing statement proclaims that “Geneva – 2” should be held  “as soon as all the sides deem possible” which may as well mean never. Nevertheless, there are some really important points in this statement, say a demand to break any ties with all organizations that are somehow connected to Ali-Qaeda and to stop paying ransoms in case any foreign citizen is taken hostage.

This was the thinking behind the statement made by Vladimir Putin at the press conference after the summit where he stated that Russia may continue supplying weapons to Syria. “We supply the legitimate government, in accordance with legitimate contracts,” – he said.

Despite any predictions made by the analysts of all calibers, the status quo prevails. This means nothing but war for the Syrian people, which can gradually transform into an intervention brought by means of air bombs and air-to-ground rockets raining on the heads of soldiers protecting their country. Another way of fueling the conflict is already put in motion, the United States, France and Great Britain will always find ways of supplying the rebels with all kinds of weapons and military equipment through the borders of Lebanon, Turkey and Jordan. And when they do the bill for such an “all inclusive” treatment will be gratefully paid by Saudi Arabia and Qatar. The only thing the Western powers fail to provide is an excuse to supply those forces, so they need some sort of crisis to make the weapon supplies flow. The chemical weapons were an ace up in the American sleeve that had to make all the difference for the United States on the eve of the G8 summit, but Russia was clever enough not to fall for it.

The Battle for Syria, the battle for international equality, the battle for the obedience to the international law rages on. Be on the watch.

 Vladimir Simonov is an expert on the Middle East. Exclusively for New Eastern Outlook.

[1] http://www.legitgov.org/Britam-Defence-leaked-email-Syrian-Issue-0

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