Monsanto/Bayer Moving to Genome Edit Fruits and More

Not surprising, Monsanto, today hidden behind the Bayer logo, as the world leader in patented GMO seeds and the probable… More
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Vice, Laying Bare America’s Most Disgusting Politician, Dick Cheney

Today’s film is “Vice,” a film that rips apart Dick Cheney. We might ask why something like this is important,… More
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The US is Locked into an Irrelevant Constitution

The latest efforts to establish that President Trump is ‘a Russian asset’, (investigatese for Russian agent), is an indirect result… More
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Will Washington be able to Cloak and Dagger its Way to Total Control over Afghanistan?

It doesn't take a genius to realize that Washington's operation in Afghanistan has come to a screeching halt. Seventeen years… More
Politics Central Asia - Afghanistan

“Sand and Death” Trump Says It All in Geopolitical Doublespeak

One thing is certain; there is no definitive transcript for what is going on in Syria and who is benefitting… More
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Europe on the Brink of Collapse?

YVR3453242The Empire’s European castle of vassals is crumbling. Right in front of our eyes. But Nobody seems to see it. The European Union (EU), the conglomerate of vassals – Trump calls them irrelevant, and he doesn’t care what they think about him, they deserve to be collapsing. They…


Despite Reassurances, the US Can’t Change the Middle East

7215The US secretary of state Mike Pompeo’s visit to the Middle East has come at a time when the US politics at both domestic and international levels is facing extreme contradictions. There is a government shutdown at home, and at international level, Donald Trump and his team are…

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Pentagon Wants Big War Funding – Now


We are off to a huge news cycle for 2019, with everything from shifting sands in the Mideast, to what some say could be a growing class rebellion in the EU, which might tip its house of cards over. The Trump White House interprets its Syria policy differently day after day. More countries state their intentions to resume ties with Syria, including many in Europe…

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When did the Infamous Red Coats became Cheap Cannon Fodder?

SASIn the aftermath of the disastrous Libyan campaign of 2011, the United Kingdom would demonstrate a certain degree of restraint in its foreign policy endeavors, getting particularly picky every time a politician would go as far as to even mention military interventions…

Middle East - Syria

The US Institute of Peace... Promotes Endless Syrian War

6653An “independent national institute founded by Congress and dedicated to the proposition that a world without violent conflict is possible,” would be the last place you would expect to find calls for continued war. Yet the United States Institute of Peace (USIP) is just the place…

Middle East - Syria

China Sends Europe Yet Another Positive Signal


On 18 December the Xinhua news agency publicized the state China’s Policy Paper on the European Union. We would like to highlight straightaway that this is not a unique document in the history of their official bilateral ties, established in 1975. Similar policy papers were issued in 2003 and 2014. But the latest in this series of documents has generated heightened interest from experts. The…

Eastern Asia - China

The War Against America’s Only Anti-War Candidate

TG45322Born in American Samoa, Representative (Major) Tulsi Gabbard of Hawaii, a Democrat and, far more than Trump, someone who stands against hypocrisy and fakery of every kind, is now running for President of the United States. Unlike Trump or Clinton or Obama or Romney or so many…

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Comprehensive Agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership Entered into Force

CCT4532121 January 2019 marked the third day since the Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for the Trans-Pacific Partnership (CPTPP) came into force. Irrespective of what will happen during this whole, still new year, the aforementioned event will remain among the most…

Eastern Asia - Japan

Washington Cheats its Way into the EU Energy Market, Yet it Lives Off Russian Gas

RLNG564522Over the past two years, Washington has been adamant in its attempts to pursue a dominant position on the international energy markets in accordance with the strategy presented by Donald Trump, which included an aggressive takeover of the European market by ensuring…

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Whatever Happened to Peak Oil?

4500Back during the early days of the Bush-Cheney administration, countless articles and even official statements by the International Energy Agency and various governments proclaimed the onset of what was termed Peak Oil. This was a time when former Halliburton CEO, Vice President Dick Cheney…

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Today's Arctic is Nothing but the Desired Treasure Land

ARC352452It’s curious that some people do not fully grasp the fact that the Arctic is so much more than a barren frozen desert or the proverbial homeland of Santa Claus. According to American geological experts, under its impending vastness the Arctic region hides up to 30% of world’s undiscovered…

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Blocking Nord Stream 2: To Fight "Russian Dictatorship," US Dictates to Europe

BN0209102859Rarely is irony and hypocrisy so thoroughly combined as it was when the US House of Representatives passed resolution 1035 – “Expressing opposition to the completion of Nord Stream II” (.pdf). Bloomberg in its article, “U.S. House Passes Resolution Opposing Russian Gas Pipeline”…


Is Canada Huawei Arrest Attempt to Sabotage Trump Xi Talks?

ARHW45222The arrest of the CFO of the China’s largest telecoms equipment company, Huawei, carries hallmarks of deep state or behind-the-scenes sabotage designed to rupture recent progress between US President Trump and China President Xi Jinping on strategic issues. Here are some elements…

Eastern Asia - China

Beware, Income Disparity is among the Leading Global Trends

674533It’s hardly a secret that there was an abrupt increase in income disparity pretty much all across the globe in the period from 1980 to 2017, as it has been recently confirmed by a report released by World Inequality Lab (WIL). Pretty much the same conclusion was voiced by a group of…

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Oil and Other Stocks Up on War for the Border Wall: No, Really

mexikoi-falUS President Donald Trump is in a pickle. Having put his foot down over the controversial border wall, the enigmatic billionaire has put himself and millions of Americas up against a wall. Excuse the metaphor, but his determination, while admirable, is going to end up in disaster…

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Saudi Arabia Declares War on Free Speech and Civil Liberties

SAU563222Saudi Arabia has done it again … that is to land itself in the middle of a controversy that exposes not just the dictatorial devolution of its system of governance but the inaptitude of its governing dogma to self-sustain against the pushes of technology.тEarly this January news surfaced that Prince Mohammed bin Salman called on…

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American Liberalism vs. Scientology – A Strange Fight


The US media’s campaign to expose the Church of Scientology, while pointing to very ugly truths about the organization, also points toward the problematic outlook of the cynical liberal establishment. Detractors of Marxism long accused it of being a secular religion. They pointed to its rites, holy books, and mission…

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Case of Ko Hyon-chol and Other Unsavory Tales of Sexual Abuse in South Korea

Ko-Hyon-cholOnce the story criticizing a report on mass-rape in DPRK was published, its author has faced with a fierce backlash. Many people were unwilling to believe that by “presenting notorious stories not as exceptions but as examples of daily tactics, and by then employing a similar…

Eastern Asia - South Korea

Why is Japan so Bitter About Unstoppable Rise of China?

JAP1There used to be a pair of beautiful swings for children, not far from an old rural temple in Mie Prefecture, where I used to frequently powerwalk, when searching for inspiration for my novels. Two years ago, I noticed that the swings had gotten rusty, abandoned, and unkempt. Yesterday…

Eastern Asia - Japan

Lobotomized: Secrecy and the “Dis-enlightenment”

SNWD342342As we enter 2019, one thing above all others is clear, the mechanisms of human engagement, education, media and information, even what passes for human contact through social media and email, is all subjected to “algorithms,” whatever those are. It was Snowden that brought it to our attention…

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Depopulation Crisis - When Numbers Don't Add Up, You've been Cheated


The population of the Earth today is just over 7.6 billion people. Up until the 1970s, the world’s population would grow in accordance with a hyperbolic formula discovered by the Austrian physicist Heinz von Foerster. Most recently, as sociologists were bracing for a demographic record, birth rates have suddenly come to a stall…

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