US-UK Accuse Russia of "NotPetya" Cyberattack, Offer Zero Evidence

The US and European press have both published stories accusing the Russian government, and in particular, the Russian military, of… More
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About the New US “Nuclear Posture Review”

Published in early February by the US Department of Defense, the new “Nuclear Posture Review” (Nuclear Posture Review, NPR-2018) drew the… More
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The Problem is America: The Malignant Cultural Hegemony

What is wrong with the American people? After several years of horrific policy toward the waking world, democracy’s standard bearers… More
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How France Became the Front Line of Salafists’ Expansionism

Belief so far has prevailed that Terror, such as that expressed by those factions which ambition through bloodshed and plunder… More
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Lebanon – Should it be Devil, Deep Blue Sea… or Russia?

Lebanon, as so often in the past, is facing mortal danger. Saudi Arabia is putting great pressure on the Lebanese… More
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Libya: 7 Years since February 17

008534423On February 17 it will be 7 years since the start of the events in Libya which led to the overthrow of its leader – Muammar Gaddafi. These years have been full of dramatic and often bloody events, which, according to a number of different indices (effective sovereignty, stability…

Middle East - Libya

China Through the Back Door

CHEU5635432Sometimes the tragic situation of the world is actually good for a laugh. It has recently come to my attention that while the US was ‘pivoting to Asia’ in an effort to contain China — making an issue over its build-up of tiny islands in the South China Sea for military purposes…


Are America's Hawks Any Good Against China's Dragons?

CA674534523423The recent publication of the notorious “Kremlin list” that is to become the basis of yet another round of anti-Russian punitive measures planned by the White House, was empowered by the Countering America’s Adversaries Through Sanctions Act. This law proclaims Russia to be…

Eastern Asia - China

The War in Syria is now 7 years old

62ffIn March this year it will be seven years since the Syrian Arab Republic was flung into a difficult, intense and drawn-out crisis. The waves of the so-called ‘Arab Spring’ or ‘Arab Revolution’ that plunged Tunisia, Egypt and Libya into chaos and shook up other countries in the region reached Syria and disrupted normal life in what had once been, by Middle East…

Middle East - Syria

Political Сrisis in the Maldives

M653432422It seems as if the political temperature in the Indian Ocean region is not going to ‘settle down’, as we predicted a week ago, but has already started to rise. That is demonstrated by the worsening situation in the Maldives, which is taking on the character of an internal political crisis, although in this case there has been an external element in this crisis right from the beginning…

Southern Asia

US Wants ISIS Sponsors to Rebuild Iraq

IR545234213Like a local mafia that breaks car windows by night and repairs them by day, the United States has enlisted its Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) partners – namely Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait, and the United Arab Emirates – to “rebuild” in Iraq in the wake of the defeated…

Middle East - Iraq

Will Lebanon Be the Next Energy War?

L5635434234A new geopolitical confrontation is shaping up in the Middle East, and not only between Israel and Syria or Iran. Like most conflicts there, it involves a fight for hydrocarbon resources—oil and gas. The new focus is a dispute between Israel and Lebanon over the precise demarcation…

Middle East - Lebanon


China's New World: Energy Markets, Sci-Fi Novels & Rational Progress

88qdThe rise of China is the largest geopolitical gamechange of the epoch. Never in history has a country so rapidly shifted its status, from one of the poorest countries on earth to the planet’s second largest economy. The impact…

Eastern Asia - China

Russian Peaceful Atom is Supporting Peace in Africa

N45234234234As is well-known, Russia is one of the most popular suppliers of nuclear technologies. The experience and high safety standards of Russian nuclear specialists are recognised throughout the world. Many developing countries in Africa and Asia are declaring an interest in nuclear power…


Europe’s Energy Geopolitics is Getting Dicey

63652649880978150Europe’s energy geopolitics and the security of EU energy supplies is getting very dicey as in contentious. The latest developments revolve around who will be the major suppliers of natural gas to the EU markets going forward. The major actors in the growing fight for market in…


Can India Offer its Neighbors an Alternative to China's 'One Belt, One Road'?

I645242342As China continues to develop its ‘One Belt, One Road’ Initiative (OBOR), its main competitor in the region, India, is working on its own international infrastructure projects. These are aimed at strengthening India’s influence in the region and providing…

Southern Asia - India

Japan Aims at Taking Center Stage in Modern Geopolitics

f0ccefd2It has been repeatedly pointed out that one of the most noteworthy trends of modern geopolitics is the return of Germany and Japan to the ranks of the world’s leading players. The two states that suffered a crushing defeat back in the days of the Second World War are now…

Eastern Asia - Japan

Will China BRI Cause East West Rupture in EU?

1511878747On 27 November Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban, already at odds with the unelected bureaucrats of the European Union over his insistence on the right to decide whether Brussels or national elected governments shall be allowed to become citizens in Europe’s ongoing refugee…


What Should Moon Jae-in Do to Establish an Inter-Korean dialogue?

015a2383ff5f3619cab9fef3b96b4642In the previous articles, we have already mentioned about the straddling the fence policy of new President of the Republic of Korea. On the one hand, Moon Jae-in actively lobbies American policy toward the DPRK, and on the other hand constantly…

Eastern Asia - South Korea


Greece Can Lead the Way to Europe’s Freedom

eeqqLast week a few hundred thousand Greeks raised their fists in protest in the streets of Thessaloniki. That protest, and an even larger one in that followed in front of Greece’s parliament in Athens tell us EU imposed austerity has gone too far. These protests were ostensibly…


The Notorious 1% is Getting Increasingly Childophobic

202445495Most Americans are now growing tired of the constant Russophobic hysteria that has become somewhat commonplace in the Western media. Allegedly, it’s been provoked by the so-called “Russian interference in the 2016 US elections” that no one can explain or prove. However, what most Americans…

USA in the World

Propaganda! Pardon Me, Is Mine Really Bigger than Yours?


They say Propaganda! In the West, both the mainstream media and even some of the so-called progressive outlets are shouting: “Those Russians and Chinese and the others like them, they are at it again! Their vicious propaganda is infiltrating our democratic, freedom-loving countries, spreading…

USA in the World

The Ins and Outs of US Security Culture

6c555435There is a cardinal rule which is invariably invoked whenever a former President meddles in a current president’s dealings with foreign countries. Often cited, it says: ‘The US has one president at a time.’ The long, drawn out ‘Russia Investigation’ targets members of the Trump…

USA in the World

World is Burning – While Western Left is Quarreling


It really is a shame, and it is tiring, but it is actually nothing new: there is now total disarray amongst those countless ‘progressive’ and ‘semi-left’ Western intellectuals, publications, movements and political parties. Cowardice, bloated egos, lack of discipline and intellectual pettiness…

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Is the Red October Legacy Still Traceable Across the Middle East?

3111Pictures of a red flag with communist symbols of a sickle crossed with a hammer flying over a building in the Syrian city of al-Raqqah, the city that used to be an ISIS stronghold for a long period time, has been circulating in the Arab media sources all through…

Middle East

The Genocide Conspiracy Against North Korea: An Open Letter to the International Criminal Court

CC424234234The American threats against North Korea continue to mount and with them the threat of the genocide of the people of North Korea by the United States of America and its allies. The meeting…


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