Happy Easter!

Dear readers and authors, Easter is one of the most important Christian events of the year. Commemorating Christ’s Resurrection, we… More

Inside the Globalist War On Our World

The unconventional war for complete control of our world goes on. Camouflaged underneath the stealthy facade of relative prosperity for… More
Politics Europe

Mueller’s Deep State Ploy Against Russia

America has been at war with herself since 1787. America’s war of independence has gone on for centuries now, a… More
Politics USA in the World

ISIS is Coming Back to Neck Bite Afghanistan

These days nobody is taken aback anymore by the opportunistic statements the sitting American president has been making for the… More
Politics Central Asia - Afghanistan

Will Trump Leave ….the United States?

Of the 400 pages of the just released Mueller Report, one sentence stands out, and it was not pronounced by… More
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Syria, A Storm is Coming

776644War is coming in Syria. The decision has been made, the targets are outlined. Syria has had enough. The fake color revolution has done more than fail, it has united Syrians in rage, their homes destroyed, their factories looted, their heritage peddled in auction houses in London and…

Middle East - Syria

Battle for Tripoli: What Awaits Libya?

TRI5452322The sound of machine gun fire in Tripoli after the start of Khalifa Haftar’s military campaign to “liberate the city” is accompanied by a bitter squabble between two conflicting sides aired by media outlets and on social networking sites. These opponents are Fayez Mustafa al-Sarraj’s…

Middle East - Libya

Will there be a War Between the US and the “Iranian Terrorists”?

7572880A visible pattern of US foreign policy application in the past two decades has been direct wars/military interventions as in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, and Libya. Importantly enough, all of these started with the US designating these countries, their rulers or some elements…

Middle East - Iran

US Coalition Boot Remains on Syria’s Neck

US AGGRESSION 678 740We all have heard enough Trump flip-flops on policy to not get too excited about anything reasonable that occasionally comes out of his mouth. Such things are usually an accident, and if not, his NeoCon handlers and Netanyahu will put him back onto the unipolar path to great wealth and power. High hopes were flying in 2018 when the Syrian coalition had finally defeated ISIS militants…

Middle East - Syria

Confusion Dominates as Algeria Heads into Troubled Waters

3D9815DD-2AE5-461D-9E2F-D817F6DBA69EWith the presidential election day approaching in Algeria, the sheer number of political forces aiming to secure power in this troubled state leaves geopolitical analysts bewildered and confused. Those trying hard to explain the situation that slips out of control rapidly are also…

Africa - Algeria

Breaking News! Putin’s Vast Riches Hidden at Costco


What if we all woke up one morning and everybody understood the Russian mentality? Just think, instead of listening to fairytales about Russia and Vladimir Putin, the world would be able to swiftly wade through mountains of negative bullshit to see the truth. This is the story of the “other” Vladimir Putin, the one whose meager salary and means were just revealed. The angry pirates that tried to…

Russia in the World

Can America Start Taking Care of Itself, Instead of Policing Others?

99664322In the seventies, when I returned to the US after ten years abroad, I was struck by the amount of ‘intelligence sophistication’ among America’s college graduates. At the same time, however, contrary to Europe, where it was a given, ideological literacy was strikingly absent…

USA in the World


Russia and Kyrgyzstan: New Stage in Relations

GZ4534522On 28 March 2019, Russian President Vladimir Putin paid an official visit to Kyrgyzstan. His Kyrgyz counterpart, President Sooronbay Jeenbekov, called the trip historical. Media outlets have primarily focused on agreements, reached via negotiations between the two leaders…

Central Asia - Kyrgyzstan

Washington's Attempt to Impose its Will on the EU Stirs Anti-American Moods

1047411908The untamed desire of the Trump administration to impose all sorts of conditions and restrictions on the way that Europe operates is clearly leading to an abrupt increase in anti-American moods across various social layers of the European society. Practically speaking…


Future of Russian-UAE Military and Technical Cooperation

ff sIn recent years, the United Arab Emirates (the UAE) became an important partner for Russia in the Middle East by choosing to support Russian Federation’s military actions in Syria in 2015. Owing to increasing mutual trust and the need to cooperate on security, Russia and the UAE began…

Middle East

Gangster Economics Against Huawei & Nordstream 2

1538902728-4385Many Americans base their entire view of the world, and their understanding of the relationship of the United States to other countries, on the contents of a college-level “Economics 101” course. They view the world market as a land of “free competition” in which different countries and international corporations “compete.” They then believe that consumers…


Our Malevolent Benefactors and Their Master Plan for Humanity

104891709On the subject of world ending machinations by the ruling elite, news Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, and Michael Bloomberg want to save is could spell “The End.” The men who pull all the media, political, and business levers in much of the world, they now want to pretend to save…

USA in the World

Xi Jinping in Italy: It’s the Ports!

VAN4552342To the concern of Germany, France, Holland and other EU countries, Italy’s coalition has just signed a Memorandum of Understanding with China to join China’s Belt Road Initiative, the so-called New Economic Silk Road. Italy is the only industrial G7 country so far to opt in to the BRI. The China deal has the potential…


Viet Nam's Economics Miracle Haunts US-DPRK Talks

VietnamWhile free market countries across the developing world remain deeply impoverished, China and Viet Nam have both seen impressive increases in living standards during the past several decades. Public voices in the western world give all credit for this to “liberalization,” but…

Southeast Asia - Vietnam


Glyphosate Worse Than We Could Imagine

8811As new studies continue to point to a direct link between the widely-used glyphosate herbicide and various forms of cancer, the agribusiness lobby fights ferociously to ignore or discredit evidence of human and other damage. A second US court jury case just ruled that Monsanto, now a part of the German Bayer AG, must pay…

USA in the World

The Persecution of Julian Assange Sends Some Alarming Signals

11221122The arrest of Julian Assange by British police on 11 April 2019 raises a number of troubling questions. It naturally enough provoked the outrage of Assange’s supporters; a blandly noncommittal comment by the Australian Minister of Foreign Affairs (“appropriate consular assistance”)…


To Avoid a War with Itself, America is on the Warpath Yet Again

USAThere’s been a lot of discussion lately about the place the US will find itself in three decades, when the world finds itself celebrating New Year’s 2050. In this context, it’s been noted that Americans remain pessimistic about many aspects of life in the land of the free…

USA in the World

Stop That Gucci And Prada Talk – Chinese And Russians People Want To Live, Too!

7788I hear this again and again, whenever I speak in the West: “What kind of Communism is that, in China? In all big cities, they have Prada and Gucci in every major department store.” Western leftists are obsessed with this topic. They do not even realize how ridiculous…

Eastern Asia

Western "Rights Advocates" Rush to Chechen "Activist's" Aid

TT4534522Human Rights Watch (HRW) executive director Kenneth Roth recently decried legal proceedings against the alleged “leading human rights defender in Chechnya,” Oyub Titiyev. But as with much of what HRW decries, Titiyev has less to do with actually defending human rights, and more…

Russia in the World

Cheating Scandal in Admission to Elite American Universities is Telltale Sign of Decay in Higher Education

GR34232One only needs to give a few lessons about how to apply to US universities – you teach students about the admission policies, motivational letters, etc. However, it is also necessary to make an attempt to get across…

USA in the World

Is America Dying?


The world looks on America as something very different than it really is. Much of what is told of America, both good and bad, is simply as Donald Trump says, “fake news.” Americans themselves know little about America. Few travel within their own country. America, you see, if 50 little countries, some like California or Florida or Texas, a virtual “Europe”…

USA in the World

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