China-Solomon Islands Relations will Change the Balance of Powers in the Pacific


In April 2022, the world learned that China and the Solomon Islands had concluded a framework security treaty allowing China to deploy its naval forces in a small but strategically important nation in Oceania, just 2,000 km off the coast of the largest state in the South Pacific, Australia. At this point, however, the Chinese authorities…

Eastern Asia - China

Arab World on the Eve of Joe Biden’s Visit


The Arab world seems to be not only making successful attempts at unification, but also seeking to play a more active role on the international arena. And here Russia’s plans to transform the selfish unipolar world into a multipolar one, where the interests of all countries, including the Arab states, would be fully taken into account, are consonant with it. In this context…

Middle East

The Plan Emerges: America’s Leadership Will “Dismantle Russia” for Good


“The Russian Federation just came out with a new strategy entitled “Destroying America: A Moral Imperative.” Okay, not really. But the United States is intent on exactly this strategy for “dealing with” Russia. However, the Commission on Security and Cooperation in Europe (CSCE) version is titled “Decolonizing…

USA in the World

Russia is Left with Few Options Other than to Defend Itself, “As Always!”


One prince rides out from the West, the other from the East, destined to do battle until Judgment Day decrees there must come a time of peace. Ancient legends have always fascinated me, and it has always seemed that this is always with us: the past, the present and the future all knotted together in a repetitive loop…

Russia in the World

No End to the Chronicles of the Taiwan Issue


In the new commentary on the most significant developments one way or another related to the Taiwan issue, first of all it is worth re-emphasizing what in the author’s view is the most important thing. Namely, despite the continuing general trend of thickening clouds in the picture reflecting the issue, there are still glimpses…

Eastern Asia - China

South Korea becomes 7th Full-fledged Space Power


On June 21, 2022, a 200-tonne South Korean space launch vehicle (KSLV-II), or Nuri, finally took off from the Naro spaceport in Goheung County, Jeollanam-do Province. The Ministry of Science and ICT and the Korea Aerospace Research Institute (KARI) announced that all tasks of the flight had been completed. On June 22, KARI established two-way communication…

Eastern Asia - South Korea

Russia and Israeli Exceptionalism


After years of indiscriminate bombing of Syrian infrastructure by Israel, it was reported, in mid-May 2022 that Russia fired a “warning shot” S-300 missile “near” Israeli planes. These planes were attacking a military facility near Latakia and, as is generally the case, collateral damage, meaning dead civilians, are the norm. In fact, I just received an intelligence report out of Amman, Jordan stating…

Middle East - Israel


Africa in the Light of SPIEF 2022


Moscow has in recent years been increasingly developing its cooperation with Africa in all directions. The current world situation has prompted the search for new opportunities for direct trade and economic ties, and for many years now SPIEF has been one of the platforms for communication between various states and businesses. It is…


Global Planned Financial Tsunami has Just Begun


Since the creation of the US Federal Reserve over a century ago, every major financial market collapse has been deliberately triggered for political motives by the central bank. The situation is no different today, as clearly the US Fed is acting with its interest rate weapon to crash what is the greatest speculative financial bubble in human history, a bubble it created. Global crash…

USA in the World

US Murders Europe and Other Competitors with its Gas Weapon


As you know, the main driver of US geopolitics has long been the reallocation of the hydrocarbon market. For this purpose, wars, coups and other conflicts are staged. To somehow camouflage such explicit aspirations for global energy market conquest, Washington has in recent decades adopted the brand of “holy war on…


The True Cost of Europe’s Sanctions Upon Russia Are Now Being Revealed


Last Tuesday Russia’s Gasprom company announced that it was restricting the flow of natural gas via the Nord Stream 1 pipeline to Germany by 40% from previously planned levels. The restriction was justified on the basis of delays in equipment to affect necessary repairs. Those delays are directly attributable…


Iran and Russia Revive the North-South Transport Corridor


Following agree- ments reached during the January official visit to Moscow by Seyyed Ebrahim Raisi, President of the Islamic Republic of Iran, to further develop and deepen bilateral relations between Iran and Russia, the countries have decided to jointly revive the North-South Transport Corridor. This decision…

Middle East

The West Unsuccessfully Tries to Play the Algerian Card


It is now clear to all that the gas war the US and Europe unleashed against Russia, has been lost by the “collective West”. Moscow managed to push “gas for rubles”, forcing the EU to “reverse gear” by agreeing to Russia’s terms. European companies can now pay for Russian gas in rubles, which would not be considered a violation of sanctions, according…

Africa - Algeria

In Japan, Criticism of the Government Grows Over the Losses Caused by Sanctions against Russia


Against the background of the current Japanese government’s clearly ill-conceived policies, which are causing ever greater misery for its people, criticism of Fumio Kishida’s cabinet has increased markedly, with his rating dropping by a further 4.6 percentage points to 56.9% over the month…

Eastern Asia - Japan


A Few Words about Sexism - Japan’s Experience


In the current stage of the Great Game – the global geopolitical power struggle in which the contestants are behaving more and more like the inmates of a madhouse – the world is seeing words take on new meanings. And one of the most important words in this Newspeak is “sexism.” This term, or rather a marker – a bit like the code words used by fighter pilots…

Eastern Asia - Japan

Ukraine is a Terrorist Entity like al-Qaeda and ISIS


The current Kiev regime can hardly be called a “state” even with certain reservations. Just like the notorious terrorist groups banned in Russia and in many countries around the world, such as Al-Qaeda or ISIS – Islamic State of Iraq and Syria. The behavior of the Kiev authorities is typically terrorist: terror against civilians, fighting under cover of civilians…

Ukraine in the world

Crises Exacerbated by the West have Led to an Increase in Drug Production and Consumption


Drugs and terrorism have become an instrument of international politics. Drugs have been increasingly used by certain actors in international life, especially the United States and its Western allies, to enhance their hegemony. Such actions not only destroy the youth and entire nations, but also create chains of corruption in countries which…


The Future of the British Monarchy in Australia


In 1952, Elizabeth II became Queen of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, as well as the head of the Commonwealth of Nations, the 54 members of which include Australia. On June 2, 2022, large-scale celebrations dedicated to the 70th anniversary of the coronation of Elizabeth II were held in the UK. And Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese paid his…

Asian-Pacific region - Australia

Australia: When Will It Be An Independent State?


When people talk about Asia, they do not generally mean Australia. After all, it is the largest part of a theoretically separate continent, Oceania, and its people are white and British in origin for the most part. However Oceania is a cultural term as much as anything. It refers to places where there a mix of native Polynesians and white European settlers, and English…

Asian-Pacific region - Australia

Can the Ruskies Pick Up Where America Left Off?


When McDonald’s shuttered operations in Russia as part of the western corporate war on Vladimir Putin’s country, my family began a boycott of the fast-food chain. It’s been a little painful, but not for the reasons you might think. None of us miss the McBurps (greasy belches) McDonald’s food always causes. We do, however, miss our little family traditions, Mickey-D…

USA in the World

On the Consequences of Yet Another Anti-Islamic Public “Gaffe” in India


Alas, this author was given another topic to discuss in the context of the interconfessional situation in India. A country that is one of the world’s major powers, whose huge population inevitably gives an extremely important foreign policy component to its seemingly purely domestic events. All the more so when…


Southern Asia - India

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