US Postpones Passage of “Taiwan Policy” Bill


In this author’s latest article on the Taiwan issue, it is important to note the development of its central point to date, namely the apparent strengthening in the last year or two of that faction of the US establishment which stands for abandoning the so-called “strategy of uncertainty” in its approach to Taiwan. Unlike the still iconic for many former…

USA in the World

Israel on the Eve of the Fifth Round of Elections


Israeli interim Prime Minister Yair Lapid, in just 29 words from the rostrum of the UN General Assembly, radically changed the fifth electoral round of elections from the first four electoral cycles of the past two and a half years. From the rostrum of one of the world’s largest international diplomatic forums, he said, “An agreement with the Palestinians…

Middle East - Israel

Disgruntlement with US Ambassador to Georgia Kelly Degnan Reaches Critical Levels


The wave of criticism of US Ambassador Kelly Degnan’s activities has recently swept Georgia and gained critical momentum, along with the criticism of US policy in the country in general. In an interview to the Public TV – First Channel, chairman of the ruling Georgian Dream coalition Irakli Kobakhidze called…

Caucasus - Georgia

Futenma Remains a Thorn in the Side of US-Japanese Relations


The fate of the US Marine Corps Air Station Futenma, one of several operated by the US military on Okinawa, has been discussed many times in the NEO and is noteworthy from several angles. Above all, however, because not only are the answers to the two traditional questions “Who is to blame?” and “What is to be…

Eastern Asia - Japan

Russia, Iran, and China are Forming a New Geopolitical Axis


Today it is clear to everyone that three new power centers have emerged in Asia – Russia, Iran, and China, which are independent and oppose the ideology of expansion and a unipolar world propagated by the West and the United States. Iran’s accession to the SCO, and the active development in various areas of cooperation…

Middle East - Iran

“Sensitive Issues” in PRC-ROK Relations: the Problem of THAAD and the Issue of KADIZ


From the general political aspects of PRC-ROK relations, let us move on to the “sensitive” ones. The main one is the THAAD issue, which this article will talk about in more detail. More specifically, the issue of whether the new leadership in the ROK will continue the so-called “agreement of the three no’s,” in response to which…

Eastern Asia - South Korea

SCO is Shaping the Contours of a New World Order


The Samarkand summit of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) brought together representatives of 15 countries – not only members of the organization, but also observers and future members who are interested in its activities. The SCO now encompasses half the world’s population and its GDP corresponds to a quarter…

Middle East - Iran


West Steps Up Sanctions against Turkey


At the behest of Washington, Western countries are intensifying the crisis in relations with Ankara by imposing more and more anti-Turkish sanctions. Be it for the drilling operations in the eastern Mediterranean, the purchase of Russian surface-to-air missile systems, or simply because of rapprochement with Russia – anything goes…

Middle East - Turkey

Russia Shifts to a Zero-waste Nuclear Cycle in its NPPs


The global energy crisis, arguably the worst since 1973, is forcing adjustments in nuclear energy policy in the European Union and many other parts of the world. Washington’s policy of squeezing Russia out of the European energy market, decommissioning European NPPs and forcing a “green agenda,” for the express purpose of strangling its main economic…

Russia in the World

PRC-ROK Relations from the End of 2021; the Economic Aspect


The Chinese market, including Hong Kong, accounts for 33% of Korea’s total trade, but several distinct trends can be identified in the two countries’ economic relations. The first trend is the development of economic cooperation in several areas. For example, on December 22, 2021 South Korea’s SK Hynix received Chinese approval…

Eastern Asia - China

Pakistan’s Relations with Russia are Progressing Well


Historically, relations between Moscow and Islamabad have been rather complicated. After declaring independence from British India, Pakistan made a geopolitical choice in its early decades, opting for close military-political and economic ties with the US, which largely predetermined the cool relations between the former and the Soviet Union. There were…


Southern Asia - Pakistan

On the First Ministerial Meeting of IPEF Member Countries


On September 8-9, the first meeting of the trade ministers of the member countries of the Indo-Pacific Economic Framework for Prosperity, which is oftentimes abbreviated to, for some reason, only IPEF (rather than, say, IPEFP), was held in Los Angeles. US President Joe Biden announced the very fact of this association being created on May 23 this year in Tokyo…

USA in the World

Russia, Azerbaijan and Iran Accelerate Work on an Alternative to the Suez Canal


In order to accelerate the development of the International North-South Transport Corridor (ITC), in particular its railway segment through the Western Chord, a Declaration was signed in Baku by Russia, Azerbaijan and Iran confirming the readiness of these countries to intensify cooperation in the assessment…

Middle East

“Russian Oil Price Cap”: the Middle East’s Perspective


Attempts by G7 countries to set a price limit on the sale of Russian oil on world markets are provoking reactions in the Middle East region, especially in oil-producing countries. In local analyst circles, the message promoted by the proponents of this idea that the demand for hydrocarbons has decreased, is not popular. The Americans want to promote this idea…

Middle East


PRC-ROK Relations: Cultural Exchanges


After THAAD was deployed in the Republic of Korea in 2016, China restricted access to its market for South Korean (pop) culture content, including games, movies, TV series and popular music. Korean artists were banned from touring in China. However, the Chinese government did not issue any official decrees on this matter: restrictions were imposed by rejecting…

Eastern Asia - South Korea

Why does Africa Oppose the Presence of UN Peacekeepers?


UN peacekeeping in Africa is in deep crisis, with the Blue Helmets not only failing in their missions but also regularly getting caught up in the middle of scandals. For the past few years there have been rallies in the Democratic Republic of Congo against the presence of representatives of the UN multidimensional mission in the DRC (MONUSCO…

Africa - Mali

“Sensitive Issues” in PRC-ROK Relations: Issues of Sinophobia


This topic has been raised many times by this author in his NEO articles, and its manifestations are manifold. People’s dislike On December 28, Yoon Suk-yeol stated that most South Koreans, especially young people, dislike China despite President Moon Jae-in’s administration’s pro-China policies, adding that most young Chinese also dislike…

Eastern Asia - South Korea

The Factor of the Unification Church in Japan’s Current Domestic and Foreign Policies


This magazine has already discussed Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida’s radical reshuffling of his cabinet on August 10 this year and the extent to which this decision may have been influenced by various contacts between former Japanese ministers and a certain quasi-religious cult. The cult in question is an offshoot…

Eastern Asia - Japan

Britain Lost a Symbolic Figure with the Death of Queen Elizabeth II and Gained Nothing with the Appointment of Liz Truss


Around the world, condolences are being expressed on the death of 96-year-old British Queen Elizabeth II. Among the leaders of countries, the first foreign leader to congratulate Charles III on his accession to the British throne and express condolences in connection…


South Korea is Leaving behind the Dark Heritage of its Past


On October 17, 1972 Park Chung-hee, President of South Korea, masterminded a constitutional coup, which he called October Yusin, or the October Restoration. The Fourth Republic (1972-1980) is described in both Korean and Soviet/ Russian sources as a period of extreme totalitarian rule and the most dictatorial government in modern Korean history. The Yusin…

Eastern Asia - South Korea

Why are the US and Europe Legalizing Marijuana?


Recently, there have been increasing reports in the American and Western media about the legalization of marijuana in various countries. Although using marijuana is illegal in many countries, in the US the process has been very active in recent years, giving a major boost to an entire industry. The process of drug legalization in violation of international law…


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