Western Journalists Use Bangkok For Regional Agitation

The so-called Foreign Correspondents' Club of Thailand (FCCT) is located in downtown Bangkok and includes the regional offices of many… More
Society Southeast Asia

US-DPRK: The Treacherous Withdrawal from the NPT

The reason for this series of articles was US President D.Trump’s famous saying that "Being nice to Rocket Man hasn't… More
Politics Eastern Asia - North Korea

Roots of Saudi Purge Lie in Washington

It was Jared Kushner’s un-announced visit to Saudi Arabia only days before Saudi Arabia’s night of long knives that appears… More
Politics Middle East

Demise Of The Petrodollar Has The Potential To Reshape The Geopolitical World

In the early 1970s President Richard Nixon instigated two changes that had profound effects. The first of these was taking… More
Economics USA in the World

The Sochi Summit – Concluding Remarks

Russia-Turkey-Iran summit on Syria in Sochi
The three-party Sochi summit on Syria, between Russia, Iran and Turkey has not even started and many countries have already… More
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The Goofy Billionaire Overnight Saudi Prince is Going After Iran

6743554544Lebanon’s Prime Minister Saad Al-Hariri, who announced his surprise resignation in Riyadh, has recently announced his intention to return to Beirut. In fact it was the Saudi crown prince Mohammad bin Salman, who still needs an excuse…

Middle East

Turkey and Central Asia

01355550015106797078048Today the burning problem for states in Central Asia is the presence of external interests. Earlier, this influence was considered in the region of China and the European Union. Turkey has been longing to become another, though no less important external regional player for…

Middle East - Turkey

Russia's Difficult Decision in Syria is to be Discussed with Ankara and Tehran

3452312312It’s been reported that leaders of Russia, Turkey and Iran will meet in Sochi on November 22 to discuss the Syrian conflict, and specifically, settlement matters. This meeting is in no way connected with the Syrian National…

Middle East

UN General Assembly Against Glorification of Nazism

general-assembly 3The Third Committee of the UN General Assembly met on November 16 this year and adopted the resolution on combating glorification of Nazim, racial discrimination and xenophobia, as introduced by Russia, with the support of 125 states…


Gangsterism, Mob Rule and War

673423424Criminal gangs that run our governments, control our corporations, fabricate our news, invent and reinvent out history and lull us into slavery do so believing humanity to be a form of cattle, no more.  Denying this…

Middle East

The Middle East: the Decline of American Might

2114The Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei stated that the cooperation between Moscow and Tehran and the refusal of mutual payments in US dollars could isolate the USA and “repel the American sanctions”. The Supreme Leader added, “It is possible to cooperate with Russia…

Middle East

Kashmir - The Independence Movement Much More Dangerous Than Catalonia's

4543232323At the moment everyone is pitching in on the situation in Catalonia as the real story. Having held a referendum on independence, in defiance of the Spanish constitution, the Catalan regional parliament must have…

Southern Asia


The Huge Implications of Russia’s Northern Sea Route

65344334In terms of dealing with some of the world’s harshest weather conditions no country comes close compared with Russia. Now Russia has made it a highest priority to develop a Northern Sea Route along the Russian Arctic coast to enable LNG and container freight shipments…

Russia in the World

Russia China Build Up A New Economic Geography

T465345353On November 8 Russia’s large mining group Norilsk Nickel announced it had begun operations at a new state-of-the-art Bystrinsky mining and processing plant outside of Chita in Russia’s Zabaykalsky Krai. Notable about the project is…

Russia in the World

The Problems of Moon Jae-in’s Energy Policy

7755 Journal NEO CollageNot so long ago, we talked about the great purge of Moon Jae-in instigated to strengthen his political position. Without this, many of his projects, especially populistic initiatives, risk being buried, not unlike the similar ideas of his predecessors. In this context, let us…

Eastern Asia - South Korea

The Great Degeneration of the West: Where Do Wrong Decisions Lead?

ff8ddcb1dfb425d74a9d2d749f915182The processes taking place in the US and the European countries over the past 30 years have led to the economic, cultural and ideological decline of the West. It is now being pushed back by the central…


Armenia's Energy: Benefits of Cooperation with the EU

45234234234In November 2017, the Republic of Armenia (RA) plans to sign an important treaty with the European Union. The document is known as the “Comprehensive and Enhanced Partnership Agreement” (CEPA). In the view of its supporters, the expansion…

Caucasus - Armenia

Prospects of Russian Nuclear Business in the Middle East

5414213213123It is known that the Middle East countries have no developed nuclear arsenals. Until recently, some of them were not interested in the nuclear industry, as they are rich in hydrocarbon resources. Others are simply not capable of…

Middle East

China and Thailand: Tank Tracks and Train Tracks

tr6632While Thailand undergoes a sensitive transition with the October funeral for its head of state, the widely respected and revered King Bhumibol Adulyadej, the Southeast Asia constitutional monarchy, home to 70 million and one of the strongest regional economies, continues…

Southeast Asia - Thailand


Bezos, the WAPO, Edelman and Staying Out of Policy Matters

9997454322I suppose it was inevitable for the technology gurus and digital prostitutes of the world to finally throw in with the technocrats. Events of the last few days prove once and for all, that the deep state and the liberal order are truly “all in” fighting a total war…

USA in the World

J’accuse! The Demand For Injustice

56453424342J’accuse! The phrase of Emil Zola, that shook a nation because it demanded justice for a falsely accused man, the phrase that will ever be remembered, as will the man who wrote it, is a phrase now used to condemn people, without trial, without fair hearing, without right of reply…

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US Neglects the Safety of Nuclear Power Plants in Europe

65452323Nuclear power is now going through a difficult time and the world community is becoming more and more concerned by it. After the tragic events of 1986 at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant, as well…


And it Begins: Are Waves of EU Bond Migrants about to Inundate Georgian Villages?

4425There is always a price to pay for gaining the benefits of EU membership, and even the hope of eventual EU membership. When Spain first applied in the early 1980s it was obliged to cut agricultural production but only…


Mass Shootings, Terrorism & “Western Values”

4512323131While the two profiles of mass murderers across the western world in recent years seem totally different from each other, they seem to share a common theme. While the “angry white men” and “ISIS inspired” “Lone Wolves” have different…

USA in the World

The West Faces New Threats: The African Issue

4232434356The Strategic Review on Defense and National Security for 2017, published in mid-October by the French Ministry of Defense, says a lot about the current state of international affairs. Firstly, it confirms that the system of international…


Washington’s Think Tank Terrorists

7745245234A Brookings paper widely cited as attacking the relationship between Saudi Arabia and ISIS, sets a new standard for propaganda. Upon reading, How States Exploit Jihadists Foreign Fighters, turns reality on its head, blaming the victims, nations like Pakistan and Syria…

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