The Stench of Imperialism: The Statement of Theresa May

On April 16 the British prime minister, Theresa May made a speech to parliament setting out the “justifications” for Britain’s… More
Politics Europe

Future of Asia: China's Economic Opportunities or America's Perpetual Conflict?

The US recently announced possible plans to deploy thousands of addition US Marines to East Asia as part of the… More
Politics Eastern Asia - China

Is There a Future for Afghanistan to Enjoy?

One can often hear the Syrian conflict being compared with the war in Afghanistan, while the latter is often mentioned… More
Politics Central Asia - Afghanistan

India in Search for an Optimal Foreign Policy

As the Nezavisimoye Voyennoye Obozreniye (NVO, Russian weekly newspaper supplement to Nezavisimaya Gazeta dedicated to military posture) noted more than… More
Politics Southern Asia - India

Today’s Outlook: Global Annihilation, Grave Robbing, and More

A few days before the United States, Britain, and France wasted several hundred millions of dollars attacking Syria, a The… More
Politics Middle East


Privatization and the Militarization of the Deep State

D343412After 9/11, the Bush administration in Washington restructured the United States. Few noticed the real goal of “privatization” of military, intelligence and even basic roles of judiciary, police and governance oversight. It was sold under the guise of “neo-conservatism.” Something…

USA in the World

Soft Power: US Gives Award to US-Funded Agitator

TJW3545245The Western media continues to saturate headlines with stories of “Russian meddling,” meanwhile Western governments led by Washington openly celebrate their own meddling in foreign political affairs. One such example unfolded during the US State Department’s annual “Women of Courage…

Southeast Asia - Thailand

The US ‘Deep State’ Doesn’t Want an End to Syria War

7645634543The Islamic State (IS) has been defeated in Syria root and square, but the war hasn’t ended yet and it might not end as long as the American war machine continues to pound both directly and in-directly. While the American war machine’s involvement in the war and its stubborn…

Middle East - Syria

Let’s Bomb Syria to Hell Before The Truth “Blows Up” In Our Faces

Bandiera di Francia e InghilterraSo they went ahead and did it. The UK government was caught red-handed accusing Russia of poisoning Sergei Skripal without having evidence. Donald Trump is in the process of being impeached by investigators who already know what he did, and are simply seeking the confirmation from…

Middle East - Syria

The Libyan Scenario for North Korea

NK63432342On March 23, 2018, the US media published an interview with the newly-appointed National Security Advisor John R. Bolton, where he stated that the only solution for North Korea is complete disarmament – following the example…

Eastern Asia - North Korea

“New Think” and America’s Fake Gas War

106351Events during the spring of 2018, and we are speaking about the accusations against Russia and Syria involving the use of chemical warfare weapons, has opened a new page in history. Russia’s Foreign Minister, Lavrov, complains that former levels of lying and propagandizing, always…

USA in the World

Has Trump Revealed his True Face?

TA35234234On Friday night, in his televised speech to the nation, Donald Trump announced its decision to launch air strikes on Syria with the support of France and the United Kingdom in response to alleged criminal acts of Damascus. Trump’s decision to take direct military action against Syria…

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The Boao Forum for Asia at the Prospect of the US-China Trade War

7856On April 8-11, the resort town of Bo’ao, situated on the Chinese island of Hainan, saw the regular economic Boao Forum for Asia (BFA). Let us note the increasing importance of this forum that today is called “the Asian Davos”. This time it was visited by both the former UN Secretary…

Eastern Asia - China

Russia and India on the Brink of a Major Trade Breakthrough

871Russia and India are long-standing partners with a rich history of mutually beneficial cooperation. The two countries have great trading potential. However, Russian-Indian trade and economic cooperation cannot yet be called very active. This situation is not acceptable to either…

Southern Asia - India

Chinese Capital is Taking Over ASEAN

0f4127374178d497de350eac13bf3c04Malaysia is one of the most developed members of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN). Its relationship with China was, until recently, fairly tense. Malaysia’s geographic location allowed it to control the Malacca Strait, one of the world’s most important seaways…

Eastern Asia - China

Trump China Trade War Has Deeper Agenda


Washington’s recent trade actions are aimed foursquare at China, not at the EU or other trade partners. However, the aim is not to reduce China exports to the US. The aim is a fundamental opening up of the Chinese economy to the Washington free…

Eastern Asia - China

Is the Eurozone in a Dead End?

S56342342It’s remarkable that the Euro and the Eurozone currency grouping hasn’t fallen apart until now. Greece could have done it in 2010 but it was avoided by extraordinary acts of the Euro governments and European Central Bank. Now those actions are coming back to haunt especially Germany who stands poised to become the “sugar daddy” of the debt-bloated southern…


Opposition Grows to Merkel Macron EU Superstate

R8856345235A predictable process of dis-integration across the European union is underway. It has now gained momentum not only from the elections in Italy where more than two-thirds voted against open borders refugee policies pushed by Brussels. And it comes…


Russia is Strengthening its Positions in Laos

11707702South East Asia is a thriving region with a large population and significant economic and political potential. Strengthening influence in South East Asia is an important task for the world’s leading powers. The main partner of Russia in the Association of South East Asian Nations (ASEAN) is Vietnam. However…

Southeast Asia


There's no End to Washington's "Invade, Destroy, Repeat" Mantra

DR452341341Aggression in all shapes and forms has been for a long time the tool of choice for Washington in its approach towards all of its foreign policy challenges. There’s more confirmations of this notion in history that you will be willing to check up and those become…

USA in the World

Arab Media's Take on the Salisbury Incident

SI56242342Opinions voiced by the Arab media regarding the Salisbury incident range from bewilderment to skepticism and outright criticism. Upon examining the accusations voiced against Russia, all of Arab authors point out a long list of inconsistencies found across the Western narrative…

Middle East

The Triumph of Edward Bernays

6546342America’s latest anti-Russian frenzy is a supreme tribute to Edward Bernays, the Austro-American ‘father of public relations’ who convinced psychologists and politicians alike (starting with Goebbels and Ford) of the power of propaganda. Realizing that people are irrational and…

USA in the World

Voices of the Syrian People


The attack against Syria – this proud and independent country – has just taken place. Three countries with zero moral mandate to judge or punish anybody; three countries already responsible for hundreds of millions of human lives lost on all continents for centuries, showered Syria with their missiles. They tried to scare…

Middle East - Syria

US Gov Backs Dangerous New Genetic Manipulation Approach

3112The Trump Administration is backing a new technology for the genetic manipulation of plants and even animals with no intend to supervise or regulate against possible dangers. If left unchecked, it could open a Pandora’s Box of dangers to human health for generations. Yet very…

USA in the World

Vietnam Locks up US-funded Agitators

h1278Vietnam has tried and imprisoned several members of a US-funded network engaged in sedition across the country. The move follows  trials and prison terms handed out earlier this year for other US-funded operatives meddling in Vietnam’s internal political affairs. The prison terms for…

Southeast Asia - Vietnam

Degeneracy and Fundamentalism of Western Media Control

86443432Dedicated to ‘my’ magazine, NEO. There is nothing sadder and more pathetic, than a notorious liar shouting, spitting saliva, insulting normal people left and right, while terrorizing those who are telling the truth…

USA in the World

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