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Geopolitical Tectonic Plates are Shifting


With the world on fire in so many places, trying to write an overview can be a daunting task when a book-sized effort is really needed. But our commentaries here can help readers begin to connect the dots as to why this is all happening, what the downside risks are to us, and what options we have to try to approach it better…

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"Drone Attack" on Saudi Oil - Who Benefits?


Huge blazes were reported at two oil facilities in Saudi Arabia owned by Aramco. While Saudi authorities refused to assign blame, media outlets like the BBC immediately began insinuating either Yemen’s Houthis or Iran were responsible. The BBC in its article, “Saudi Arabia oil facilities ablaze after drone strikes,” would…

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Georgian Criminal Organizations Are Busy Taking Over Europe

At the end of March 2017, an agreement on visa-free travel between the European Union and Georgia came into effect for their citizens.  Since it entered into force, overall, more than 300,000 Georgian residents have travelled to EU countries. And according to statistics compiled…


Will Bolton’s Exit Cause a Change in the US Foreign Policy?


Although not strictly a foreign affairs minister, John Bolton’s exit from the White House might leave a significant impact on the US foreign policy, for the US foreign policy is typically deeply intertwined with the question of US ‘national security’ and it is the name of ‘national…

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Iranian Noose Around Donald Trump’s Neck


A number of American media outlets have stated that U.S. President Donald Trump’s standing is not as good as it could be at present. The latest opinion polls conducted in the United States show that his approval rating reached its lowest levels, and that he could be beaten by any of the four…

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When Will the US and Iranian Leaders Meet?


The key element of the current system of international political, economic and military relations is the ability of the US and Iran to keep the conflict between the two countries from degenerating into direct military confrontation. Until recently, the Donald Trump Administration had strongly opposed easing sanctions against Iran, instead…

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Of Paradise Lost and Last Straws


Although the Bahamas are ruled by a governor-general appointed by Queen Elizabeth, given that many wealthy Americans spend their winters there (served by a year-round population of Afro-Caribbean and mixed descent), one would expect the neighboring United States to fill in for the British Commonwealth when catastrophe hits. Apparently…

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Will the IMF, FED, Negative Interest and Digital Money Kill the Western Economy?


The IMF, has been instrumental in helping destroying the economy of a myriad of countries, notably, and to start with, the new Russia after the fall of the Soviet Union, Greece, Ukraine and lately Argentina, to mention just a few. Madame Christine Lagarde, as chief…


The New American Oil Empire Built on Sand


Over the course of the past decade the United States, following decades of relative stagnation in oil production, has surprised many to become the largest oil producer in the world, exceeding Russia as well as Saudi Arabia. Latest daily production is just above 12.1 million barrels a day. In November 2018 for the first time in…

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Spotlight on Africa


In the world we live in today, amid a scramble which is unfolding to gain control of the key natural resources we exploit and to shape the political world order of the 21st century, there are many areas where Africa and Russia have interests which overlap objectively. About 50-52% of the Earth’s natural resources are found in Russia and Africa, which means that…


How Radiophobia Contributes to the Exacerbation of the Korean-Japanese Relations Condoned by Moon Jae-In


A short while ago, we discussed the question whether the South Korean government was pushing its citizens to boycott Japanese goods or travel to Japan or whether this was an ordinary initiative of the citizens. The picture becomes much clearer if we pay attention…

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Southeast Asia Ignores US War on Huawei


The Western media has begun complaining about Southeast Asia’s collective decision to move forward with 5G network technology from Chinese telecom giant Huawei despite US demands that nations ban all Huawei products. These demands are predicated on clearly fabricated…

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Is the Fed Preparing to Topple US Dollar?


Unusual remarks and actions by the outgoing head of the Bank of England and other central banking insiders strongly suggest that there is a very ugly scenario in the works to end the role of the US dollar as world reserve currency. In the process, this would involve that the Fed deliberately triggers a dramatic economic depression…

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Is there a Future for Trans-Caspian Gas Pipeline?


Recently, Washington, in its expansionist attempts to aggressively promote its LNG on the European market and to limit the access of cheaper Russian gas to Europe, has increasingly forced its European satellites to advocate supplying gas from other countries than Russia. The Trans-Caspian Gas Pipeline is one of these US-backed…

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How Come Lynching hasn't Gone Anywhere in the US


It’s nearly impossible to argue these days with Die Zeit, that states that no country comes close to the US with its high percentage of the general population carrying firearms, with more people dying each year from gunshot wounds in America than in any other country of the world…

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Big Data, the Nuclear War on Your Soul


By the 1990’s the bridge between media, academia and spy agencies had disappeared. Publishing, lecturing, every aspect of journalism or education, eventually to include science, mathematics and engineering as well, had become “political.” Any individual who strayed became a threat. Every organization, official or ad hoc, had to…

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US – China “Trade” War? No Way! Only the Defeat of Turbo-Capitalism!


It is very popular these days to talk and write about the “trade war” between the United States and China. But is there really one raging? Or is it, what we are witnessing, simply a clash of political and ideological systems: one being extremely successful and optimistic, the other…

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The Whitewashing of The Nazis


I was going to write about Iraq and the American control of that tragic nation that has been, like many others, destroyed by the American war machine, but it is difficult to find out any real facts about anything in Iraq. All the news and reports are controlled, events are unexplained, the politics unclear, the American influence hidden…

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Prisoner of the Supreme Law


Every elected official in the United States of America pledges to defend the Constitution; not the King, or even the President, but the nation’s founding set of laws and amendments. On the surface, this appears to be a more democratic way of running a nation than fealty to the highest official in the land, whether hereditary king or democratically elected…

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The West Oppressed the Third World for so Long that It Became Third World Itself


Many have already noticed: The US really, really doesn’t feel like the world leader, or even as a ‘first world country’. Of course, I write that sarcastically, as I detest expressions like ‘first world’, and the ‘third world’. But readers know what I mean. Bridges, subways, inner cities, everything is…

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On the Pivotal Question of “Who’s Creating Terrorists?”


A stunning question just popped into my head this morning; “What is it international terrorist groups hope to gain?” Looking at the whole concept of Bush II’s “War on Terror” – I cannot help but wonder if there would be any crisis at all if my country withdrew totally from the world…

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