The EU Russia China Plan to Avert Iran Oil Sanctions

It may well be that the unilateral wrecking ball politics of the Trump Administration are bringing about a result just… More
Economics Europe

Drowning in Debt Forever: The Fate of Africa Seems Irreversible

Headlines this week from western mainstream media paint an Africa-China financial crisis brewing. On the contrary, Chinese and African news… More
Economics Africa

How Turkey Has Built the Khashoggi Case to its Geo-Political Advantage

While Jamal Khashoggi’s murder did look like a typical case of Al-Saud dynasty‘s inability to brook criticism, for Turkey this… More
Politics Middle East - Saudi Arabia

The South Korean — Japanese Relations: the Argument Continues

Our previous article on the South Korean - Japanese relations was dedicated to the wianbu issue, but the relations between… More
Politics Eastern Asia - South Korea

Putin and Trump Bashing: When Fecklessness Became the New Black?

It won't be an overstatement if one is to note that Donald Trump has repeatedly raised the topic of his… More
Politics Russia in the World


How Feasible is Beijing’s Ambition to Create a Global Base Network?

CHIAMI645311After opening its first official fully fledged foreign base in Djibouti in July 2017, Beijing has continued developing it. According to the information provided by Jane’s Defence Weekly, the Chinese are quickly building large quays and moorings for battleships and secret…

Eastern Asia - China

Upcoming Thai Elections Next Battlefield in US-China Power Game

67342311Elections are set to be held sometime in early 2019 for the Southeast Asian Kingdom of Thailand. The nation has struggled with political instability since former police colonel-turned-billionaire Thaksin Shinawatra came to power in 2001. Two military coups, one in 2006 and…

Southeast Asia - Thailand

The Latest Developments in Relations Between the USA and China

USCHI6756632The change in the relationship between the two leading world powers (the USA and China) is a key factor in the situation, not just in the Indo-Pacific, but in the world as a whole. The answer to the main question – the nature of that relationship in (at least) the first half of…

Eastern Asia - China

Is there Any Sort of Peaceful Future for Afghanistan?

AFPE4354622In early October, the world commemorated the 17th anniversary of American invasion of Afghanistan. As it’s been pointed out by the Hill,it’s been a tragic failure from the get-go, but for reasons few people understand. Those countries that sent their troops in the early 2000s to…

Central Asia - Afghanistan

Iran Is a Sovereign State and Not Part of The Us

The US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, speaking to reporters, categorically stated, that the US sanctions on Iran (imposed illegitimately, contrary to international law and accepted codes of practice) would “be rigorously enforced and remain in place until the Iranian government…

Middle East - Iran

The Syrian War will Go Nuclear

Events that have transpired in and around Syria and the Middle East with the defeat of ISIS during the fall of 2018 clearly prove one thing. The US and Israel, and under Trump the two are inseparable, intend to push Russia and China to nuclear confrontation. The Pentagon is fully behind…

USA in the World

Saudi Arabia’s Great Tumbling Down - The Boy Who Wanted to be King is No More

SALPRI453453411Where has Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman gone? Since mainstream media broke news of the disappearance and alleged death of Jamal Khashoggi, MBS has gotten a little camera shy … and somewhat politically withdrawn. Whatever did happen to our buoyant reformer, who…

Middle East - Saudi Arabia


Washington's Protectionism is only Leading to the US Dollar Demise

DNGB6452311As it’s been pointed out by a multitude of experts from both the US and other regions of the world, a barrage of attacks with the goal of eroding Washington’s hegemony at the energy trading market will be one of the main battlefields where the future of America’s…

USA in the World

China Aims to Convert Syria into a Strategic Territory

DTFThe potential end of the war in Syria has already started to attract investors for the country’s reconstruction and its millions of peoples’ rehabilitation and employment. While no one country can single-handedly put Syria back on track, not every country’s economic investment in Syria…

Middle East - Syria

EU Punches the US in the Face Over Trade with Iran

NEO JOURNAL COLLAGEAs we analyzed previously for NEO in this piece, the US policy of sanctions vis-à-vis Iran has put it in diplomatic isolation, forcing its most trusted ally since the Second World War, Europe, in an antagonistic position. While the reason for this geo-political distance lies in…


Qatar: a Wise Man Can Grow a Palm Tree Amidst the Desert (proverb)

QTPE89963453In the midst of unjust and severe sanctions from a number of Arab States led by Saudi Arabia, the small Emirate of Qatar under the wise rule of its Emir Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad al Thani manages to not only successfully overcome all difficulties, but also even achieve new…

Middle East - Qatar

Will Fed Engineer Next Crash to Topple Trump?

USFC79856734For those who follow major financial markets closely, the warning signs of the next major US financial market Tsunami are gaining more frequency daily. Some weeks ago attention was on so-called Emerging Markets, especially Turkey, Argentina, Indonesia, India or Mexico. What is rarely mentioned in the mainstream media is the relation of…

USA in the World

Offshore Energy Richness and America’s Mauritania Frenemy

USAF3747242342News that a prominent anti-slavery activist named Biram Dah Abeid was arrested in Mauritania coincides with the revelation oil giant Shell is to begin exploring oil and gas offshore the West African country. The country with one of the worst human rights records is also a poker chip…


Strengthening the Partnership between Mongolia, Russia and China

ef4tAs readers will remember, in their third meeting, which took place during the 16th summit of the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation in 2016, the presidents of Russia, China and Mongolia signed an official inter-governmental agreement…

Central Asia - Mongolia


Democracy “Snuffed Out”

USDEM5645522We’re going to pull one moment out of recent American history, one erased, forgotten, “snuffed out” along with the hopes and dreams of a generation. In 1988, a nation exhausted by 8 years of Ronald Reagan, thus far the most corrupt regime in American history, wanted change, wanted reform…

USA in the World

The Democratic Party’s Problem with Power

5b3e6b1ddda4c810688b45f3With the approval of a conservative, anti-feminist judge to the Supreme Court, the divide between Democrats and Republicans widened, as it does periodically. But this time around, it goes far toward explaining why socialism has never been able to gain a foothold in the United States, notwithstanding that the Democratic party has more members than the Republican Party and wear…

USA in the World

Kashoggi’s Message in a Bottle, Will We Get It?

KASH632211We may never know if Mr. Kashoggi had a premonition about his visit to the Saudi embassy in Istanbul. He walked in to complete some routine paperwork to marry the anxious lady waiting outside for him, and has now become part of journalism history. But for his incredible foresight to wear…

Middle East

The Geopolitics of Human Gene Editing

33545A cursory warning was left by renowned physics professor Stephen Hawking regarding a future where a race of superhumans, manipulating their DNA, would taking control of their own evolution. The warning came just before his death in March of this year. The Washington Post in its…

USA in the World

West is Losing and so It's Bashing China and Russia ‘Left and Right’ Literally

CHIEC774342The insanity and vileness of Western anti-Chinese propaganda used to make some of my Chinese friends cry late at night. But things are changing. The lunacy of what is said and written about China (and Russia, of course), in the US and Europe, is now clearly reflecting frustration…

Eastern Asia - China

Women Will be at the Head of the Second American Revolution

USWOM734532It’s long overdue, partly because for decades, women’s liberation was infantilizing American men. If it finally happens, the revolution will be driven by women, Blacks and Latinos, but men will have to join in. For decades after…

USA in the World

On Disbanding the Reconciliation and Healing Foundation or How the Wianbu Issue Developed in 2018

5433On September 25, the South Korean President Moon Jae-in who arrived in New York in order to partake in the 73rd session of the UN General Assembly held a meeting…

Eastern Asia

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