Kim Jong-un’s Military Rhetoric


On July 27, 2022, the leader of the DPRK, Kim Jong-un, delivered a speech at a solemn event dedicated to the end of the Korean War of 1950-1953. For the modern DPRK, this is one of the most significant holidays, somewhat similar to the Russian Victory Day, since the war was one of the bloodiest conflicts in the second half of the 20th century. But Kim not only glorified war veterans or gave…

Eastern Asia - North Korea

President of Indonesia Widodo Visited China and Japan


The visits of Indonesian President Joko Widodo to China and Japan conducted in a temporary tandem mode at the end of July this year seem to be a single important event that significantly characterizes the situation in the sub-region of Southeast Asia as a whole. At the same time, it should be noted that, in addition to China and Japan, other…

Southeast Asia

US is Actively Trying to Transform Kyrgyzstan into Anti-Russia


The geopolitical confrontation between the collective West, led by the United States, and Russia has noticeably intensified and in recent months, after Moscow launched a special operation to denazify Ukraine, has perhaps reached its peak. This confrontation is especially clearly manifested in the political and trade and economic…

Central Asia - Kyrgyzstan

US is Willing to Sell Weapons to Turkey Only with Strings Attached


Turkish National Defense Minister Hulusi Akar, while answering questions from Anadolu agency journalists, announced negotiations with the United States on the purchase of F-16s to be held on August 15. As the readers may recall, earlier Ankara requested from Washington 40 F-16 fighters of the Block-70 version…

Middle East - Turkey

War in Ukraine Triggers the End of the Unipolar World


If the West – the US and EU – planned to “isolate” Russia following the latter’s military operation in Ukraine, that plan has clearly failed. Russia was duly represented at the recently concluded ministerial meeting of the G20 in Bali, Indonesia. The fact that Indonesia, instead of bowing down to the US pressure to force Russia out of the summit, still hosted Russia…

Russia in the World

What Dropped Yoon Suk-yeol’s Rating?


Less than a hundred days have passed since the enthronement of Yoon Suk-yeol, and his rating is rapidly falling. If in the first week of June it was 52.1%, then on June 22 the negative assessments of the president exceeded the positive ones, while as of July 25, 2022, the rating of Yoon Suk-yeol was 33.3%, and it was already 28% on July 29. Those who supported…

Eastern Asia - South Korea

Outcomes in Ukraine and Russian Resilience Can be Served Up as the Perfect Scapegoat


There is always a conflict between high principle and pragmatism. Embracing both is probably a wise strategy. But whether you can actually have anything both ways, or whether the outcome would mean anything if you did, remains to be seen. American policymakers, during their many attempts to isolate and antagonise Russia, should…

Ukraine in the world


At Last, the EU Wakes Up - And Finds Out It’s Doomed Anyhow


Finally, at long last, it appears the European Union may come to its senses. All it took was for German elites to understand they’re about to lose billions and risk upheaval. News from the IMF that halted gas supplies to the country will cost Europe’s largest economy 1.5 percent of its GDP in 2022 scares the Olaf Scholz puppet worse than communist smart girl Sahra…


How China is Countering US Sanctions


For many years there has been a rivalry between two world superpowers, namely, the United States and China. In recent years, it has developed into an outright struggle, during which the parties use various political and economic instruments against each other. Usually, the sanctions imposed by Washington against its rivals attract the most attention…

Eastern Asia - China

The US is Trying to Oppose China in the Field of International Economy


Towards the end of the 1990s, some of the serious American political scientists had already more or less decided on the answer to two interrelated key questions: how long would the “beautiful moment” of the unipolar world last and who would be able to challenge its leader, who found itself at the top of the world hierarchy with the end…

USA in the World

China Defies US Sanctions with Computer Chip Breakthrough


The Western media lamented China’s most recent breakthrough in computer chip manufacturing, achieving standards in production that were thought impossible because of sanctions imposed by the United States specifically designed to stifle Chinese advances. A report from early July by CNBC would discuss these sanctions. In their article, “US mulls…

Eastern Asia - China

The ‘Gas Crisis’ in Europe is its Own Doing


When Russia began its special military operation in Ukraine and the West responded with sanctions and threats of completely cutting off energy supplies from Russia, little did European states realise that their threat will come back to haunt them within months. The constantly rising cost of living in Europe (and the US) and the spectre of gas shortage for the coming winter…


Arm Ukraine Now: California, the UK, Texas, Italy, and Japan Need You


Money. There are a lot of very rich people making one hell of a lot of it off the Ukraine conflict. Big surprise, huh? Most of you reading this are probably like me. You can tell what’s really going on by watching Wall Street. Take, for instance, the idiotic hype of the HIMARS mobile rocket systems US President Biden sent to Ukraine. According to every…

Ukraine in the world

How the US is Killing its Principal Competitor - the EU


It will hardly be a revelation for anyone that the United States, being historically the “stepchild” of Europe from where the mass-scale population of the New World began, has always manifested a jealous attitude towards their Alma Mater. This process has especially aggravated in the recent decades when America entered the path of severe competitive struggle…



Regular Scandals with the Blue Helmets in Africa Are a Sign of their Failure


Unfortunately, protests against the Blue Helmets in Africa discrediting the UN peacekeeping activities are becoming a common occurrence. Thus, during the meeting of the 76th session of the UN General Assembly, the Central African Republic once again raised the question of the efficiency of the Blue Helmets’ presence…


Poor Hunter Biden, Wrong Place, Wrong Time, Wrong Father!


What goes around comes around, which may explain the perils of Hunter, like the Perils of Pauline – as in spite of massive censorship, Hunter Biden is catching it all ways. So much so that I am beginning to “really” feel sorry for him. The laptop story, or lap dancing, or the self-portraits “high and in the nude” are just too humdrum now, not even worth remembering…

USA in the World

Iraq May Be on the Verge of a Civil Strife


Regrettably, Iraq is going through one of the most serious political crises since the unjustified aggression of the United States, which deliberately destroyed the state mechanism of the Arab country. Nine months after the last parliamentary elections, Iraqi politicians still have not agreed on candidates for the posts of president and prime minister. Inevitably, disagreements…

Middle East - Iraq

Sex and Violence in the South Korean Army – Investigations are Ongoing


It often happens that, after describing a loud scandal when it only flares up, the author abandons the topic, and the audience never finds out how it ended. Avoiding this, the author tries from time to time to look at the development of the sad stories he wrote about earlier – for example, about the problem of sexual violence in the Army…

Eastern Asia - South Korea

Welcome to Video - the Fight against Child Pornography in South Korea


In March 2018 a joint task force of law enforcement officers from the USA, UK and South Korea took down Welcome to Video, a South Korean-based child pornography website hosted on the darknet. The seizure of the site was the result of one of the largest operations against child pornography ever launched. According to…

Eastern Asia - South Korea

Africa is Waiting


Over the last few days, a number of interesting but apparently unrelated events have occurred which are, in fact, a sign of important changes in international relations. July 21 saw the publication of an Order of the President of the Russian Federation: “On the organizing committee responsible for the preparations for and holding of the second Russia-Africa summit in 2023, and other events held…


Yemen is in the Grip of a Severe Humanitarian Crisis


Several months of truce in Yemen have significantly reduced the number of civilian casualties. Yet, people are still dying from mines, but this figure has decreased by two-thirds compared to previous months. Since 2015, Yemen has been divided between government forces backed by a Saudi-led military coalition and the Houthi rebel group, also known as “Ansar Allah…

Middle East - Yemen

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