And Now, Ladies an’ Gentlemen: Obama’s ‘War on Ebola’…

For a Nobel Peace Prize President, Barack Obama seems destined to go down in history books as the President who… More
Politics Africa

Xi Jinping's Visit to India

The experts are saying that Chinese President Xi Jinping's visit to India from 17 to 19 September marks a new… More
Economics Southern Asia - India

Pakistan and the New President of Afghanistan

On September 21, 2014 in Kabul, Afghanistan's Independent Electoral Commission announced the results of the presidential elections held in the… More
Society Southern Asia - Pakistan

Hong Kong's "Occupy Central" is US-backed Sedition

The goal of the US in Hong Kong is clear - to turn the island into an epicenter of foreign-funded… More
Society Eastern Asia - China


The War for Ukraine's History

453453Walter Duranty, the Pulitzer-winning New York Times correspondent, is long dead. However, Duranty has not been forgotten, because there is an ongoing battle over his 20th century work -- in a 21st century ideological war. Duranty was awarded a Pulitzer Prize in 1932 for his...

Ukraine in the world

What is the Anti-Terrorism Coalition Trying to Achieve?

4535345345The anti-terrorism coalition assembled by the United States with help from its Persian Gulf and western European allies is gaining momentum. More than 40 countries have already signed up, and most of them are willing to provide humanitarian aid. However, there...

Middle East - Syria

9/11 Plus Thirteen, A Decline Into Madness

2342342Another anniversary of 9/11 has just passed. The media inside the US has been inundated with a flurry of Islamophobic missives with contrived conspiracy theories custom designed to resell a narrative no rational person accepts. The...

USA in the World

Georgia “enhanced”, so watch out Turkey

4534534Now that the NATO Wales Summit is history it is high time to consider what the real results of this meeting were. The devil is in the detail, so to speak, “not-the-official-statements-but-what-was-talked-about-behind-closed-doors.”...

Middle East - Turkey

Obama is Starting a New War in the Middle East

34535345Something that was bound to happen has just happened. The US has realized the folly of air strikes against the positions of the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria, Washington is now ready to deploy ground troops against ISIL in Iraq. Thus, the United States sinks...

Middle East

Turn the Tables: Stopping Western Aggression in Syria

45345345As the US begins token airstrikes on both sides of the Syrian-Iraqi border, the fighting capacity of the "Islamic State" or "ISIS," has seen no visible setbacks. This is because ISIS is in fact the very proxy mercenaries intentionally created to fight the West's...

Middle East - Syria

Iraq, Syria, Ukraine: Why the World is Getting Smaller as Ambitions Get Bigger

345345345History goes in cycles. Sometimes every substantial country wants to create a colonial empire, by walking into other countries and taking them over, to become part of the family of great nations. At other times, like now...

Middle East


Iran’s President makes strange statements regarding gas supplies

NEO collage 103While attending the UN General Assembly in New York, the President of Iran made a startling statement on gas supplies which could be construed as hostile in regard to Russia. The statement was made amid the standoff between Russia and the West (the US and...

Middle East - Iran

Japan is Bringing Two Nuclear Reactors Back Online

6653On September 10, The Nuclear Regulation Authority of Japan government body that is responsible for the safe operation of nuclear plants - after a prolonged delayhas finally issued permission to restart two reactors at the Sendai Nuclear Power Plant...

Eastern Asia - Japan

China and Russia in New Strategic Energy Deals

546464Only weeks after Russia’s Putin and China’s President Xi signed what was called the “energy deal of the century,” a $400 billion eastern gas and pipeline project over 30 years from Russia to China, the two countries have followed with a dazzling array...

Eastern Asia - China

The GMO Labeling Conundrum

5345345It would seem that large agricultural corporations touting genetically modified organisms (GMOs) they claim possess enhanced benefits for farmers and consumers would be proud to differentiate their products on the shelves from organic and traditionally produced food. However...
USA in the World

China in Africa: a Shift in the Global Manufacturing Center?

34534535Nowadays nobody will be surprised by the fact that all basic goods are produced in the countries of Southeast Asia and East Asia – and first of all, in China. According to data of China’s Ministry of Commerce, in 2014 the share of the country’s global...

Eastern Asia - China

Economic Espionage: The Curse of ‘Soft Spying’

234234234Despite Hollywood romanticizing about Bonds and Bournes, one of the most prevalent forms of modern intelligence activity is also arguably the least emphasized: economic and industrial espionage. Aimed at garnering a financial and innovation...

USA in the World

White House might still be arming ISIL

435345A few days after US Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel visited Georgia in early September a foreign observer happened to be passing through Tbilisi International Airport. He told this author, “The first thing I saw when I landed on September 10 was a large US Air...

Caucasus - Georgia


Will the US use ISIL to attack Assad

345345Monday mornings can always be a scary way to start the week. But with Obama’s new version of “Pax Americana”, that the US now claims the right to bomb anywhere it deems necessary, we have all been on pins and needles as to how the White house war schemers...

Middle East - Syria

Organized Crime – Major Threat of the 21st Century

4353453In recent years, a growing number of European experts based on their conducted analysis of the activity of transnational organized crime groups (OCG) have come to the conclusion that OCG activities have become the major threat of the 21st century. This threat...

USA in the World

Why the Scots Chose To Wear Their Chains With Pride

345345We live in an age of decolonisation, in which big empires have broken up and more and more independent states are coming on to the map. It might therefore seem surprising that Scotland has just voted against independence. In fact, it might just have done the opposite...

Europe - Scotland

Yemen can Ignite the whole Middle East

6876854At the end of last week after breaking through the defenses of the Yemeni security forces around the capital, groups of armed Houthi rebels entered Sana'a and began moving towards the center of the city. They launched strikes at the building of the security forces...

Middle East - Yemen

12 Billion People By 2100 - And Why It's No Big Deal

34534534Wired magazine recently published an article titled, "Boom! Earth's Population Could Hit 12 Billion by 2100," which despite the typical narrative of misanthropic population control that works its way into any Western mainstream article on the topic of...

USA in the World

Sanction-Drunk West Forgets to Target ISIS Sponsors

43534522As the US and Europe prepare another round of sanctions against Russia over the ongoing Ukrainian conflict, the third round of such sanctions since the conflict began shortly after the Euromaidan unrest resulted in the installation of a NATO-backed...

Middle East - Syria

Saudi Arabia: the Trial of Sheikh Nimr Al Nimr

3453457As the world remains focused on developments in Iraq and Syria, holding its breath over the global threat which ISIL has come to represent since it grabbed hold of large swathes of lands in the Levant and self-proclaimed the inception of the much...

Middle East - Saudi Arabia

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