"One Belt, One Rode" (OBOR) - How is the Chinese Project Perceived in India?

At the " One Belt, One Road" forum held in Beijing in May 2017 – with much pomp - the… More
Economics Southern Asia - India

"Second-tier" EU States are Barely Holding On There

Recent studies conducted by Baltic sociologists are confirming that a  Europe of “two speeds” is not merely a fantasy of… More
Society Europe

The US-Russian Hearings: Caught Again In Their Trap

“…one shouldn’t put one’s trust in speeches like that from the gentlemen, for on such occasions the gentlemen liked to… More
Politics USA in the World

Ted Turner, CNN, Putin, and the Amazing Oligarchs Drama Unfolding

Christiane Amanpour was barbequed by RT’s Anissa Naouai some years back over an interview the CNN anchor conducted in which… More
Politics USA in the World

Has Washington Lost the Middle East After Qatar?

There is a hidden thin red thread connecting the recent US Congress' sanctions against Iran and now the Russian Federation,… More
Politics Middle East


On the Arrest of Two US Citizens in the DPRK and the Release of One

992At the beginning of May 2017, the Korean Central News Agency (KCNA) reported the detention of two US citizens, both of Korean origin. Initially, on May 3, KCNA announced that on April 22…

Eastern Asia - DPRK

Washington Crossed the Red Line in Syria

sushka-1200x5342The actions the Pentagon has recently been taking in Syria resulted in the extreme risk of a direct armed engagement between American troops illegally deployed in Syria and the forces of Syrian president, Bashar al-Assad. Upon…

Middle East - Syria

US Downs Syrian Warplane Over Syria Amid War on ISIS

34234234234Operating without any form of invitation from Damascus, or any resolution under international law, a US F-18 Super Hornet downed a Syrian Su-22 fighter-bomber over eastern Syria as it engaged targets in territory occupied by…

Middle East - Syria

Teresa May & Bedfellow from Hell: What Exactly IS the Democratic Unionist Party?

45324432Following Theresa May’s loss of majority the Democratic Unionist Party, DUP, from Northern Ireland has suddenly come to international prominence. Who are they, what do they want, and what does their propping up of…


Local Elections in Cambodia: Wake Up Call for the Ruling Elites?

542413123At the beginning of the month Cambodia hosted local elections that precede parliamentary elections that are scheduled on the summer of 2018. In this context, the role that local elections play in the political life of the country…

Southeast Asia

Blockade or no Blockade? Saudia’s ‘Mission-Qatar’ Tumbles Down

3412312312Speaking to the media in his latest tour to the US, Saudi Arabia’s foreign minister insisted that there was no blockade of Qatar, yet he insisted that the latter…

Middle East - Saudi Arabia

Washington's Dangerous Middle East Agenda

45234234234It’s clear at this point that the recent visit of US President Trump to Saudi Arabia and Israel was about setting events into motion in order to fundamentally alter the present balance of power in the entire Middle East to…

Middle East


Japan Regards Russia as a Reliable Hydrocarbons Exporter

121As you must know, Japan does not have enough natural resources to ensure its energy security without turning to any foreign players. At the same time, its closest neighbor – Russia possesses impressive hydrocarbon reserves and…

Eastern Asia - Japan

One Belt, One Road: Opportunities and Challenges for Australia

3242313123“China”, Napoleon once remarked, “is like a sleeping lion. Let here sleep, for when she awakens she will shake the world.” In 2013 in a speech delivered in Astana, Kazakhstan, China’s President Xi Jinping outlined an ambitious…

Asian-Pacific region - Australia

Kazakhstan's Uraninum Exports and its Prospects

34213123123The production and export of uranium lies at the very foundation of the well-being of the Republic of Kazakhstan. The huge reserves of this ore, the ease of its extraction (uranium in Kazakhstan is available for extraction at shallow…

Central Asia

Kunming and the New Burma Road: Building Up not Bombing Down

445134343While the cowardly Trump Administration and its Generals pathetically try to parade their manliness to a puzzled world by lobbing giga-bombs and cruise missiles around…

Eastern Asia - China

New Silk Road Strengthens China's Position in Southeast Asia

4521222In the process of strengthening its influence, China is developing cooperation with its neighbors, seeking to bind all the small states in the surrounding region to itself economically…

Eastern Asia - China

Eastern Europe Tilts to OBOR and Eurasia

5634524233Small but geopolitically important steps were taken by key members of the European Union from the EU’s Eastern periphery. While largely ignored in Western mainstream media and in Brussels, they…


Eurasian Economic Transformation Goes Forward

523112312At this juncture it’s clear that the attempt of the Trump Administration and related circles in the US military industrial complex have failed in their prime objective, that of driving a permanent wedge between Russia and China…

Russia in the World


The West Argues that Muslims Represent a Major Threat, Or Do They?

5423112312Upon witnessing what looks like an unending stream of terrorist attacks in Europe that was preceded by a major influx of refugees attempting to escape war and destruction that the West created across the Middle East and North…


The Day a #Yugoslavia Hashtag Saved the World

3423123123There’s a message and a hashtag on Twitter these days that should become the biggest meme ever. If only Yugoslavia and our world could be put back together again with a damages trial against NATO, that would be poetic justice…


Trump's Claws Penetrating Bali

5334234234“America first” and “to hell with the rest of the world”! One single stroke of hand, one signature, and over 1,000 hardworking people in Bali, Indonesia, suddenly ended up on the pavement. No second thoughts, no mercy. American savage capitalist ways met and embraced that fabled…

Southeast Asia

Have Western Liberals been in Bed with Radical Militants for Far Too Long?

4534324234Lately we’ve been witnessing an ever increasing number of reports and non-conspiratorial facts that expose an alliance that exists between Western liberals and jihadists. It’s hardly…


Lets Face It: Radical Islamists Are Dangerous

54334234234It is foolish to think that being raised by parents who have participated in terrorism cannot play a role in influencing a child to eventually become a terrorist. Yet, one of the most important details about the terrorist who killed 22 innocent concert goers in Manchester…

Central Asia

We Have Met the Evil Empire and It is Us

63452343242When I told my father, back in 1968, that I was joining the United States Marine Corps he responded: “I hope you aren’t going to claim you are doing this to defend your country. Nobody attacked us, look around, no Viet Cong here, this…

USA in the World

Europe of "Two Speeds" Implies there's Inferior Members within the Union

6425234234Recently, Der Spiegel released an eight page report drafted by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy which explained…


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