Italy and UK Deliver Russia Unique Foreign Policy Opportunity on a Platter

Russia may look big on the map, but its foreign policy has often been perceived as being a reactive one.… More
Politics Russia in the World

To err is Human, to Intervene and Destroy is Policy

The nature of international politics is often considered to be such that continuously defies clear and absolute judgement; however, notwithstanding… More
Politics Middle East - Syria

Strengthening Stability in the Asia-Pacific region

One of the many factors that attract foreign partners to Russia is cooperation in the military technical sphere. Russian technology… More
Politics Asian-Pacific region

Obama's Last Chance to Redeem Himself was Wasted on Russia

The rapid liberation of the Syrian city of Aleppo, against the background of a complete collapse of the Washington-led coalition's… More
Politics Middle East - Syria

75th Anniversary of the Pearl Harbor Attack Marks Interesting Developments

The otherwise tried and test allied relations between the US and Japan have a number of historical dates that make… More
Politics Eastern Asia - Japan


Google, Facebook, Microsoft, and Twitter Become the Gatekeepers

3243213213News that Google, Microsoft, and Facebook will collaborate to censor their definition of terrorism on their collective networks signals Orwellian times to come. New EU legislation, hints at McCarthyism in America and Europe, and…

USA in the World

How ISIS is Repaying its Masters

2132131At this point there’s no denying the fact that Saudi Arabia and Qatar have been sponsoring and supporting ISIS (the Islamic State). As early as 2014, WikiLeaks released an e-mail from Hillary Clinton to John Podesta, who then occupied…

Middle East - Syria

Pakistan: General Qamar Bajwa - the new Army Chief

3423123123123On November 29, 2016 by Decree of the President of Pakistan, Mamnun Hussein, General Qamar Javed Bajwa was appointed to the post of the Army Chief, and succeeded General Rahil Sharif. For the majority of the world, a routine change…

Southern Asia - Pakistan

US Policymakers Propose Working Closer with ISIS' Sponsors

1231212`12`US-based corporate-financier funded policy think tank, the Brookings Institution, published a particularly incoherent piece titled, “Should we work with the devil we know against the Islamic State?” The piece’s author, a senior…

Middle East - Syria

Failed Politicians and the Failed Decisions That They Make

34523123123123No matter how hard the representatives of the Western political elites cling to power, the ultimate judge, that is, the history of mankind will put ever event in the right order. And no amount of undeserved international awards…


The “Godfather’s” Address to the EU: An “Offer That Cannot Be Refused”

231231231231The WikiLeaks revelations about Google and the company’s role in politics, security, and underhandedness should have caused an uproar. The Mountain View company’s alleged role in assisting the NSA in spying on Americans…


Trump First 100 days – Enter the Twilight Zone


The Reality TV show star turned President is moving forward as I expected, to focus his skills on capturing and holding the center stage while subcontracting the areas where he clearly knows nothing to either establishment…

USA in the World


China Expands its Presence in Europe

23123123123As NEO has repeatedly noted in the past, the development of Sino-European relations has emerged as one of central issues boggling the minds of the key players involved in a new global political game. The magnitude of the issue…

Eastern Asia - China

On the Japan-China "Rail Wars"

6785745653There were several important outcomes of the previous three-day visit made by India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi to Japan (from November 10 to November 12, 2016), but it is the Cooperation Agreement on the development of high-speed…

Eastern Asia

Bright Prospects of Russia-Japan Economic Cooperation

34123213123It’s a well-known fact that Japan is one of the most import-dependent countries in the world. All of its energy stations are ruining on imported fuel, since natural resources are scarce in the land of the rising sun. After…

Eastern Asia - Japan

'Yuan-ization' of the World is Under Full Steam Now


On October 1, 2016 China’s yuan has been officially accepted in the list of the IMF’s reserve currency with a share of 10.93%, taking third place after US dollar (41.73%) and euro (30.93%). This means that all central banks of…

Eastern Asia - China

US Media Weaponizes "Economic Outlooks"

2342342312311Thailand is currently undergoing a sensitive period with the passing of the nation’s long-lived, revered head of state, King Bhumibol Adulyadej. Indeed, the mood across the country is somber, however, the actual business of…

Southeast Asia - Thailand

Egypt and Saudi Arabia's Disagreements as a Reflection of the Middle East Problems

452342342On November 11, Egypt’s Minister of Finances Amr El-Garhy reported that the Arab Republic of Egypt (ARE) is to obtain a loan worth $12 billion from the International Monetary Fund. Egypt…

Middle East - Egypt

Thailand Between the TPP and the EAEU


On February 4th, 2016 the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPP) was signed. After ratification of the Agreement by all countries, which will take at least two years, a huge free trade zone uniting Australia, Brunei, Canada…

Southeast Asia - Thailand


Hydro-Power, Manufacturing & Political Will: Can the American Rust-Belt Learn from China?

43223123123With an executive order, Roosevelt hired millions of Americans who had been laid off in the economic crisis of the 1930s. Their task was start building. One of the projects involved building the Grand Coulee Dam, a vast…

USA in the World

Who Should Be Really Serious About Fighting ISIS?


As the leading Western international players face difficult elections, both the US and EU are wondering what the balance of power upon the international stage will look like once they are over. At the same time, as politicians…


So, Should We Really Compare Aleppo and Mosul?

6JENp8RExactly one month ago at his briefing in the Department of State Press Briefing Room John Kirby announced thatThe situations in Mosul and Aleppo is radically different, it is absolutely not the same, and to compare the two is…

Middle East

The Blackmail Octopus


Intelligence agencies long ago became the “go to” resource for the rich and famous. You see, the rich and famous, politicians, sports figures, actors, famous journalists, newspaper publishers, owners of news networks and such, these…

USA in the World

How the Radio Free Asia released the whole set of baloney


It could be noted that recently, such an organization as Radio Free Asia has masterfully come out on top on the author’s ranking of baloney sources. This non-profit entity has its headquarters…

Eastern Asia - North Korea

John Kerry's Trip to the South Pole: Nazi Roots "Revisited"?


So why did the US Secretary of State John Kerry going to the South Pole, as US presidential elections were being held on November 8, 2016, and why was the news provided late in the game and…

USA in the World

How Come Washington's Humanitarian Concerns Always Result in Population Control

342341232131Alleged humanitarian efforts have always been a rather important aspect of the state propaganda campaign carried out by the White House and its media. We’ve seen Washington using…

USA in the World

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