What's Really Behind US Claims of "Russian Hacking?

Despite great effort recently put into bolstering the credibility of the "American intelligence community" in the wake of their assessment… More
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Yellow Journalism Morphs into Yellow Government

“There is beauty in truth, even if it's painful. Those who lie, twist life so that it looks tasty to… More
Politics USA in the World

South Korea in the Center of the Acute Situation in Northeast Asia (NEA)

The beginning of 2017 was marked by the aggravation of the situation in Northeast Asia. And this time the Republic… More
Politics Eastern Asia - South Korea

George Soros: The Not So Mysterious Donor

In one of its recent articles, the Times would try to impress upon its readers that it has something special in store.… More
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Operation Barbarossa II: The Yanks In Their Armoured Parade

I stated some months ago, while assembling a criminal dossier against the NATO powers for the ultimate war crime of… More
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Has Soros Declared a Full-out War on Trump?

IMF And World Bank Hold Spring Meetings

The 86-year-old American of Hungarian origin, George Soros is now occupying 46th position in a pretty exclusive club of the richest people in the world. Back in 1990s, Soros didn’t hesitate to bankrupt the Bank of England. But…

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Has Merkel Inherited Obama's Title of the Biggest Political Loser


Just recently, less than two months ago, during his farewell tour to Europe, Barack Obama took time to express his gratitude to the German Chancellor Angela Merkel, calling her a close partner, while noting that she would become…


Down to America’s Business: Secretary of State Rex Tillerson Profiled


Last week the American people watched Donald Trump’s choice for Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson allowing a Senate panel to ask him questions. The former CEO of ExxonMobil was supposed to be grilled by the Senate Foreign…

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Obama Expels Russians to Destroy What's Left of the United States


“We need to take action (and we will)….at a time and a place of our own choosing. Some of it may be explicit and publicized. Some of it may not be….” – Obama 16th Dec 2016. But as we…

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Fake News: The Latest Weapon in Information Space


The ability for technology and innovations to transform global economics and geopolitics is often underestimated, even sidelined in retrospect. However, from the technological achievements…

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The Future of US-Saudi Relations

334234123123There’s no easy way to describe the US-Saudi bilateral relations. In the past, Riyadh used its relationships with the US to push forward its regional and global agenda. In return, the House of Saud proved to be fairly beneficial to US…

Middle East - Saudi Arabia

Will Obama Get Away With It, After Spending Two Terms Knee-Deep in Human Blood?

34523123123The other day, The American Conservative has once again dispelled the myth about the alleged greatness of the outgoing US president, who undeservedly…

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North-South Transport Corridor: Russia is Expanding its Footprint in Asia

234213123Development of international transport corridors fosters trade and promotes political convergence of countries. Russia has long been seeking to reinforce its relations with the Middle Eastern, Central and Southeast Asian…

Russia in the World

China and the Butterfly Effect


Sometimes small victories or positive actions are almost as important as major international ones as they can give a new quality of impulse to many related developments, what physicists call the “butterfly effect.” To be more precise, a butterfly effect says that “a small…

Eastern Asia - China

Chinese Businessmen are Now Investing Heavily in Lake Baikal

452343241231As you may  know, tourism is an incredibly profitable sector of any economy. It is also an important sphere of international relations that leads to ever growing trust and mutual understanding between peoples…

Eastern Asia - China

The New Silk Road Will Make Iran Immune to Western Sanctions

3423423123123In January 2016 we’ve witnessed a partial withdrawal of sanctions on the Islamic Republic of Iran. It should be noted that the introduction of those was linked…

Middle East - Iran

Donald Trump and Southeast Asia

34123123123Donald Trump overlooked the ASEAN countries in his pre-election campaign. His disregard of the actively developing region with a population of 625 million people and a total GDP worth 2.4 trillion dollars (the world’s seventh largest economy)…

Southeast Asia

US dollar is losing ground in Southeast Asian countries

423423123123One of the world’s most important processes in recent years has been the weakening of the US dollar on the international currency market and the desire of many countries to abandon it in order to release…

Southeast Asia

China Expands its Presence in Europe

23123123123As NEO has repeatedly noted in the past, the development of Sino-European relations has emerged as one of central issues boggling the minds of the key players involved in a new global political game. The magnitude of the issue…

Eastern Asia - China


On the Latest Tension around the Yasukuni Shrine

3423423423On December 29, 2016, the government of the Republic of Korea expressed its vehement protest to the Japanese authorities about the visit made by the Minister of Defense of Japan, Tomomi Inada, to the Yasukuni Shrine in Tokyo…

Eastern Asia - Japan

Obama’s Achievement was Whitewashing Permanent Warfare with Eloquence


Judging from how the mainstream media has characterized the legacy of Barack Obama so far, the outgoing president will be most remembered for his many rousing aspirational speeches and well-timed shows of emotion. His…

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RT and Sputnik: The Double-Reverse Ploy

345234234234The world is in new territory now, not so much that criminal elites are manipulating governments and raping the planet, that’s centuries old. We have reached a point where up and down are considered opinions and there is no right or…

Russia in the World

‘Playing God’, the CIA, FBI, NSA Report Finds Russia “Guilty”

564354352342It ‘says’ a lot yet it ridiculously fails to say enough. A lot of talk following the report has focused on what it says, leaving the people obscure to what it doesn’t

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Is it time to Get Rid of the Monument to "Sex Slaves?"

342312312312There has been a drastic increase in tension in the relations between Japan and the Republic of Korea: the Ambassador in Seoul and the Consul General in Busan have been temporary withdrawn, the talks on foreign exchange swaps have…

Eastern Asia - Japan

Should We Recoin the Term Orwellian into Obamian?

234231231231After US Presdient Barack Obama’s two terms in office it gets increasingly clear for everyone that freedom of speech in the United States can be described as rigid control that the state exercises over the media and journalists…

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Trump and MH17: Just One Step Too Far?

435324234123The propaganda campaign by the NATO war alliance against Russia has several components. The newest elements are the surreal allegations being made by the Obama regime, suffering…

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