Beheading carried out by ISIL or by the SAS?

Friday, October 3, 2014 ISIL published the fourth video of its kind, showing the alleged beheading of the British citizen… More
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The US Adventurism in the Middle East and its Consequences

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Since at least 1980, the US has been invading, occupying and bombing the Middle East. The rhetoric invented to give… More
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About Chinese "leadership" in Asia and the world at large

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The IMF forecast that by the end of 2014 China's GDP will, for the first time, exceed the American GDP… More
Economics Eastern Asia - China

Hong Kong’s Umbrellas are ‘Made in USA’

The Washington neo-cons and their allies in the US State Department and Obama Administration are clearly furious with China, as… More
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Israel is Burning Down “Assets”

130925160751-amanpour-rouhani-horizontal-galleryCNN’s Christiane Amanpour and author Gareth Porter have both been “burned” over bizarre actions recently. Where there may have been some doubt, almost everyone “in the know” now is aware or at least “believes” both of these individuals work for Israeli...

Middle East - Iran

Two minutes Hate – Emanuel Goldestein in Eastern Ukraine.

45545311I've been a journalist for about 25 years, I have been educated in how to lie, cheat, and not to tell people the truth. "I was supported by the Central Intelligence Agency, the CIA. Why, because I'm pro-American. German and American media are trying to bring...

Ukraine in the world

Nexus: “US and ISIL” – a New and Disturbing Turn in Proxy Warfare

345353454It has taken a bit of time, but a few journalists in the region are finally starting to connect the dots. Among these is Mehmet Ali Güller, an Aydınlık newspaper columnist, who is reflecting on some of the questions being discussed in the Turkish media...

Middle East

Saudi Arabia's Moves in the Oil Market

772786147The situation around the continuing fall in the price of oil continues to be the main problem of the world economy, as well as politics, because we are talking about the well-being and stability of key players such as Russia, the United States, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Iran...

Middle East - Saudi Arabia

Russia and Mongolia: from Slump to Strategic Partnership

4423After the collapse of the Soviet Union and the victory of the democratic revolution in Mongolia in 1990, Russian-Mongolian relations went through three stages. First, in 1990-1993 there was a period of decline, caused by a set of objective factors...

Central Asia - Mongolia

Ebola? How Do You Know, WHO and CDC?

4234234There is something perversely strange about the entire hoopla around the so-called Ebola outbreaks. An African man is admitted to a Dallas hospital with symptoms, treated, released and re-admitted, the “first” case of Ebola in the USA. What the guardians...

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The Ultimate Goal of the Struggle for the Middle East

isis-supporterWhile going through numerous articles and analytical commentaries by Russian, Arabic and Western political experts on the success of ISIS (the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria), one may start to believe that something inexplicable or even inconceivable is...

Middle East - Iraq


Azerbaijan and the Geopolitical Chessboard

dsc_9024With the collapse of the Soviet Union nearly twenty five years ago, the political and strategic orientation of its former republics changed nearly overnight. As Moscow reorganized itself, and Western capital flooded into Russia...

Transcaucasia - Azerbaijan

The World Market and Oil Prices

345345The price of oil continues to fall catastrophically in all world sites. For example, in mid-October Brent crude oil was already being traded at around 85 dollars per barrel. At the New York Stock Exchange the price of a barrel of WTI oil was 84.9 dollars.

Middle East

Obama’s Stupid Sanctions Give Putin New Oil Bonanza

464564563US President Barack Obama, or at least the warhawk neo-conservatives pushing him to war everywhere, are beginning to get hit with the boomerang of their stupid economic sanctions against Putin’s Russia...

Russia in the World

Russia in Negotiation with China for alternative SWIFT Bank system

45645646Russia and China, the two strategic Eurasian nations, are moving clearly to ultimately break free of the stranglehold of the Dollar System. On September 10 high-level talks took place between the two countries discussing establishment of an interbank...

Eastern Asia - China

Results of the Astrakhan Summit of Caspian States

234234The fourth summit of Caspian states, which ended with the signing of the Joint Declaration by the Presidents of the 5 countries, as well as communiques and three agreements governing interactions between Russia, Azerbaijan, Iran, Kazakhstan...

Russia in the World

Indian authorities close down Coca-Cola factory

7768The closing down of the recently built factory belonging to Coca-Cola in India, located close to Varanasi in the state Uttar Pradesh, is the result of a prolonged and persistent struggle by the local residents, which has been going on for the past...

Southern Asia - India

Anti-Russian Western Sanctions and the Countries of Central Asia

neo collageThe short-term forecast prepared recently by the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) in favor of the recent policy of Western countries to limit the economic and political influence of Russia in the world states that the anti-Russian...

Central Asia


Landslide in Opinion and Recognition of Palestine by UK caused by Alternative Media?

Supporters of Palestine demand vote for PalestineIn October 2014, the UK parliament voted in favor of recognizing Palestine. The vote followed a landslide in opinion, likely to have been caused by alternative media, some of which noted a several hundred-fold...

Middle East - Israel

New Dimensions of Terrorism in Algeria

67867867Terrorism persists as one of the most serious problems in Algeria despite the tough stance of the military and security forces on its harsh neutralization. The recent murder of a French citizen in Kabylia, not far from the Algerian capital...

Africa - Algeria

Turmoil in Hong Kong, Terrorism in Xinjiang: America's Covert War on China

ISIS_CIA_InroadsChina is facing increasing pressure along two fronts. In its western province of Xinjiang, terrorists have been stepping up destabilization and separatist activities. In China's southeast Special Administrative Region of Hong Kong, protests have...

Eastern Asia - China

Is the US Ready to Trigger WWIII?

45345345In 1914, the world exploded into a huge episode of death and destruction. What was then called “The Great War” was a horrific bloodbath, in which millions died in the trenches across Europe. 100 years later, the danger of a new world war is hanging over us once again...

USA in the World

ISIS: A Face of “Sunni-Arab” Aggrandizement or Destruction?

4534521The ISIS, as we know it today, has done much to demonstrate its “Sunni” character to the world. Since the start of the conflict, a common observation has been that the ISIS has particularly been attacking “Shia” neighbourhoods in Iraq as well as in Syria...

Middle East

Pakistan: Militant Groups and the Islamic State

23423423At the end of September - beginning of October 2014 there have been conflicting reports in the Pakistani media about the accession of individual sections of the Taliban Movement of Pakistan (TMP) to the militants of the Islamic State. The public reaction has been mixed...

Southern Asia - Pakistan

America’s Chechen Proxy Fighters: The Big Picture Everyone Has Missed

234234234The media is awash with expert commentary on the various world trouble spots. Many of the reports you see make similar claims about the presence of ethnic Chechens amongst the various fighting forces in Iraq, Syria, Kenya, Ukraine and...

Caucasus - Georgia

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