Kyrgyzstan's Role in the Central Asian Geopolitical Chess Game

Most Westerners would have a hard time locating Kyrgyzstan on the world map, in spite of the role it plays… More
Politics Central Asia - Kyrgyzstan

South China Sea: Watch Out, Dragon Could Bite!

China is fuming. It has obviously had enough, it is reaching the limit. For decades it tried to appease the… More
Politics Eastern Asia - China

New Mexico: Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of....Death

Bucking what is now a growing trend in the West for parliaments and legislatures to debate--and sometimes approve--assisted suicide laws, a… More
Society USA in the World

New Kim Jong-un's Title

In the session of the Supreme People's Assembly (SPA) of North Korea convened on June 29 in Pyongyang, the National… More
Politics Eastern Asia - DPRK

Turkey Coup Plot: What Did Not Kill Erdogan Has Only Made Him Stronger

Recep Tayyip Erdogan will benefit greatly from the "foiled coup" in Turkey. It has created a rift between the military… More
Politics Middle East - Turkey


On the Storm That Hit Turkey That Night

0010842342While the ‘coup attempt’ in Turkey carried an altogether different meaning in other countries, such as Pakistan, from what the Turks themselves thought of it, it can hardly be gainsaid that the episode is likely to have some…

Middle East - Turkey

New Sanctions Against Kim Jong-un

34534534534On July 7, 2016, the United States included the North Korean leader Kim Jong-un in the sanctions list for human rights violations. The statement made by the U.S….

Eastern Asia - DPRK

Why China Risks War over Those Wet Rocks


Perception is something we often take for granted. That’s very much the case in the world’s perception of the actions of the Peoples’ Republic of China regarding its claims to a number of offshore uninhabited rocks in the South…

Eastern Asia - China

Tackling Russia on the Sports Field


Americans like to say: ‘if you can’t beat them, join them,’ but this advice has been forgotten by the pointy heads in Washington. The last thing they want is to join Russia in solving the world’s dire problems. Since that makes…

Russia in the World

Pakistan-USA: "Brothers-in-Arms" or Once Again Irreconcilable Opponents?


Washington and Brussels pronounced Islamabad the guilty party for the failed Resolute Support Mission and the strengthening of terrorist groups in Afghanistan. The Pakistani-American relations have been deteriorating…

Southern Asia - Pakistan

The Reichstag Fire in Turkey or Does History Repeat Itself?


It is hardly a secret that Tayyip Erdogan’s “New Turkey” was considered a glaring example of Islamic democracy five years ago, but now-a-days it leaves much to be desired in terms of democratic values. Turkey does only get…

Middle East - Turkey

Nice, France: A Harvest of Horror


While the Western media poses as perplexed over the recent string of horrific attacks across Europe and particularly in France, the latest of which unfolded this week in the seaside city of Nice leaving over 80 dead and many more…



Top British Think Tank: Brexit is a “Serious Blow” to TTIP


The tyrannical corporate trade deal, the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP), is increasingly facing a multitude of challenges that threaten to derail the entire agreement. With negotiations officially beginning…


Japan: in Search of Energy


Japan, the third world economy, has virtually no gas and oil reserves. The situation is somewhat paradoxical since no country can prosper without oil and gas. Thus, the Land of the Rising Sun has been successfully coping with the situation…

Eastern Asia - Japan

What Threats Does Brexit Have in Store for ASEAN Countries?


The recent referendum on Britain’s exit from the EU has caused concern around the world, including the countries of Southeast Asia. This is not surprising, given the high level of their integration into the world economy, which…

Southeast Asia

Gas Powerplay Geopolitics in the Middle East


When less than a week ago Russia and Turkey unexpectedly began normalizing their relations, experts were left guessing what this normalization was all about. Yet, they have completely forgotten about a very important economic…

Middle East

Russia’s Achilles Heel - Reflections from St. Petersburg

34534534544For three days this month, June 16-18, I had the opportunity to participate as a panelist in the annual St. Petersburg International Economic Forum in Russia. I’ve been in Russia many times since the Ukraine US-backed coup…

Russia in the World

Obama is Sticking a Fork in America: We Really Could Be Done


From 1990 until 2000 the debt of the United States of America stood at between $3.5 and $5.5 trillion dollars. Then in 2001, the fateful events of 9/11 took…

USA in the World

The United Kingdom of Felony and Corruption

2342342432The fact that the United Kingdom is on par with the United States as one of the most corrupt countries in the world is hardly a secret, even though the governments of these two nations have been launched various public relations campaigns…



Does North Korea Engage in Human Trafficking?


Alongside the sanctions against the Kim Jong-un, North Korea have been accused of another crime that sounds plausible to the average citizen of the civilized world. Human trafficking! The annual Trafficking in Persons Report…

Eastern Asia - North Korea

UK: «Get Out of Our Country!»


Following the Brexit referendum, immigrants in the UK began reporting that they faced discrimination and outright hostility. Numerous victims claim that undisguised racism, xenophobia and open hostility towards them began spreading…


Al Quds Day – A global movement for unity and solidarity

45345345345A worldwide event dedicated to the rights and freedom of the Palestinians, Al Quds International Day was founded by late Ayatollah Khomeini in 1979 to unify nations, and communities in their innate rejection of tyranny. Beyond…

Middle East

Survival is the Name of the Game in the US Today

34534534534According to the recent article published by the Foreign Policy that goes under the title – Survival is the new American Dream, young Americans are disillusioned in capitalism. The article presents the results of the Harvard University…

USA in the World

Is There an End to the Racial Tensions in the US?


Racial tensions have always been and remain one of the most pressing problems in the United States. Native tribes in America were the first victims of the widespread racism, though their place was soon taken by the black population…

USA in the World

Gene Editing: The Dual-use Conundrum


Dual-use may be best understood by considering the functions of a knife. Used against an enemy, a knife can be deadly. In the hands of a skilled surgeon, a knife may be life-saving, removing a gangrenous appendage or excising…
USA in the World

Glyphosate Disrupts Uterus Study Finds


One of the most difficult aspects of demonstrating the possible risks of GMOs and their paired chemical herbicides such as Monsanto Roundup containing glyphosate is that the GMO chemical companies make it virtually impossible for…

USA in the World

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