Britain's War Crimes Will Not Go Unpunished

One could hardly find a person both within the UK or outside it that would look positively at the steps that… More
Politics Middle East - Yemen

The Zika and HINI - Nothing Controversial Here, Move On

In my article published in July last year entitled ‘Why Does Pentagon Need Laboratories in Ukraine? I wrote: ‘The next stage of development… More
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The Fifth Anniversary of the "Arab spring": Results and Evaluation

The beginning of 2011 went down in history as the "Arab Spring", which set in motion not only the "Arab… More
Society Middle East

Georgian Energy Minister Scoffs at Frontera's (Latest) Huge Gas Reserves Claim

The Frontera Company, based in Houston, Texas, has been hanging round the Caucasus for years. Every so often, it tries… More
Economics Caucasus - Georgia

The "New Silk Road" and Belarus

More than two years have passed since the leadership of the People's Republic of China announced its decision to revive… More
Economics Eastern Asia


Deployment of US Missile Defense Systems in South Korea

4534534534The launch of a North Korean carrier rocket, which certain agenda-driven groups equate with combat missile testing, has significantly boosted the development of the US and KR “defense” programs. We have already covered the way this…

Eastern Asia - South Korea

Will There Be an End to Saudi and Turkish Provocations in Syria?

f6aaabb5e822ce4a1d3449c8It’s all started with the Arab version of CNN releasing information that Saudi Arabia has begun preparations for the invasion of Syria, to achieve the “utter and complete destruction of ISIL”. It was said that a 150,000 strong…

Middle East

Syrian Talks Sabotaged by Western Demand for Unenforceable Ceasefire

654634343“With a gentleman I am always a gentleman and a half, and with a fraud I try to be a fraud and a half.” – Otto von Bismarck. The blame game has now begun, not on the failure of the Syrian peace talks, but about their delay…

Middle East - Syria

US Claims its Anti-China US-ASEAN Summit "Not Anti-China"

345345435For decades the US has sought to stitch together a united front stretching from Central Asia, across Southeast Asia, and even into East Asia itself to encircle and contain China. From the 70 year occupation of Japan, to the Korean and…

Eastern Asia - China

Japan’s Foreign Policy Messages of Early 2016

shinzo-abe-1451902408606The changing face of Japan’s foreign policy—a many-year process—has been marked by several notable messages sent to the outside world in 2016 that has just begun. Firstly, it was Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s response to the request of the members…

Eastern Asia - Japan

Georgian Crime of the Year – Warning to Potential Election Candidates?

800KeYkypwmoY2Two weeks ago a horrendous crime was committed in Tbilisi which is still the talk of the town. Vakhtang Qiria, the chief prosecutor of Samegrelo Zemo Svaneti, a mountainous region of Georgia, was found dead in…

Caucasus - Georgia

Conflict That Can Explode at any Given Moment

spratly-islands-2Today the interest of the international community to the events in the South China Sea has substantially decreased. The situation in Syria and the Middle East in general has ousted reports about the South China Sea from headlines of the world media…

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Washington Again Underestimated the Iranian Mind

1032419918Washington foreign policies these days are dominated by a bizarre kind of political sado-masochism, not unlike the argument given by the CIA that torture such as waterboarding is a successful, legitimate way to extract invaluable intelligence…

Middle East - Iran

Is China Being Wooed by Fantasies of Western ‘Acceptance’?

43534534534In the area of finance and creation of new financial institutions much hope of many nations has been placed on China. Last year China played a catalytic role in helping establish a new BRICS Infrastructure Development Bank to finance…

Eastern Asia - China

Beijing Vs DC: The Battle for Southeast Asia

453453434The Strait Times published an opinion piece by the London-based Rob Edens. Wishfully titled, “South-east Asia fast becoming unfriendly territory for China,” it attempts to portray Southeast Asia as increasingly pivoting West toward Washington…

Eastern Asia - China

Iran Completes Eurasian Golden Triangle

45345222Sometimes profound tectonic shifts in the global politics arise from least noticed events. Such is the situation with Iran and the recent visit to Teheran of China’s President Xi Jinping. What emerged from the talks confirms that the vital third…

Middle East - Iran

Rockefellers Play With Fire: The Oil Scheme is Getting More Dangerous

45345345435Oil has fallen below $30 per barrel. The decline in oil prices that alarmed the world when it began in 2014 has lasted much longer than expected. Natural gas, steel, copper, and other commodities are also seeing their…

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Liquid Freedom Reaches Europe – Citizens Beware!

3453453444The other day a lone tanker ship carrying a cargo of US shale oil dropped anchor in the French port of Fos. Laden with oil destined for refining by a company called Vitol Group at a facility in Switzerland, the fruit of US President…

USA in the World

Israel, Turkey and ISIS Ally to Steal Syrian Energy

435345345The discovery of the Leviathan gas field within Israeli and Cypriot waters has made Israel a potential energy exporting nation. However the means to transport the gas to the large energy markets of Europe continues to elude Israel. Recent talks…

Middle East


ISIS Cyber-Caliphate

345345345345Fear of the disastrous consequences of cyberwar among all states appeared at the end of the last century. Various media, politicians, military and economic experts in their speeches had already started to depict the horrors of an unauthorized…

Middle East

Jiantao Culture & Flint Water Crisis: Why Not Use Chinese Methods?

3454353453According to the Wall Street Journal’s Andrew Browne, individuals convicted of serious crimes in China are currently giving televised confessions in exchange for leniency. Browne’s column describes how individuals like British corporate…

Eastern Asia - China

The Trojan Horse of Refugees in Europe

23423423434Since January 1, 2016, increasingly more stories about attacks and sexual harassment of European women in Germany on the part of migrants have been covered by the mass media. On February 2, a group of migrants assaulted two elderly men who…


Will Terrorist Attacks in Turkey Come to an End?

54354353452The January 12 suicide attack in Istanbul momentarily focused the world’s attention on Istanbul and Turkey. In its aftermath though, questions concerning Turkey’s policies towards the Islamic State, on the one hand, and towards the country’s…

Middle East - Turkey

Bandung – Creative City?

345345345The Empire has developed a complex system of slapping faces and humiliating all those who defy its dictate. It has also become increasingly generous when rewarding its allies and lackeys. Of course no medals are distributed. But much better goodies are…

Southeast Asia

Officials: Europe is Not a Raped Woman, 'She Deserved It'.

image35It seems to me that we are beginning to live in a world in which reality is overtaking fiction. Who could have imagined a year ago that in the streets of European cities such as Cologne helpless, European women will be violated in…


Falling from High Places

324323423What you have to understand, John, is that sometimes there are forces and events too big, too powerful, with so much at stake for other people or institutions, that you cannot do anything about them, no matter how evil or wrong they are and no matter how dedicated or sincere…

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