Why a Trump and Putin Slovenia Summit Makes Sense

Rumors Russian President Vladimir Putin has suggested a meeting with US President Donald Trump in Ljubljana, Slovenia make sense if binding a new order of… More
Politics Russia in the World

Does Flynn Exit Aid World Peace?

The abrupt firing of President Trump's key National Security Adviser, General Michael Flynn, after only days on the job, may… More
Politics USA in the World

NATO’s “Success” in Libya, ISIS Replaces Gaddafi

Third week of February marked 6th anniversary of ‘popular’ up-rising in Libya that ultimately led to the overthrow of Gaddafi… More
Politics Middle East - Libya

Trump to Declare War on the EU by the Back Door

Donald Trump said frequently during his presidential campaign that he did not want the US involved in all these expensive… More
Politics Europe

Top Secret – Beijing has Become One of the Greatest Cities on Earth

Open your eyes and see for yourself. Unclog your ears and hear. Discard your preconceptions, of all those propaganda refrains… More
Politics Eastern Asia - China


Yemen on the Brink of Humanitarian Crisis

654534234234Some unexpected, and at the same time very distressing, news came from Yemen, which is involved in a civil war that has been raging well over a year. According to an Arabic Internet portal called Al-Khaleej, President Abdrabbuh…

Middle East - Yemen

Can US Intelligence Community's Attempts to Bring Down Trump be Regarded as Mutiny?

originalThe resignation of Michael Flynn from the post of National Security Adviser was not simply US President Donald Trump’s first major political defeat, but also an indication that US intelligence services are devising…

USA in the World

German Lame Duck is Abusing Obama's Playbook

324341231231It has been recently announced that the latest YouGov poll showed that Germans had enough of Angela Merkel. It’s been noted that the the refugee crisis, Brexit, the growth of European populism, and the election of US president…


Ukraine, Crimea and the Push for War

11There are currently three major flash points in the world, where a false step could rapidly lead to escalation and a major war from which human civilization would be the main loser. Those flashpoints are the Middle East, the South…

Ukraine in the world

Some results of the Prime Minister of Japan’s visit to the United States

345234234234On February 10-13, 2017 Shinzo Abe made a remarkable, from various perspectives, visit to the US during which the Japanese Prime Minister held official talks with the newly elected…

Eastern Asia - Japan

Michael Flynn - First Causality of the Political War in Washington

32423123123The resignation of President Trump’s National Security Adviser Michael Flynn has been widely discussed by pretty much all the US and international media sources. Although this matter…

USA in the World

How Dumb Does a Globalist “Thinker” Have to Be?

231231231231Who from the Czech Republic follows Lockheed Martin on social media? Well, Atlantic Council experts to begin with. A recent Atlantic Council article by Jakub Janda and Ilyas Sharibzhanov caught my attention in my pursuit of…



Asian Energy Ring: the Vision is Being Turned into Reality

544354523The draft of the Asian Energy Ring (AER), that was fist brought forward by Russia, has been in existence for many years, yet due to various reasons it hasn’t been implemented. However, there’s a chance that the latest developments…

Asian-Pacific region

North Korean Paranoia is Well-Founded

32423213123North Korea is depicted across US and European media as a backward nation run by a despotic, delusional leader encircled by advisers suffering from irrational, militant paranoia. The nation is also depicted as a prominent security…

Russia and China are Exploring New Horizons of Economic Cooperation

54645342342One of the most important aspects of economic partnership between states is cooperation in such areas as transportation and logistics. As it could be expected, the intense development of economic relations between Russia and…

Eastern Asia - China

Will Superweeds Choke GMO to a Timely Death in USA?

87587565When we human beings become too self-destructive for our own well-bring and that of our Earth, sometimes nature takes control and does what we in our greed and stupidity refuse to do. The refusal of Governments around the world…

USA in the World

Russia is Going to Fullfill Thailand's Energy Needs

087In recent years, Russia has been taking steps to strengthen its ties with Southeast Asian (SEA) countries significantly. However, there’s a huge potential in establishing even closer ties with the states of this strategically important region which is yet to be realized…

Southeast Asia - Thailand

One Belt One Road a New Geopolitical Paradigm


The ascension of Donald Trump to the US Presidency has introduced an additional element of uncertainty to the conduct of world affairs. Judging from Mr Trump’s rhetoric, and some of his initial executive orders, such as withdrawing…

Eastern Asia - China

Will Trump Destroy the Euro?

43534234123213In his first few days in office as President, ‘The Donald’ has fired off so many Executive Orders and aggressive tweets that much of the world is dizzy. One policy that’s clearly emerging from the smoke of immigrant ban attempts…



Has Trump Been Secretly Stripped of His Presidency?

4542342342There is a war going on in Washington, overtly between America’s intelligence agencies, including the Pentagon, and Trump. Trump is also at war with the press as well, stating that both the press and the intel groups are…

USA in the World

Trump Team Turbulence Continues

4534234234It’s been hectic first month for the new administration with cracks beginning to show in the overly confident new White house group that is heavy in political operatives, but grossly short in the experience and skills for running…

USA in the World

Ukraine’s NATO Referendum A Vote For War

533The massive artillery bombardment of the peoples of the Donbass, that has been raining down shells and fire on them since Christmas, is a war crime of horrific proportions designed to terrorise the people and bring their refusal…

Ukraine in the world

Western Media Bias is Getting Obvious to Pretty Much Everyone


Finally, American society begins to mature, which isn’t simply shown in just the rejection of the stream of lies Western journalists are broadcasting, but also in the ongoing fight against corporate media bias…

USA in the World

Trump’s U-turn Promises Co-operation With China


The Trump administration has changed its previous stance on ‘One China.’ This is pretty evident from various statements issued by Trump and his team and the positive response these statements have received from China. Moving…

Eastern Asia - China

Opioid Mayhem Erodes the Fabric of US Society

45342342342Today, against the backdrop of the epidemic abuse of painkillers and psychotropic drugs in the US it’s becoming increasingly clear that the results of almost five decades of the so-called war on drugs are nowhere to be found…

USA in the World

Korean ‘Comfort Women’ and the Scandal with Park Yu-ha

54534324234In late 2016 and early 2017, the ‘Comfort Women (Korean name: wianbu)’ problem was marked not only by the scandal around the monument in front of the Japanese Consulate General, but also the dramatic court case, which was quickly…

Eastern Asia

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